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    i5 4670k
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    ASUS VI Impact
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    2x4 Corsair Vengeance Pro
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    ASUS GTX 770
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    Corsair air 240
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    1TB WD Blue, 120gb Samsung EVO
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    Corsair AX760
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    BenQ GW 2255
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    Phanteks LS CPU cooler
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    Corsair K70
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    Corsair M65
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    Zalman Clip on mic + Sennheiser HD 518
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  1. Yeah me neither. That or one of my USB ports at the rear is fucky cause in the process I moved my KB mouse plugs. But hey it works now so.
  2. I waited a good 3-4 minutes and nothing. What is connected is KB, mouse, my USB headset receiver and a BT receiver. Guess I could try some boots with nothing plugged in except kb and mouse.
  3. I haven't checked but that option I don't think is related to my issue, it was just a sidenote of something I noticed.
  4. When I boot the PC, power light, h100i ledl ight fans everything seems to boot up fine except no display on screen. The KB and mouse do not light up. I must force shutdown the PC and restart it again maybe 1, 2 or 3 times, it's random, before it will eventually get display and boot fully up.
  5. Wow my bad that completely went over my head shoud've listed. Board is MSI B450 Gaming plus, CPU is Ryzen 5 3600 and RAM is DDR4 Corsair DDR4 RGB.
  6. Yes my old board was an ASUS and had that setting. My board already has the most recent BIOS to be able to run the Ryzen 3600 CPUs.
  7. Also another thing I want to add when my PC is off if I for example touch a key on my keyboard the KB lights up. I remember I had this annoying thing on a ASUS board and there was a setting in BIOS to deactivate that not sure what the setting would be on MSI.
  8. But why? Doesn't the BIOS just need to know what drive has the bootloader and to load on what drive. If I point it to the right one how is a windows re-install going to fix things pre-windows or even pre-bios.
  9. No I haven't since I figured it boots ok I didn't really have to do anything? For the RAM I only activate the A-XMP profile.
  10. Okay so I changed my MOBO, CPU and RAM recently and got all drivers. When windows is booted up all works perfectly fine and perfect FPS in games. Board is MSI B450 Gaming plus, CPU is Ryzen 5 3600 and RAM is DDR4 Corsair DDR4 RGB. But when I start the computer it needs to be start 2 or 3 or even 4 times to boot into windwos. I press the button. all the RGB and LEDs light up to default except the keyboard and mouse and USB things and no display. Then I keep power button held down and restart it sometimes it will work into windows sometimes same thing. Any idea what the h
  11. Ok managed to flash the BIOS without display all is good now. Hitting around 80 FPS in squad now sweet.
  12. Do I need to flash BIOS before? I ended up with a MSI Gaming plus b450 since store didn't have tomahawk and no display is showing up. But to flash BIOS I'm gonna need display and I can't... am I screwed right now?
  13. Hey I just noticed something though, the h100i supported sockets don't seem to list AM4? Not sure if the product page is just outdated though or not considering AM4 is new and the h100i is a bit old.