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    Ryzen 5 2600
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    Gigabyte b350 gaming
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    Patriot viper 4 3000mhz
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    Asus GTX rog strix 1080
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    Sama Vanguard 05
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    Samsung 850 evo
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    FSP hydro G 750
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    Asus VG278HE

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  1. my case is Sama vanguard 05 https://www.gigatron.rs/kucista/sama_kuciste_vanguard_05-164147 its quite a bit big and has 2 fans blowing air to the case and 2 fans blowing out of the case 1 at the back and 1 at the top the fans are set to the minimum all the time because i like it quiet i can add another 2 at the top if you think it will help
  2. i can make it like that but i don't really feel comfortable running the card at 80%+ fan speed all the time to keep it about 75C max or is that normal?
  3. As the title states i have Asus gtx 1080 strix and while gaming the card reaches 82C and then thermal throttle so i was wondering if i change the thermal paste on it will it help ? and if it will help what thermal paste should i use ?? thanks
  4. I have a problem with my USB controller that stopped working when I plug it in my front USB.It was working fine a few days earlier but now it does not, however, I do want to mention that it does work when I plug it back directly on the motherboard. I also want o mention that my USB flash drives and my phone when connected to front USB connector they work just fine so it's just the controller that stopped working when plugged on the front Thanks in advance
  5. ok I got the LC CC 120 RGB version and it performs better than expected now I'm at idle at 27C and at gaming max recorded temp was 49C and that's in a room in about 20ish degrees C now i know i ignored some of you guys here but I do appreciate the help you guys provided but i am on a budget and so far nothing failed me from LC although I'm aware that's not some high-end stuff . Thanks... i should note that i used the thermal paste that came with the cooler and that stock temp from wraith stealth was about 34 idle and about 82C max temp while gaming so that's a huge improvement over stock for me at least
  6. Arctic Freezer Xtreme also nowhere to be found for buying not much choice is left but i sure will take all the things in the consideration and take my time before i make a purchase Thanks again .
  7. LC power is well known brand here in Serbia that makes solid budget components cryorig m9a nowhere to be found here in Serbia and as for arctic freezer 33 it's almost double the price of LC Power but i was hoping that someone had some experience with it before i decide
  8. is this good choice for swapping the stock cooler wraith stealth on ryzen 5 2600 ? https://www.lc-power.com/en/product/cpu-cooler/lc-cc-120-rgb/
  9. ok so if nothing helps i should change the cooler but to what? my budget is around 4000-5000 RSD max that's about 40 euro max and not much choice here in serbia
  10. i also noticed that while not doing anything from idle temp it spikes from 38 to 47 and goes back to normal is that something i should worry ?
  11. I will check the cooler tomorrow if its tight or not but as far as thermal paste goes that should not be an issue maybe. Because i got the CPU about 8 months ago but the temps ware always on the high today i changed the case because i thought i was not getting good air flow on the last it was to small for these components and the gpu temps did go lower now but the cpu stayed more or less the same i will try all those things tomorrow and see what helps if not il even change thermal paste or worst case get a new aftermarket cooler maybe ?
  12. while gaming my Ryzen 5 2600 reaches 82C with a stock cooler I'm using a case with 2 intake fans at the front and 2 exhaust at the back and at the top anything i should do to make it better change the stock thermal paste maybe with something better if yes what pls help THANKS
  13. well both actually because I have these components in my old case LC pover veritas 3000 and temps in it goes to much for my taste GPU goes up to 83C while gaming about 3-4 hours and currently I'm using the Ryzen 5 on stock stealth cooler and its temp goes up to 75 in a room about 30-ish C.
  14. recently i bought the power supply and the used gtx rog strix 1080 and my build is almost complete and im thinking of gettting this case for my build so let me know what do you guys think https://pcpartpicker.com/list/HY3QsZ im from serbia so some parts may be limited to me