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    I7 4770k @ 4.5ghz
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    Patriot Viper 3 Black mambe Quad Channel 16gb 1600mhz
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  1. Im having the same debate with myself and found the same video, im very heavily leaning towards the alienware variation. The overall look of it for one, the lack of the red accents and no glossy black fingerprint and scuff magnet plastic is a huge win. the deeper curve of it is also extremely appealing imo. Personally i dont want to wait for 200hz, they will likely be VA panels so bleh and realistically the horsepower it would take to hit those frame rates at this resolution would be kinda bonkers. The alienware model is the obvious pick in my mind and will very likely be ordering
  2. There are a few reasons, Fresh build itch, Gonna hand off the current system to my girlfriend when the new ones done etc. Mostly just cause of the new build itch Edit: i should note i may end up waiting for volta anyway just due to whether money works out now or then lol The M.2 stuff i wasnt aware of, so thats good to know! As for the sli 1080's over a 1080ti, More of a want to just cause. im fully aware of the performance differentiation, I have a few friends that either run sli 1080s or a 1080ti, Games i wanna play such as assassins creed origins will barely manage 60fps
  3. Ill just leave this here https://au.pcpartpicker.com/product/tN4NnQ/acer-predator-xb271hua-270-2560x1440-165hz-monitor-umhx1eea01
  4. Following previous releases of nvidia gpu's id say around may or so. Is it worth the wait? quite possibly yes. The biggest debate in pc gaming and building is always "buy now or wait for the next release" be mindful not to trap yourself in that cycle ;P With no concrete release date or even possible release dates its all theories right now, same as their theoretical performance. Personally, ill be buying my new cards in the next few weeks at most.
  5. God its been.. Ages since i hit up the forums. Now that im back i figured id seek some opinions and (helpful) criticisms on new rig plans. So to start off, basics of my current rig is as follows -- 4770k @ 4.5ghz on water, an msi gaming x gtx 1070 - 16gb of patriot black mamba memory. Gaming on a 1080p 60hz single monitor, sometimes 1080p 60hz tv. K cool, got that outta the way. Why am i upgrading? thats not a bad system youll probably say. thatll still run most everything your probably thinking. well. your right but, Ive been running this tower for 3 or so years now an
  6. personally i would take a 980ti, no not because im a fanboy or anything of that sort but 8gb's is insane and realisticially unless your running 4k or triple monitors your not gonna use it to add on that, if you are your probably running multiple cards. to be fair even 6gbs seems insane but from what i recall a 980ti is stronger than a 390x anyway (correct me if im wrong i cant remember the benchmarks off the top of my head for every card out there lol). Regardless, 980ti takes my vote.
  7. Original post updated with permanent invite, Thanks i figured it wasnt doable
  8. That would be awesome, any chance you can pm me how. i couldnt figure it out Edit: nvm one of my members happend to know
  9. I have started a discord channel for anyone and everyone that wants to be part of it, All i ask is you have a mic and speak english. Not centered on anything in particular, pvp, pve, going rogue, rogue hunting, as it is we have around 12 people that will be joining in the time leading up to the games release, we would love to get more members regardless of time zones. Hang out, Chat, Find groups to play with at any time! Permanent invite link! https://discord.gg/0qLpSoxdRcNYZ1UA I dont intend for this community to get to terribly large 20-30 members but if demand is lar
  10. Got into the fortnite alpha this morning, damn thats one addicting game!

  11. i use 3 of these myself, stands are kinda ehh on em but i didnt mind that since i had already planned to buy a triple monitor stand at the time anyway.
  12. they dont have to be ips, i chose ips panels because of the color reproduction
  13. yeah its pretty standard, I have 3 relatively average 23 inch 1080p ips displays with my 4th being a plasma screen tv lol
  14. sli, 2 dvi to one card 1 dvi to the second for the 3 used for gaming, accessory display is plugged into the main card via hdmi
  15. they are designed to do that, my gtx 970 100 million editions with the same cooler do it to, if your concerned by it though you could create a custom fan curve via msi afterburner