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    AMD Ryzen 5 1600
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  1. There exists a Delock 2.5″ Converter SATA 22 pin > 2 x M.2 with RAID with Enclosure.
  2. Yes but what kind of SSDs? SATA or NVMe? Nevermind, Strix B350-F has only 1 M.2 and thus this doesn't apply at all.
  3. What kind of SSDs are those? If both are NVMe, second would share PCIe lanes with the 2nd 16x slot from the chipset.
  4. The Chip Collective believes it is quad channel.
  5. Something like an ethernet extender? With this you'd need only CAT3.
  6. For the average person, wearing out an SSD with any kind of normal usage takes at least a decade if not multiple. My 256GB NVMe drive that has been the main OS drive, is still at 80%+ life after little over 4 years. So 20 year lifespan easy.
  7. The monitor will come with a cable and the 3070 will support it just fine.
  8. That monitor supports 144Hz only through DVI. The HDMI port only supports 60Hz. So you would need an expensive Displayport to Dual Link DVI adapter that specifically supports 144Hz.
  9. The 2600 is not on the CPU support list for B550 Phantom Gaming 4 so you're correct. You need 3000 or 5000 series CPU or a 4000 series APU.
  10. I did this for a Cisco Lab at school ages ago. 20 Optiplex machines which had 1 Windows install and 2 different Linux installs. On a separate machine in a VM, I had DRBL. Then all the computers had PXE enabled. Just start the vm, connect 1 fully installed machine to it, Clonezilla the whole drive. Then set DRBL to wait for 19 clients. Start all 19 other machines, watch as they all were fully imaged at the same time. This helped a lot for OS updates, just update 1 and DRBL the rest. Or when the antivirus decided to delete system files and we could just reimage them from the VM's
  11. Those splitters are for PSUs with only 6-pin PCIe power connectors. Since your PSU has 8-pin connectors just keep it as is.
  12. X570 means AM4, unless you have a G-series processor, you don't have integrated graphics.