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Everything posted by Andrew0472

  1. Andrew0472

    Your CSGO ranks?

  2. Andrew0472

    GTA Screenshot Thread

    Is there any way to check fps in game?
  3. Andrew0472

    Platform Launch and MASSIVE GIVEAWAY

    Username - Andrew0472 Videos: https://www.vessel.com/videos/G-DUjgUyY https://www.vessel.com/videos/X3_DNjcMT
  4. Andrew0472

    do i need 144hz

    I was questioning this for a long time ago and pulled the pin and went 144hz 2 days ago. Note i play csgo 95% the time i play games. For games that can run it, it feels so smooth and it is so much nicer. In cs, im not kidding, sniping/awping and one tap headshots are easier especially when you make fast flick shots and that. I came from an ips and for the first hour i had to play around with picture settings to get used to it (using a benq 2420z) but its fine now. Oh and the monitor is easier on my eyes. If you play competitive games at 120fps and higher, yes its great and you should do it. If you play demanding games, less competitive games (e.g. bf4) and cant hit near that, or gaming isnt huge to you then i would go for an ips monitor.
  5. Andrew0472

    Dust problems on Corsair Carbide 300R

    I have this case as well and yeah dust can be a slight issue. Make sure you have two 140mm's in the front. Don't bother with a case fan on the roof its pointless. One 120mm at the back and you should be fine.
  6. Hey guys, I was just on the web and then all of a sudden my PC turned off. I turned it on again to notice no video signal, and one of my case fans was not working either. i removed the case fan from the computer, i was connected to the motherboard and tried to run the onboard video output but nothing happened either. Its really confusing. Does anyone have any ideas/solutions i could try? I really need the stuff off my hard drive today for an exam tomorrow Thanks
  7. Andrew0472

    Random shut down, no video signal?

    I guess I need to buy another motherboard. 2nd time this has happened
  8. And another motherboard gone...

  9. Andrew0472

    Random shut down, no video signal?

    For idle my thermals are always really good, under 40 degrees celcius for everything
  10. Man I just want better fps, don't care so much about the resolution. GTA 5 on ps3 hurts my eyes the frames are that bad
  11. Andrew0472

    LG G3 Review and.... TWENTY-FIVE Phone Giveaway?!

    Damn I'm stuck between the tiny bezels and the customization of the software. After watching the review, it's probably the software
  12. Andrew0472

    Acer H236HLBmjd

    Have this monitor, love it to bits. Really nothing i can fault except the lack of height adjustment but for the price it doesn't bother me. Fantastic monitor
  13. Andrew0472

    Should I SLI, or no?

    Well for starters scaling issues (you won't get double the performance), a single better performing card is always a better option not to mention sli 760s on a 760w psu which you had on your profile might be a tad risky.
  14. Andrew0472

    Should I SLI, or no?

    I would not sli a 760, especially if you have the 2gb model
  15. Andrew0472

    Your Top 5 Worst purchases (Tech Realated and Non tech)

    - Steelseries 6gv2 - Kerbal Space Program (sorta, its just not my thing) - Anti Static wrist strap haha - Non Modular psu - Gmod (I like it i just never play it, maybe one day)
  16. Andrew0472

    780 lightning possibly dead?

    Sounds like it's busted especially after trying all that, which is really strange how it happened all of a sudden mid game . At least you have the other whilst you rma it.
  17. Andrew0472

    [Review] Audio Technica ATH-M50 X

    Good to hear a review from just a general user of a product I enjoyed reading it!
  18. Andrew0472

    GTX Titan Z - bit of a joke.

    Not sure what Nvidia were thinking, in Australia the titan z is $3700. I could buy 4 780tis or 3 titans for that price.
  19. Andrew0472

    Razer announcing something on June 3rd

    i think its that smart band thing what you wear on your wrist
  20. Fantastic monitor, love it too bits. The only thing i dislike about it, is the lack of height adjustment but to be fair its price is low so i can't complain
  21. Andrew0472

    Your Personal Watch Dogs in-game Performance?

    Performance isn't too bad. Mouse acceleration and that is my main concern at the moment.
  22. Andrew0472

    I Can't decide which card to buy

    not at 1080p no
  23. Andrew0472

    I Can't decide which card to buy

    I can run games like battlefield 4 1080p 100% ultra settings at 60fps constant if not more at times. Those games don't seem too heavy but i haven't seen benchmarks on them. If i was in your position i would probably get a 780 just for the future-proofing though
  24. Andrew0472

    I Can't decide which card to buy

    You should be able to pick up a gtx 780 for that price otherwise you could go for a R9-290. If you wanted to save money, a gtx 770 or 280x would be a good purchase as well