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  1. LinusTech

    Just Curious

    Lordy... it looks like I *actually* do need to clear up some misinformation. We had a couple of classes together in first year university and started talking, then studying together, then dating.
  2. LinusTech

    Just Curious

    Was trying to get a male order bride and ended up with a mail order bride. Imagine my surprise. We're making it work though.
  3. Taran felt like some of the information in it wasn't accurate after learning more and felt we should take it down.
  4. Not impossible. Actually pretty easy to do... Tagging @nicklmg
  5. We work with an ex-colleague of mine for shipping fulfillment. The bad side of this is "we're not Amazon and they do their best but when we have big surges in orders they can get a little bogged down." The good side of this is "we're not Amazon and we are contributing to the survival of a small local business run by upstanding people who care a lot." You'll get your order. It might just take a couple extra days sometimes. Thank you for your patience
  6. Was a software problem. Never figured out exactly what the issue was. Just went away at some point.
  7. I've had a couple phones due prematurely from this. They were a couple generations old tho (galaxy s6 variants iirc) so maybe it's improved now *shrug*
  8. Congrats! It's so much more fun this way. I actually enjoy the thrill of bargain hunting more than gaming in some ways
  9. Believe it or not, neither of these things are trivial, and we have to be very careful about providing estimates that might end up not being correct...
  10. We have a new system for handing shipping charges that allows us to offer flat rate shipping while banking away some extras for promos. I would expect to see cheap worldwide shipping 2-4 times a year as a way for us to use that extra to reach people who find our regular shipping cost-prohibitive. Yes absolutely. We really like this one for the first launch tho
  11. International shipping has very different rules around dimensional weight. I don't think we plan to specifically rate them as washer safe, but I don't see any reason that wouldn't work. We have tested it and it *seems* fine. Never put a mousepad in the dryer. Just air dry it.
  12. Shipping them flat would add a tremendous amount of cost. One thing we're looking into doing, though, is rolling them the 'other' way so they flatten out at the edges more easily.
  13. We used to have one. iirc it was an attack vector of some sort so we canned it. No plans to bring it back
  14. It's probably pretty similar to what you have now. Most of the fussiness from our side has come down to print quality, stitching quality around the edges and the texture of the surface. As for long-sleeved shirts, we'd love to have them, but American Apparel doesn't make them, and they're the only supplier we use for shirts......................................................... for now.
  15. At this time we are planning to have multiple sizes. One mouse pad, and several different sizes of desk pad
  16. Oh okay I misunderstood. I guess that one may be actually working. Doubt 3D performance is working as expected tho...
  17. I would be surprised if you couldn't order one for back to school. We have finalized a manufacturer and are now working on dialing in the thickness, tuning the design for the different sizes/shapes, and getting final order in. Of course all these things take far longer than you'd probably expect and there's already rumblings of a 2nd wave of COVID overseas, so ETAs may be extended indefinitely due to that...
  18. Factoring in ad blockers and skipping it's closer to $0.002 per view for us. That's a fifth of a cent and that includes YouTube premium view, which are worth MUCH more than ad-supported ones. Also, it's been lower this year due to Q1 (always slow) and global pandemic (we think).
  19. I don't mind us having a thread about it, but the issue with this one is that it's got an obviously partisan agenda and put statements in my mouth (and other people's mouths) that never happened, which serves no real purpose. I support this one being locked.