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  • CPU
    ryzen 7 2700x
  • Motherboard
    Asus x470-f
  • RAM
    32GB trident z 3200MHz cl 14
  • GPU
    liquid cooled 2080 ti
  • Case
    nzxt h700i
  • Storage
    2x 4TB Black + 512GB Samsung 960 pro
  • PSU
    corsair rm 750 i
  • Display(s)
    3x ASUS MG28UQ
  • Cooling
    Custom water loop
  • Keyboard
    Corsair k95 rgb
  • Mouse
    logitec proteus spectrum
  • Sound
    hyper x cloud 2
  • Operating System
    windows 10 pro

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  1. the good old days... I miss berkel and channelsuperfun...
  2. hm... yes this shows me once again, that Windows just isn't very good. I have moved to Linux for 90% of my work and even gaming, thanks to level1tech. The only real reason for using Windows is when I want to record the occasional video and edit it(video production is not very good on Linux)... That's it. But I have actual reasons for not liking Windows. The updates are often buggy and unfinished, Microsoft installs Beta software on peoples PCs who get updates manually(such as myself, because I like install updates when I'm ready to actually install them), but the Insider Program is obviously responsible for testing unfinished software, the OS Is buggy and inconsistent, the new settings app is just abysmal oh and the best part is the Windows licenses can only be used a finite amount of times to reactivate Windows after a fresh install. That is just madness. I know this can be mitigated by just tying the License to your MS account. Another thing that makes no sense what so ever is that the Physical Office licenses you find in stores, can not be used to renew an active subscription, rather it can only be used to activate a new Subscription. So yes I have had my fair share of annoyances with Microsoft and their products.
  3. do you guys know Jim form adored TV? He leaked very similar stuff on his channel. Go and check his video out: It was posted in the beginning of December... He was the guy who leaked that the new GPUs will be called RTX and not GTX and 20XX instead of 11XX. I think AMD will release something very close to what he reported. I guess all we can do for now, is wait until the official keynote.
  4. joltx

    Wi Fi

    yes, indeed. It's just two different SSIDs for 2.4 and 5 GHZ networking. Devices that only support 2.4, the 5GHZ network wont even show up.
  5. that is good. Just another thing, if you replace the apple box, it'll mess up your smart home appliances anyway. Why do you need to connect a combo box to another combo box. makes no sense to me. if anything, add a dedicated access point. An access point only creates a Wifi connection. I'd use one of these:
  6. ok, so why is your mind blown on getting higher than 100 Mbit. Like others have said, fiber can handle more than 10Gbit. I have Gigabit at home. Try a high decent desktop PC, not a laptop.
  7. So you getting 40 on your PC is predictable because you use a powerline. Powerlines aren't quite the best solution for latency or bandwidth. Also your "modem" is a combo box, just like the apple device. You can remove the apple box and connect the Arris box directly to the switch or powerline as you wish. A modem is used on copper connections to modulate (mod) and demodulate (em) the traffic and since you are on fiber, you have no modem. Then I'd ask the ISP for support, cause it looks like your uplink can't handle 1gig. Also use a cat 6 cable, because cat 5e is not what you want to be using for gigabit anyway, even if theoretically supports it.
  8. The devices that are connected via wifi are fine. You used 802.11n. The wired connection could be the cable you used, the box it self (it is a router, access point and switch combined in to one device, that is why I do not call it a router or modem), or your connection to the ISP which just can't handle a higher throughput. Just because your ISP says you get 300 Mbit, doesn't mean your connection can handle that bandwidth. I'd buy a new combo box, that supports AC wifi and has gigabit RJ45 ports. The one you showed looks kinda cheap
  9. not really... rtx 2080 it is...
  10. Ok Guys... I figured it out... It was a Windows problem. When I used my live version of Tails Os my PC ran without a hitch... So I reinstalled Windows 10 pro, but left out the Asus software. Aura sync and AI suite caused the instability. If you guys have this issue, try uninstalling any Asus tools. If it still happens, reinstall Windows and before installing any software wait until all the updates are installed. Once that is done, go ahead and install any software on your PC. Just make sure to leave out any Asus software. My PC hasn't crashed or showed any instability since then.
  11. Well in your case it seems as thought it is the gpu... You got an amd cpu too? In mine it is not cause I tested the parts with another pc. And when the problem occurs I have to unplug the pc, as the powerbutton will not work at all
  12. Ok recently I opened a case where I explained that my video signal just cust out, my sound cuts out, but the leds and drives keep spinning and working just fine... But to turn the pc off, I have to either unplug it or flip the switch on the psu... After that it boots just fine... This problem popped up since I upgraded my mobo cpu and ram. I have rmaed these parts in hope it would fix the issue. But it just keeps happening. I have tried every bios version available to me, did some windows config changes and and also reinstalled the graphics driver multiple times. It is just the weirdest problem I have faced with a pc so far. Could it be the psu? And since the gpu and all the drives work just fine with my old pc I am out of ideas. Please help My specs: CPU: 2700x Mobo: Asus x470-f ram: gskill trident z 3200 cl14 cooler: h115i pro gpu: gigabyte g1 gaming 1070 psu: rm550x local disk c: Samsung 960 evo Thanks for the help in advance...
  13. I just saw that there is some Thermal paste in the CPU socket. I have no idea how that got there.