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  1. Austin Powers

    What did you do before you had the internet?

    Hmm, it was like 13 years ago, the first PC(share to every member of the family). I(and my family) didn't had the internet until after several days we had the PC. It was the first 56K modem I had. And today, using FFTH. Government is a bit unreasonable here though. Paying $76 per month for a 20Mb ups and downs without usage cap and that is the best internet package plan for my country. There is cheaper without usage cap. 50Mbit downs with super low ups. Life is miserable while
  2. Austin Powers

    PS3 just for the last of us?

    It's coming to PS4 this summer. http://go.ign.com/1iBTRmD
  3. I was going to mention "best" on the title. But meh, I posted in this section because audiophiles know best about the detail of the music. Anyway, as title says. I wanted to stream musics from my PC to my friend android while he's working or going elsewhere.
  4. Austin Powers

    dt990 pros tight

    I got a headache the next morning for the first time wearing my pair of cans. Don't worry, it will go loose day by day. If you can't stand on them, just hook them on something to loosen the clamping force.
  5. Austin Powers

    Very Low Buzzing Noise in Headset

    Probably there are many components running inside your PC and causes the electro static noise into your headset. I plugged mine on to my av receiver and everything is solved. Just get some external dac/amp and everything is solved. EDIT : If it's USB, then I got nothing to say but it's worth to try on external dac/amp.
  6. Austin Powers

    bit rate?

    Um, I have a question, currently running this on my HTPC. If I have foobar2000 playing a 16bit mp3 file and windows sound setting @ 24bit, will I get 24 or 16 bit rate while the music is playing?
  7. Austin Powers

    How to prevent static noise?

    Wish I have my own amp/dac. Shits start to happen since I start using the av receiver from my HT system. I bought a pair of cans since nobody is using the av receiver. When I start to occupy by plugging my headphones in the av receiver, every single speaker that connects to it, disabled. Meh, my sister usually use them, but it's strange that she never use them for 1 year ; until, I start to use them. Go out for work, she unplugs them without my permission/knowledge. Damn this people around me is trying to force me to waste my money by owning a dac/amp . On-topic : Just get an external dac/amp, that solves my problem.
  8. Austin Powers

    Modem for RT-AC66U

    Noob question, what's the difference between ac66u and ac68u?
  9. Austin Powers

    What kind of sorcery is this?

    I posted this one few weeks ago. Not sure if it's still there. You can try to check up my post or thread(iirc)
  10. Austin Powers

    Have I Got the Fastest Internet Ever? (I live in Australia)

    I wish I can accumulate my download and upload speed up to this size then throw them in 1 go. . But seriously I'm curious, is there a way to do this the one I mentioned?
  11. Austin Powers

    How hard can headphones cable take?

    Earlier today my sister ran and rush to the front of the television to take the wireless phone at the back at the television because dad calls. So this shit happens, she ran and stepped on my headphone wire that is already plugged in. The wire comes off due to the impact she stepped. Anyway, if the phones starts to die, is it possible to change the wires? EDIT : I forgot, she somehow avoid stepping on the other cable because that braided cable skin is hard like a rock.
  12. Austin Powers

    How hard can headphones cable take?

    No though, she's on period maybe. Sometimes she threw herself on the sofa taking a rest and mumble saying that "why is it so hot and headache". When she did something wrong or something like above she done. I asked her nicely "Did you step on my headphones wire?". She never admit that she step but I saw her step because I was sleeping and the phone rang to make me wake up. But before I could rush to get the phone, she was there, rushing before I get them. The part she didn't admit, I asked her countless times but in a different way until I break the egg without raging or shouting at her until she gave up. She know she did something wrong, she yelled at me as though I'm the one who in the wrong side. This usually happens, when she yelled at me back in other incident, dad always come and whack and slap me for no reason and there is nothing to prove. I never do anything wrong. Final thing, when I yell at someone if I'm not wrong in the event, I always ended up beaten by my dad for no reason. But dad always accuse me because I'm the eldest.
  13. Austin Powers

    How hard can headphones cable take?

    Well, not going to RMA it, I make her pay for a new one if the sound cranks up or static sound starts to barge in through the headphone speakers. I'm controlling my anger, if it dies, I'm going to rage on her face >.<.
  14. Austin Powers

    How hard can headphones cable take?

    Um, I wanted to know if there is any chance the headphones will die if she stepped on the wire and it comes out unnaturally?
  15. Austin Powers

    mouse DPI

    from 8200 down to 2000. Consulted by @Toby
  16. Austin Powers

    Good DAC suggestions

    For the M50, it makes no difference. Only use DAC if your headphones produce low volume when the volume turns up high.
  17. Austin Powers

    Steelseries 9H like any other headset?

    How's the earpads? I'm curious because I owned one of them like 1month ago and my cheek produce oil. Yeah, the coating went off. I hope it doesn't tear in a long run when the pleather coating is gone. EDIT : Well, here it is after 1 month old. As you can see, the 2nd picture, the earpad that kisses the table is very shiny.
  18. Austin Powers

    left ear has more bass, right ear has more treble. help?

    That's why I hate to buy them through internationally. If this issue occurs, I'd be paying for the shipping just to RMA them. Meh, I got no choice because certain AT products doesn't come in my country. I also got the feeling that mine sometimes have this kind of issue. But I think it's the stereo surround. Sometimes the music travels randomly through my left or right ear on a music video on youtube. But it doesn't make sense if the instrument going left and right for no reason; I know the instrument in playing in the middle of the screen so the sound wouldn't come from the other side of the ear.
  19. Austin Powers

    Foobar2k Custom Grouping Schemes?

    The theme looks so different compared the original ones.
  20. Austin Powers

    Need help choosing headphones!

  21. Austin Powers

    Steelseries Siberia Elite - Windows Audio Question

    I do realize! I have stereo, quadraphonic and 5.1 option when I plug them on my rear panel. When I plug on my av receiver, it gives additional 7.1 option. Though my av receiver supports up to 8.1 channel. But meh, nevermind. Now I wonder if I plug them on an av receiver that has 11.1 channel, does that mean I will have additional 11.1 channels? Never own an av receiver that have 11.1 before. Wish I can find them out.
  22. Austin Powers

    Steelseries Siberia Elite - Windows Audio Question

    Your speaker option is... strange... I thought it supposed to have different speaker tiers options for below 7.1 speakers option.
  23. Austin Powers

    Need help choosing headphones!

    DT880 needs amp depending how high is the impedance you choose from the option shown. If you don't mind with the low volume, then don't get an amp for them. For the A900x/A700x there is the x and non x version. Same goes to M50s and non s. X version are improved version over the non X version. The non x version probably is out of production but you can buy them from eBay if you want to. The x version have an improvement over the sound. For M50s and non s version, S stands for straight cable and the non S is coiled cable. ATH product I mentioned above doesn't need amp. I tested personally on PC and external av receiver with amp built in on them.
  24. Austin Powers

    Need help choosing headphones!

    ATH-A700x. If it didn't hurt a bit to spend more, you can try to get the A900x. Closed headphones with wide soundstage. Else, get the M50. For open, HD558 or the Beyerdynamic DT880. My friends doesn't have AKG for me to test them out. So I can't say anything about them until someone here reply you.
  25. Austin Powers

    Different genres of music - different headphones?

    My headphones are on the neutral side. Never touch EQ. I just leave it naturally. I can hear every detail on them without the bass messing up the background music.