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    FX 8320E
  • Motherboard
    ASrock 960GC GSFX
  • RAM
    Corsair Value 8GB @1600MHZ
  • GPU
    Sapphire Fury Nitro
  • Case
    NZXT S340
  • Storage
    Seagate Barracuda 500GB
  • PSU
    Corsair RMX 650

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  1. The temperature rises so fast that the last thing I see before the computer shuts down is 85 degrees on prime 95; Literally 5-7 seconds before that it was at 50-60 degrees. I have order me some new thermal paste.
  2. Back to my original conclusion. It is a thermal issue. I took my case out of my desk, put it in the midddle of the room and removed the side panel to give it as much airflow in and out as possible, removed the GPU to stop any excess heat from going into the CPU and ran prime 95 for 10 minutes. Temperatures hit a max of 80 I think and it didn't shut down. I then shut down the PC myself, put in my fury, and I have been running prime95 and furmark for the past 15 minutes with no crashes. I still have my computer in the middle of my room, so I will probably keep it here for a while to maintain as much airflow as possible.
  3. Well, it could be both. I was playing league and for the first time ever, it shut down while playing League. The fan speed did not go up at all so fuck me and my fucking life. I just hope that switching the cpu power connector will fix things
  4. That would make no sence because the PSU is a) 4 months old and caused no problem so far and b) I did the run again, the CPU reached 85 degrees however, the core temperature (in speedfan, there is a core temperature down at the bottom) reached 92 before the computer shut down. I bet it is heat issues; I still have my stock cooler anyway. If I replace the cooler and the CPU power and the problem persists, I will RMA the PSU. There is no way an RMX 650 can't power a 95 watt FX 8320E. EDIT: Please, also note that this happens when the CPU is REALLY stressed. In games like League of Legends and mount & blade, it just doesn't give enough of a crap so it doesn't shut down.
  5. Hey boys! Sorry for not replying. I think it is the CPU overheating or something like that, because I ran furmark and nothing happened, valley and nothing happened (not really CPU stressful these 2, right? My FX went up to around ~72C) But then, I said "this is getting ridiculous, I need to stress everything" so I decided I will run prime 95, furmark and valley at the same time. I started up both valley and furmark and nothing happened. 30 seconds later, I started up Prime 95 and not even 20 seconds later, the PC shut down. This got me suspicious. After I fired the computer back again, I decided to run Prime95 alone. The last thing I saw was the CPU temperature reaching about 75C, the fan speeding up to insane levels and then the computer shut down.
  6. Hi, everyone! Recently, when I started playing Rainbow Six Siege after a few minutes, my computer would shut down. Just the computer, nothing else. I was confused and thought nothing serious was going on so I played again 20 minutes ago, and again, it shut down. It appears to shut down a few minutes into the actual game. I thought this was because of a power issue, so I was like "I'm gonna stress the sh*t out of my CPU and GPU" and I ran Prime 95 and Furmark at the same time for 10 minutes (Rainbow Six Siege shuts down about 3 minutes into the actual game). Computer works as normal, AMD's stock cooler rips my ears off but it's all good. Any Ideas? I forgot to mention, I initially thought it was the power supply's power delivery to the GPU so I turned on power effeciency off in crimson settings and disabled frame rate target control. Still did it. Then, I replaced my dual 8 pin cable with the other one that comes with the corsair RMX 650. Could it be because of the PSU's PSU cable? (The one that you plug into the wall and it delivers power to the PSU) or the PSU itself? Thank you for your time. One last thing, I haven't tested out any other games, but it never shut down while playing league of legends for over 3 hours and over an hour of m&b warband.
  7. On a side note, I run furmark for ~30 minutes and the GPU didn't crash... That's a good sign, right?
  8. What do you mean? Also, he did think his motherboard was his initial problem with the RAM, he tried to RMA it but the company said that there was nothing wrong with it.
  9. I just hope it isn't my graphics card since I didn't buy it from my country and RMAing back to that store will be a bitch.
  10. Yes, but since it happens at completely random moments with no pattern it might be hard to repeat it. I will try, however. I'll run furmark for now a few times and see what comes of that.
  11. Nothing. It just craps out at random moments. No artifacts of any kind whatsoever.
  12. It's not that there are artifacts, the system just completely freezes (in 1 or 2 of those I was able to get some mouse movement but nothing else)
  13. If it shows that the RAM is not the problem should I RMA my GPU?