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Status Replies posted by pierom_qwerty

  1. I need to spend my money in GTA more responsibly. I've bought and sold like 10 cars in the past 7 days. I spend my IRL money reasonably (I only spend $5-10 bucks a week), but in GTA...yikes. I really hope when I grow up I won't spend my money like that.

  2. Don't reply to spambots, you just give them more space on the front page...

  3. wow nobody realized that i am leavningngs


    ok i guess nobody cares about me :(

  4. Picked up a bottle of CBD at the pet store and my brain started playing One Winged Angel. 




    Brand X wasn't going to work, so I picked up Brand Y. 




    I feel kinda strange... 




    1. pierom_qwerty


      @captain_to_fire wathc trump post an image on twitter with no context, just him an snoop dog


      then weed will be legalized


      cuz he wants to be better than canadadadadadadia

    2. (See 16 other replies to this status update)

  5. wow nobody realized that i am leavningngs


    ok i guess nobody cares about me :(

  6. Must not buy....


    Temptation too strong...... 😛





    Hmmm... Idk lol.  Maybe time to whip out that coral pink meme card.

  7. I moved into my current place on the 10/09. Yesterday (28/10), I found out my housemate's Visa renewal was denied, so he's here until the 30/11. So I have about a month, before I need to move again. Didn't even last 3 months. Fun

  8. I gained 5 followers without getting a single notification.



  9. I have noticed that many people involved in technology appear to have better critical thinking skills than the rest of the population. I wonder why?


    This is an actual question, im not trying to be sarcastic.



  10. Attention all fortnite gamers

  11. Holy shit, that's an actual court transcript that was voiced by Roiland and animated by a fan!! XD




    No seriously, all of it, it really happened!!! XD

    But voiced as Rick & Morty is just hilarious!



  12. How many people have not yet realized that Fortnite costumes are gonna be a thing this year?

  13. 1 hour left of work and I have a fever. Ugh :(


  14. 1 hour left of work and I have a fever. Ugh :(


  15. Gonna peace out for now. See ya around for all the lovers, and fuck you to all the haters. 👌


    dont @ me

  17. wow what a helpful forum


    8 hours and no replies


    if this keeps up i might go to reddit. grrr



  18. Is Steam built on the Source (or Source 2) engine?

  19. i just saw a rog rig reboot submission with a guy saying his i7 5820k + other very good parts wasnt good enough