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  1. Right now i only have 2 options, the PA279Q or PB278QR. Now i know i wont get the benefit of 10 bit on the former but what i want is realism, I want realistic colors. Currently using my BenQ XL2420T, great for FPS gaming but its starting to bother me, how super bright the monitor when there's the color white on the screen, it fatigues me. So I'm gonna use it for videos and pictures, or general web browsing and not so much for gaming. Perhaps those who have these 2 monitors or just one, can help me decide by posting your opinion, or maybe take a screenshot on how the colors look, thanks!
  2. if people could stop caring about how it "supposed to sound like" then i agree
  3. what are you trying to tell? all audio technica's line up are colored, sennheiser HD line up below HD700 are colored. there are more sound colored headphones than there are neutral.
  4. that's what happen when you dont audition first, even the HD800 doesn't fit my taste.
  5. coloration is when the color of the sound changes, like pitch sort of, like if an old lady sounds like a teen, that's when there's coloration. and if you dont know frequency response, you should make a thread about that
  6. didn't i just said this in my previous post?
  7. just so you know, neutral means no coloration, warm is used to describe frequency response. HD600 is warm yes, but again, the pandora hope VI have a seperate BA drivers, it is used to add brightness.
  8. i already listened to it, vocals is a lot forward than the bass.
  9. i wouldn't call the pandora hope VI warm, as it uses balanced armature, which creates brightness, though not the usual dynamic driver brightness. but still i wouldnt call it warm.
  10. its a frikkin hallway with little to no furnitures. ofcourse it will sound like that from far away.
  11. Im using an ADSL connection to the internet. usually using speedtest, testing to the nearest server gets me about 20ping, 500KBps down and 80 KBps up. Now it just went downhill all of a sudden, to like 140 ping and 20KBps down and 20 KBps up...... using pingtest and i see my ping spiking to 900 and the jitter went above 1000 i dont know what just happened...
  12. So i just bought dark souls 2 scholar of the first sin, a physical copy. install it on steam, and then it said i have to update a total of 11.8GB, i didnt have the time so i paused and close steam. I opened it up again and it says 99% , 11.7/11.8 GB. .... is this suppose to be like this? when i play the game, its says Version 1.01 and calibration 2.01 is it the wrong version? am i missing something here?