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  1. welp, wasn't aware steam was its own option this time around, my bad but good to know there's more reliable option than twitch, assuming they will use this method again in the future also, before 6pm - 7pm nekros prime drop window, there was additional Lotus Ephemera drop, now I wonder did that also give out steam drop token?
  2. oh yes... first you need to link your warframe account with twitch (or mixer, but I have no experience in that one, so I'll focus on the twitch part, which was also on this steam store link): https://www.warframe.com/twitch/link https://www.warframe.com/mixer/link now, (preferably using the same browser that you have used to link your account) watch the stream, making sure you're logged in on twitch/mixer and "simply watch for 30 minutes" ...is what i would like to say, but >>le sigh mixer: again, no experience, but I heard there's some activity check, no idea if inactivity changes prize eligibility twitch: I'm pretty sure you have to have chat open and the stream running, but MOST IMPORTANTLY check (every now and then(!)) if twitch "thinks" you're watching the correct stream, by clicking your profile icon in the top right corner things to keep in mind: - you may "stop watching" the selected stream if you browse around on twitch - twitch may change your currently watched stream if you watch other stream simultaneously in the same browser (aka. afk the warframe stream in 12 pixels with chat open, while watching other stream "properly"? even if you make it in correct order and seem to watch warframe, it may decide to rng swap on you) - some websites may embed twitch streams (ie. Gamepedia), which might alter your watching detection last but not least, there were so many people watching this warframe stream, that the system could not keep up with demand, so over the next days (or weeks?) they will distribute the goodies to "everyone who watched" the stream, if you don't have pretty in-game mail-message in like a month, you'll know something went wrong (rip)
  3. for up to 30 minutes, to bypass "video recorder" tax /s, maybe, hopefully, idk, is that still a thing?
  4. it will use both sides of usb type c for the "2x2" 20Gbps instead of just being a reversible cable
  5. The topic seems bit derailed... any cloud would go havoc if all of the servers got panic patched at once. To clarify again, its not due to meltdown patch, its due to the patch-ing. Give it a week like EG stated and then we'll see the actual patch consequences.
  6. It's not like they have rules literally against such doxing, nope.
  7. Who cares how loud it is, it has a speaker right where the noise comes out of! Did HP NEVER heard of active noise cancellation?! What the hell is wrong with this planet.
  8. I'd assume he mistook Celsius for Kelvin, hence "irrelevancy"
  9. "Dear sir, if you don't leave the toilet or tell us you're okay, we're gonna have to open the door and force you out, did you hear me? Sir?" - Google (waiter) vs Microsoft (the customer)
  10. even as non-American I was hoping Google would eventually reach like 50% US coverage and would move on to Europe and beyond rip hopes and dreams
  11. still, that's a peripheral vision distraction for drivers, humans are susceptible to focus on movement and there's also Inattentional blindness (perceptual blindness) on the non-moving things ...like traffic therefore, as you said, "desire to vandalize" increases
  12. It looks really good, they have even put a TPM 2.0 module innit The only weird decision in this "pro" case is opting for RAID 0 instead of RAID 1 Why?