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  1. Oh, I know my generation had idiots. I was sitting in front of those Apples. Trust me, millennials have a lot to answer for--like talking a great game and then not f*cking voting despite the government making it easier than ever. I don't have any issues with Chromebooks being used. I actually applaud Google for following Apple's model and taking their equipment that's struggling to find a foothold, putting it in front of kids, and waiting 10 years for those kids to graduate high school and start buying Pixelbooks instead of MBPs.
  2. Huh, interesting. I was running a 212 EVO with matched dual fans on...I think...an FX 8350 in one of those CM HAF monsters from the early 2010s. I saw no difference, but the HAF 932 was basically a massive cheese grater with perfect airflow anyway. Goddamn, I miss that case. There are a few decisions I wish I could have back, and selling that case is one of them.
  3. Fair point. Google is doing a great job of following Apple's model, though. The issue for them is that Apple was putting its products in front of a generation that wanted to learn with them. Google's are going in front of a generation that thinks a Chromebook shell makes excellent bread for a Tide Pod sandwich.
  4. Neither. An extra fan on a 212 EVO will do nothing for you other than increased noise. The heatsink isn't thick or dense enough for push/pull to make an appreciable difference. I'd put the better fan on the 212 and mount the weaker fan as an additional intake or exhaust, depending on your system's current airflow.
  5. Remember in the 1980s and 1990s when people thought a struggling, constantly near-death Apple was insane for giving away large quantities of computer equipment to schools, for budding millennials to grow up with? How'd that work out for them?
  6. Cheap mech boards on Amazon used to use knockoff blues almost universally. Now, some browns and blacks have gotten in there with a handful that randomly use greens. My theory has been that blue switches are most commonly favored in all environments, even if they're not ideal for most gaming, so the knockoff switch manufacturers produce more of them than anything else. The cheapo board companies buy those cheap switches up at even lower prices with a bulk discount, install them in their cheap boards and off we go. A couple of those knockoff manufacturers have really stepped up their switch game. Oeutemu brown switches, imo, feel better than Cherries. I have a board that uses (IIRC) Switch Master blues, and I prefer it to the Cherry blues I've used. And Gateron, of course, is the God mode of mechanical keyboard switches. You have to install their "keyboard management software" for that to happen, and you'd have to be an idiot to install a third-party utility from China.
  7. You'd be amazed how many people think that, sit out and lose on a good deal as a result. A great deal? Not going to find one on a basically current-gen i7. Last time I checked, you had to go back to Haswell to get a really solid deal on an unlocked i7.
  8. I wouldn't buy any of those. You're on the low-end line for each of those OEMs. Except Razer, which is one big low-end line from top to bottom. Look to ThinkPads, particularly used P and T series machines, and you'll find what you need.
  9. If we're having to think this hard about it, it's definitely not something anyone should buy lol.
  10. No it's not. It's either fake, damaged or just all around janked-out. Buy something else.
  11. I think the one in the OP is real. I also think the original cooler was swapped out for some reason or another with the cooler from a non-reference GTX 960, so shit wasn't lining up and the seller just used zip-ties to keep it together. Points to the possibility that the card was dropped or something along those lines, and the seller is trying to offload it before it dies. Again, janky enough that I wouldn't touch it.
  12. The one linked? Nah, I think it's real. Look at the placement of everything on the known-real 960 picture from Ascendtek, then look at the actual item picture. The only thing that's changed is the PCB color, and PCB color changes regularly anyway.
  13. I'm not saying this one's real. Even if it is, between the weirdness present on the PCB itself, the missing screws, the dodgy answers (don't know how to use GPU-Z lol), I wouldn't touch it with a 40-foot-pole.
  14. Yes, updated my post above to a 960 OEM where ASUS switched from black to green PCB during the run. Link
  15. Yeah, positive. It was an OEM blower, I think HP. I used it in a sleeper PC for a couple of months before selling the whole thing off. The thing about OEM cards is that there's not a ton of consistency, and it's pretty common for Dell/HP/whoever to switch manufacturers and very little else if ASUS has a pile of PCBs that they'll sell for $1.00 less per board than what the prebuilt OEM is currently paying MSI for. HP does this more than anyone else, IIRC, and it's why they had about a trillion different product codes for the GTX 260 despite only a couple variations of the card existing. Edit: Googled the P/N (the 90PA thing) and here we go
  16. I'm pretty sure I've owned an OEM blower 960 with a green PCB. Very sure, actually, so they do exist. That said, I don't think this is one of them. OEM cards don't ship with two of the four heatsink screws missing and the cooler held on by a freaking zip tie. Even if it is a real card, I would not in a million years buy a garbage heap like that.
  17. The problem with Chromebooks is that one need only spend 10 minutes or so on r/talesfromtechsupport and r/techsupportgore to see what kids do to laptops.
  18. Yes, don't download it right away. NVIDIA drivers are notoriously buggy on release. Let others beta test big updates like this, and only install it yourself after it's been around for a couple of weeks with no issues.
  19. I feel as though this is a good time to share the story of that time my principal at my private school in the '90s had me move her data to a new system as well. She left a file with all of the teachers' contact info on her desktop. I printed it, took it home, hid it, and a year later all the teachers that we hated were mysteriously signed up for various mailing lists.
  20. Rules of shopping on the Internet: Have you heard of the site before? If no, IT'S A TRAP! If yes, carry on. When you Google the site, what kind of reviews come up? Mediocre to bad reviews? IT'S A TRAP! Glowing reviews in broken Chinglish? IT'S A TRAP! Good, well-written, substantive reviews? Carry on. When you go to their site, does their return policy clearly and directly protect buyers? If no, IT'S A TRAP! If yes, carry on. Look for the following IT'S A TRAP! signs and look elsewhere if they're present. Item listings with poor descriptions, bad pictures or broken Chinglish. Items priced absurdly low, or free overnight shipping from Guatemala on an EATX super tower that costs $20. Pushing some unknown third-party payment processor, payment links that don't go to the right site, or ANYTHING about being "endorsed by PayPal". No clear link to customer support, or customer support is just an email link with no phone number and/or chat window option. Are there no trappage signs? No? Then proceed with caution. If there are, just find somewhere else to buy from.
  21. Because people love to bitch and moan about the quality of education and how it's never adequately funded, but the second you suggest increasing property or sales taxes by 0.5% to provide enough funding to hire two new teachers and replace 50% of the school system's clamshell P4 Dimension towers, they instantly go all, "MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN using someone else's money".
  22. Reach out to Cooler Master directly with photos. The GPU is RIP, and it's their cooler that leaked. Did you buy the cooler first-hand and do you have the receipt?
  23. The i5 has four cores and four threads. The i3 has two cores and four threads. All else being equal, the i5 will perform better in gaming and editing tasks. The 1050 Ti will work for what you want to do, but if your PSU has a six-pin or you can get a SATA-to-PCIe adapter, the RX 570 will be a much better performer. And, of course, an SSD will make anyone's life better.