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    Ryzen 5 2600
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    Gigabyte b350 gaming
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    Patriot viper 4 3000mhz
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    Asus GTX rog strix 1080
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    Sama Vanguard 05
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    Samsung 850 evo
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    FSP hydro G 750
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    Asus VG278HE

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  1. Wish i had those temps i have the same setup and i hit 83c when playing Warzone
  2. No i am asking if any of these scenario is going to damage my cpu in the long run if i leave it like that ? i dont mind the noise i only want my cpu to last me a long time and if it's save to leave it as i did it since its not as " out of the box" Hope that made more sense
  3. If i can start a newconversation with my own problem regarding the same CPU 5900x with noctua nh d15 with 2 fans so i can have a peace of mind when gaming idle temps are around 45 c and at gaming (CoD Warzone) it hits 85c (spikes to 93c) and i get a score of 21021 in cinebench r23 with CPB on it goes up to 4940mhz max (loudest and unsettling with fan's constant ramping up) What i have tryed is to disable Core performance boost in bios and then i lose the boost of the cpu and it caps at 3.7ghz and i get the max temp of 62c and a score of 18703 at cinebench r23.(silent)
  4. Processor 5900x stock setting with Core performance boost and PBO set on auto Cooler Noctua NH D15 with 2 fans plus 2 intake on front, 1 exhaust at the back and 2 at the top Idle temp 45c Max temp 82c when running cinebench r23(score of 21021) when gaming it hits around that same temp give or take a few boost MHZ 4940 Now with the Core performance boost turned off the max temp goes down to 62c and i get 18712 score in cinebench r23 IF I MAY i want a fallow up questing, is it save to run it as I'm doing it with CPB off or should i just leave it at stock an
  5. I have upgraded my pc to this components MB-Gigabyte B550 aorus pro BIOS verzion f10 CPU- ryzen 9 5900x Cooler-Noctua nh d15 GPU-gigabyte 3080ti i instaled a freesh version of windows and i have ssd and hdd all are empty exept for windows and all the newest drivers for gpu and all the problem i have is that mouse cursor or mouse in general every few seconds of use freezes and stops working and then skipps or lags like a bilion frames and then it works like that all the time i have tryed instaling and reinstaling it over and over again insert it in another usb slot the
  6. No I do not want to overclock, I just want it to run cool, doesn't even have to be that quiet . Thanks for the answers I had my doubts about the PSU but that's a relief to hear and now its time to search for the cheapest GPU i can find since i have been monitoring the price change over the past few days and there are a few fluctuations but nothing major about the other components just the GPU is !!!!!!!!!! Well thanks again
  7. Yea i thought about it, but that does go over mu budget by a lot here in serbia so... And as for the psu it should hold its own even with the 3080 ti ?
  8. Budget (including currency): 300000 RSD Country: Serbia Games, programs or workloads that it will be used for: Playing all games mainly Warzone... Other details Im upgrading from gtx 1080 and ryzen 5 2600. For the first time i will try to get ahead of time and get high end at the start and not when they get cheaper after 2 years or so. I bought LG 34gn850b ultra wide 3440x1440 165hz monitor and i do want to play games at that resolution high settings to experience that ultrawide flare... I am planing to keep my existing case ,ram (32 gb),PSU which is FSP Hyd
  9. My system MB- gigabyte b350 CPU- ryzen 5 2600 RAM-patriot 3000mhz 32gb GPU- gtx 1080 strix PSU- FSP hydro G 750 Monitor- LG 34GN850 I know this is probably stupid but i want a new GPU to play with more fps, I bought a new monitor that is 3440x1440 and the gtx 1080 struggles to keep the games at more than 100 fps and since i am used playing at high refresh rate i had ASUS VG278HE at 1080p now my question is what do i do keep the said components and wait for new generations of GPU-s or get the said 3080ti and upgrade processor later ? PS said gtx 1080 is already
  10. As the title says my microphone on my headset does not work properly and by properly i mean its messed up now here are the symptoms :D My headset have build in arm or how ever you call the mic that is attached to the headset and its plugged with a different 3,5mm jack into the case or the back of the motherboard and if i speak into the mic on google or any other platform like viber , discord no-one can hear me speak but the microphone picks up the voice from the headset and that it does transfer to the voice search and if on viber its like some annoying beeping on the receiver end Now
  11. I am afraid to put a heatsink on it since as far as i know it requires the stock sticker on it to be removed which will void my warranty, so i will keep monitoring it since it only rises in temp when transferring files or installing on it and it seams I'm not the only one with the issue I was mainly worried about it running way hotter then my previous drive with temp difference about 30c
  12. Recently i made a tread about what nvme should i get and well as you can probably tell from the title i got the Samsung 970 evo plus 1tb now the problem I'm facing (if its a problem)is that it seams its running a little hot. Now I don't know if that's normal or not i have of air flow in the case with 2 fans in the front 1 at the back as exhaust and plus 2 more at the top as exhaust Now it is worth noting that the 970 evo is located on B350 gigabyte gaming motherboard which has only 1 nvme slot under the GPU and as far as it goes its clear that the gpu does not affect on the ssd temp since it
  13. i want to upgrade because i play World of Warcraft and i play COD warzone and occasional single player game and i cant have them all installed on the 850 evo and when it comes to loading gaming when the match begins the clear advantage of un ssd is realy noticable in multiplayer games
  14. Hi i was wondering someone could help me my pc configuration is MB-gigabyte b350 gaming so its gaming and not gaming 3 GPU-asus GTX 1080 strix CPU-ryzen 5 2600 HDD-toshipa P300 2 tb SSD-samsung 850 evo PSU-FSP Hydro G 750w I want to upgrade my ssd to M.2 nvme ssd but im worried about the thickness of the actual drive and would it fit on my MB since its slot is directly under the GPU Now here are the drives im considering buying so could you tell me would it be ok to get one of them and would it actually fit on my MB XPG GAMMIX S11 Pro 1tb XPG SX820
  15. yes thats what i thought so now that the card runs at the max mhz and staying decently cold if a big improvement and now all thats left for me is to wait for next line up of Gpu-s and upgrade if i want more performance Thanks