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  1. Considering they have to fly it in and that price includes labour and parts it seems to be accurate. Freight isn't cheap. Last minute air freight especially isn't cheap. My job involves the dispatch and tracking of freight and I'm always cringe when I see air freight quotes
  2. Please use another font than that yellow one. It's almost invisible for us non dark users
  3. I'm putting my money on the fact that Kylo Ren and Rey are siblings or cousins. Either way they are Skywalkers be it Luke's children or Leia's. I'm hoping Kylo is Lukes son which would explain his obsession with Vadar and why Luke appears to be in hiding. Rey being a scavenger would be interesting as it kinda draws comparisons between Han and her.
  4. CM comes in handy for people that don't always have their headphones plugged in. Patricks design is clean when using or not using the CM provided
  5. Cool. I tend to buy Humble bundles once they have announced all the games. That way I can get best bang for the buck. I'll keep an eye on it
  6. Also please note this is not the official thread, I just copy pasted the Vessel video titles forgetting to alter the title.
  7. You mad? Your on a tech forum, this is a tech related discussion on tech we very well could buy in the future and it's also something we can say we had input on. Silverstone buddy, not Steelseries
  8. Like I said on Vessell and Youtube Linus. You went full retard, never go full retard. You where supposed to be picking a winner that Silverstone was able to global with that had the perfect balance of aesthetics and performance. Your winner is horrible and you should feel bad. Patrick Bauers design should have been the winner, your runner up however was an acceptable choice.
  9. Do you think a stand needs to be exciting? Pleasing and functional imo
  10. No way, looking at my can's they are at least 10cm so that design would have to be more than that
  11. Hmm, I still think it comes out from the wall too much. The final design is probably gonna stick out what 30cm? Not sure on the dimensions but's a slot. Most of the other design have half the depth.
  12. LMG would buy like 10... at most Thinking of the thousands Silverstone could sell worldwide with the right design
  13. I've heard you guys across the ditch are having an interesting time with your flag. Also I thought it was said that the point behind this competition was that we did the R&D and all Silverstone had to do was manufacture it and sell it world wide. Therefore the winner should have been imo opinion been decided almost like a gameshow. LMG users cast a vote on the top ten designs, after a week or so votes are tallied and than Linus can than declare the winner.
  14. I dunno, but I was reading the comments on the Vessel video and it was full of comments that echoed my opinions. It really does seem that the general consensus was the winner wasn't very well liked and Patrick Brauers design was mentioned multiple times
  15. yay, people are finally finding this topic. I feel like the winner was more a case of a like it because it's weird and different. I can't see that being hung off the wall and not feeling out of place. That runner up though was horribad, especially since Linus kept on going on about cable management, I mean wtf
  16. So far there has been 8 votes on the straw poll but nobody has commented. I wonder why this is?
  17. So I watched Linus video on Vessel last night and I can't help but feel like Linus choice wasn't the best option. I wasn't the only person in the comments section that felt like the winner was a poor design either. So here is a strawpoll and I am interested to hear what you have to say http://strawpoll.me/5689485 I personally thought that Patrick Brauers design stuck the perfect balance between aesthetics and functionality with it's included cable management, broad headphone holder and simple yet attractive design. So Linus please if there is still a chance at least pick Patrick Brauers design as the runner up. I would insta buy 3 of them the second they became available
  18. Pokemon kinda stopped being relevant to me after the fourth season. Kinda grew out of it at that point but I will still go back and watch the first four... strange
  19. Current Favourite: Fairy Tail All Time Favourite: Dragon Ball Z Honourable Mention:Pokemon