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  1. Aftermarket 1070Ti / 1080 with 1x 8pin?

    Skinflint.co.uk found couple that match that description.
  2. The rubber parts on the mechanism that grabs and moves the paper can degrade and break. I remember seeing cracks in my moms old printer that meant that sometimes it wouldn't just pick a sheet.
  3. How many fans do i need?

    I like my current setup which is 2x140 intake, 2x120 top out and 1x120 rear out. And the front 140s run at about 70% speed and the 120s are all Arctic F12 Silents. So instead of few fans at a higher RPM, all the fans at low RPM.
  4. Phone screen is locked to vertical orientation so it doesn't switch when you turn the phone sideways.
  5. Internal USB 3.0 Hub like the NZXT Usb 2.0 Hub?

    You could use Delock Converter M.2 Key B+M male > 1 x USB 3.0 Pin Header or Delock Converter M.2 Key B+M male > 2 x USB 3.0 Pin Header? Or Delock PCI Express Card > 2 x external USB 3.0 + 1 x internal USB 3.0?
  6. Budget cooler for i5 4460!?

    I would personally recommend the LC Power Cosmo Cool 95 if it isn't too expensive. I worked quite well for me and it's better than those other coolers since you can easily change the fan with a better 92mm later on if it becomes loud or anything.
  7. What is this cable for?

    Looks like it's for Xbox 360 E.
  8. Skinflint.co.uk found this nice Dell P2217H for crazy low price of 40£.
  9. PC case power button lifespan

    With my old case, about 10 years maybe iirc. Got a replacement 5 pack from eBay for little over 1€.
  10. Cuisine Royale, GOTY candidate :D

  11. Rugged Computers Something like these?
  12. Mobo popped and smoked.

    Random guess, were all the PSU power cables changed when switching from the Seasonic to EVGA?
  13. AMD-Tuned DDR4-3200MHz CL14 64GB(4x16GB) G.Skill claims to have done it.
  14. Only thing I can think of is that there are some fans with a special dust removing phase where it goes in opposite direction for a moment. Could be the motherboard is doing something like that? Random guess...