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  1. i thought asking people's ages is not polite... anyway i was born in 14 of june, 2210
  2. this is how fake news got around. i suspect most of time misinformations arent created on purpose by russian or chinese bots, but people who just too lazy to finish watching or reading and cant help share their badly informed viewpoint. and those who are too lazy to fact check too
  3. i dont like sweets, no at all. but i liked a pastry called sweetheart cake. i like a weird soda drink called sarsaparilla, and taiwanese milk tea if those count as sweets.
  4. i always think people in royal families are quite pathetic, they have basically no me time, no personal freedom. especially the monarch or the heir to the throne. they born with only one purpose: to serve the country. anything they say, they do, they eat, they seeing anyone, are under the microscope. you can't get divorced, if you do so millions of people call you a fucking cheater, and someone you used to love would run away and seeing a rich egyptian guy and hit a pillar in the chunnel.... for someone like me who lost a part of my life, i truly feel sorry for them. see the last emperor of japan? he is so overworked that he have no choice but break the law and ask his fellow people for allowing him to retire...poor old man...
  5. zassou

    Help UPLAY

    why dont u go to ubisoft website? https://support.ubi.com
  6. they dont like light water because those are the kind of people who have tasted heavy water, and it's sweeter than your garden variety h2o. wait until they taste what soujaboy water
  7. bad, worse, worst. just a degree higher than bad, thats my understanding.
  8. also a valid point. howeve hots is a free to play game...(also lootboxes, yay)
  9. thanks for your input. altho my view is somewhat softer than yours. say if a player is disabled and should they can communicate in some form, i believe most ppl would okay to play with them. however, i do met someone do wanna chill out and doing unproductive things in game. after i calling them out, they just say those toxic things, like it's bot game i play whatever i want etc.
  10. you still missed my point, what if that player cant communicate? it may sound stupid but i do met people who cant type, like those who dont know how to type, or have handicaps. my point is not whether or not i can spot bots, you have to believe me that im damn good at it with more than a decade of wow experience. ive seen more bots than wow players in real life. my point is whether it's morally justified to punish unorthodox playstyle, that may or may not affecting other players
  11. sling bag dont buy it, this kind of bag is only good at looks, not function, they are very unconfortable.
  12. you missed my point, i knew it's a bot. and i reported it. what i interested is assuming it's not a bot, there is real human player behind it, and they want to play it that way.
  13. the title maybe a bit unclear, but it was a real event happened on myself. i play heroes of the storm, in vs ai mode only, for those who dont know, it's a mode that you team up with 4 players and match against 5 ai controlled character. turning a pvp game into a co-op game. (and it's more popular than you think) i like this mode because it's a carefree play, you can rock whatever build/playstyle you like, and generally little to no pvp-related toxicity. all in all, it's harder to lose than win. and there was a player, who is clearly not participating in any sense. it's not simply afk, because it does move around to prevent auto-kicking. clearly it's a "powerleveling bot" people bought from ebay or other shady sites. and it clearly violates blizzard's terms, so i have no guilt reporting it. i played 2 games with it, and while im no means a pro hots player, i can say for sure those werent easy win. ======= however that makes me think, what if there is a real player behind that "bot"? what if that player really want to play it like this? just farming half a lane, get killed, respawn and chill out. this is the devil's advocate part. given this mode is a low stress way to play the game, you can do whatever you feel like, and probably wont lose. what if people just want to chill out? what if they like the background music and want to enjoy it, without the noisy sound effects from others? what if the player is disabled and have trouble communicating, and just want to play the game regardless what? let's assume intentionlly afk is not violating any terms, say you are blizzard, would you ban such player? i have the replays of those games if you're bored.
  14. have you overclocked? revert to default setting and see if it persists
  15. i dont do holidays, i listen to whatever i feel like. speaking of which:
  16. i dont get why is this so popular, to my knowledge it just a program that changes wallpaper, and it costs money too. i do get the whole dressing up your desktop thing with stardock stuff, explorer alternative and osx styled dock etc, i used to do that, for a while. tbh right now i rarely looking at desktop, even with 3 monitors. i just set desktop background as solid black, save some performance, and better for the eyes.
  17. wifi extender is not wireless router, you need at least one wireless router to work. altho routers do have extender function. for more complex layout is better to use powerline adapter
  18. comfirmed my theory: there is no pr department in intel
  19. tbh i have no idea how a car of this age would comes without ac, how does that even drivable...
  20. https://youtu.be/PbW4OT7aDuA?t=425 shittier than cherry mx shit
  21. currently im using cherry mx black. im always love linear switches, and especially heavier ones. i learnt typing using model-Ms back in primary school but im not a fan of clicky switches. however right now i lost faith in cherry due to their increasingly lowered quality. newer switches arent nearly as smooth as old ones, and my keyboards has two faulty switches due to bad contact that i had to replace myself. im interesting in cherry mx clear (or white), kaihua box white (that one comes with clicky bar). and other mx black equivalent too.
  22. im learning japanese too, there is no short cut but memorised it the hard way. speaking of letters, try chinese next time. (those arent letters)
  23. thats an impress wall of texthave u consider starts some new paragraphs? anyway, crc error means corrupted file, usually due to bad torrenting or bad sectors on hard drive. ps i didnt read
  24. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Honda_Civic_(sixth_generation)