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  1. I'm planning to set up a pfsense rater basted network and wondered if you need a separate modem for an adsl rj45/Rj11 Internet. If so does anyone have any recommendations. Thanks
  2. there are no dbrand skins for Sony xperia "X" series skins if enough of us request skins for them we might be able to get them made. request link: https://dbrand.com/contact
  3. I just wondered because it is is close to Christmas.
  4. ok thanks I can't tell if the hard drives will but it is very likely they will other that I am certian the rest will.
  5. it's combination of personal preference and manufacturer recommendation. the 1080 is probably safe unto about 75 - 80 degrees centigrade. the 6700k overclocked air cooled is probably safe around 85 ish degrees but this is just me make your own decision.
  6. the psu is ok and a more powerfull Gpu almost cirtantly wont be bottlenecked you could probably use up to an rx 480 or a gtx 1060
  7. if your using skylake and a single pascal gpu you should be good for a 450w or if you want to be safe like a 550w as for brands coolermaster evga corsair and silverstone
  8. its not normally a good idea because it will void your warranty but if you use something like plastidip you could remove it. but painting it you should probably use a stencil and mask off all the pcb and expansion slots. ltt made a video about it:
  9. I cannot find any High bandwidth on newegg
  10. I just wondered if anyone know where to get a hb sli bridge, preferably red LED for my new build, I have looked on newegg and overclockers UK. preferably UK websites.
  11. some people watch these with their parents so don't judge
  12. I like the look of the define r5, or I like cube cases so I am using a corsair air 540 but it is also quite expensive.
  13. k series CPUs can be overclocked non k series CPUs cant be
  14. make sure the thermal compound is spread properly, and is that doesn't work then get a cheap air cooler even if you don't overclock it would make your CPU last longer.
  15. I just wondered if you could turn of the fans on a cooling loop at idle if you have enough Radiator space or if the coolant would heat up too much.
  16. their has been controversy about pascal and heat, I think that their is an efficiency increase (and therefor heat decrease) and the gm 104 produces less heat than the gm200 used in the 980ti, I assume the gp104 does as well
  17. that going to look sweet. I love your mod I think it looks sturdy and good looking. Happy modding friend.
  18. probably not, especially if you want to overclock
  19. agent114


    more cores on the CPU benefit video editing, but not gaming. I recommend the intel core i7 5820k if you are doing video editing. you would need to upgrade the mother board to an X99 motherboard some examples are: https://www.asus.com/uk/Motherboards/X99AUSB_31/ http://www.evga.com/Products/Product.aspx?pn=131-HE-E095-KRhttp://www.evga.com/Products/Product.aspx?pn=131-HE-E095-KR x99 boards are often quite a bit more expencivve than z170 so make sure you think of that
  20. agent114


    everything is compatible and it would be a good, well balanced gaming PC, however it may fall behind in video editing and content creation
  21. mass drop also now has another iem. https://www.massdrop.com/buy/beyerdynamic-dx-120-ie-earphones