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    same name as my name here
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    IT apprentice


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    Intel i7-5820k stock
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    ASUS X99A
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    MSI GTX geforce 970 stock
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    Cooler master HAF XB evo
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    (Intel SSD 330 Series 120GB - OS) (WD Desktop Blue 500GB - storage) (Seagate Barracuda 2TB - storage)
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    Corsair RM850X
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    i dont remember but from technica
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    (Cooler Master Hyper 212 Evo - CPU) 2 noctua 120mm intake, 1 Corsair AF 120mm outtake
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    SpeedLink VIRTUIS Advanced
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    razer deathadder chroma
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    Logitech Z313, SteelSeries Siberia V2 HyperX Edition
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    Windows 10, still prefer windows 7

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  1. thanks for making me get off pornhub >.<
  2. i think pretty much any earphones weights under 50 pounds
  3. never mess with a guy who lives in his mom's basement
  4. just looked at the laws and apparantly you need a permit in public areas. wasnt aware of that part . but yeah, you're being right, or left.
  5. well there is no concerns and doubts that this is legal as mention in the article,which i do. it didnt meantion any sign that there is any surveillance, and its is required signs in public places, regardless if the data is saved or not, or its a dummy camera. so far its actually illegal edit: i forgot to add: they need a good reason too, to put up any sorts of surveillance. doubt marketing is a good reason.
  6. isnt like all OS's risk of getting malware and other things since they were made?
  7. most likely its the server that has limited the upload speed.
  8. happened to me too, had a AMD FX-4100 that was stuck to the AMD stock cooler :c had to send it back but it still worked.
  9. i have the ts140, it has very limited amount of hard drive space (4, more if you have double sided tape or spend a bunch of money on external hard drive enclosure), also a whole bunch of things like @Gerr said
  10. when US aiport security werent slow enough, arent the security already total shit?
  11. Windows 2000 or 98 i think, i dont really remember at all:c