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    AMD Ryzen 5 1600
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    Gigabyte GA-AB350-Gaming
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    Kingston HyperX Fury 2666MHz 2x8GB
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    Gigabyte G1 Gaming RX 480 8GB
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    AOpen HQ08
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    Adata SX8000 256GB + Seagate Barracuda Pro 3TB
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    Bitfenix Whisper M 450W
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    Samsung S24F350FHU + BenQ G2222HDL
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    LC Power Cosmo Cool 95
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    SteelSeries Apex [RAW]
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    SteelSeries Sensei 310
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    Sony MDR-RF855RK
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    Windows 10 Pro
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  1. does my perfect dongle exist?

    How about a dock?
  2. how to configure 2 Displays diffferent sizes and res

    Google found LittleBigMouse. Maybe that could work?
  3. Choosing the right solid state drive.

    Only 1TB I could find under 200£ quick was Mushkin Triactor 3DL 1TB, SATA 197£, it'll work well enough. A wide selection of 500ish are, ADATA Ultimate SU800 512GB, SATA 128£, Samsung SSD 850 EVO 500GB, SATA 139£, Crucial MX300 525GB, M.2 127£. There's even a nice (imo) NVMe choise ADATA XPG SX8000 512GB, M.2 157£.
  4. Avira Pro, managed to find a -70% coupon and got 2 years for 13€. After that expired, happened to get a 1 year subscription from a giveaway. Couple months to find yet another cool coupon to extend it.
  5. AM4 Arctic Alpine vs Freezer

    For all white, how about LC Power Cosmo Cool 95?
  6. I would personally recommend the Sensei 310 instead of the Rival.
  7. Idea for the ultimate lan rig

    Enthoo Mini XL DS, mITX gaming rig and µATX side equipped with 2-3x quad port adapters and/or 1-2x dual port adapters?
  8. DisplayPort 1.4 and HDMI 2.0 problem

    Should work just fine. Since it says that, it is meant to do upto 120Hz. It depends on which you can find cheaper.
  9. DisplayPort 1.4 and HDMI 2.0 problem

    The MST hub would enable you to run 2x 1920x1080 144Hz monitors from a single DP. Since wikipedia says that 1080p144 is 8Gbit/s and the hub has 21Gbit/s of bandwidth available. 2x 1080p240 would require 2x14Gbit/s so no go.
  10. Possible to dual boot windows xp with 10?

    Run Windows XP in a virtual machine? If the games aren't 3D games, they'll run well enough and atleast Virtualbox has some 3D support iirc.
  11. Does the R9 290 support HDMI Freesync?

    GCN 2nd gen and newer support FreeSync over HDMI and Displayport. R9 290 is 2nd gen. 2.1 has native Variable Refresh Rate. All current monitors with Radeon FreeSync™ Over HDMI® are using a vendor HDMI extension which works with HDMI 1.4/2.0.
  12. A simple motherboard with couple 1x slots and some of these?
  13. USB Type C HUB for 2 displays

    Delock USB Type-C™ 3.1 Docking Station 4K 30 Hz
  14. Notebook under 800€

    Notebooks with 1080p+, 8GB+, 128-256GB SSD + 1TB, DVD and under 800€
  15. Ryzen core temps

    Only package temp is available since SenseMI uses almost 1000 sensors throughout the chip for monitoring and only gives out a single reading from that.