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  1. I have taken good care of her and kept fresh LM on it. No issues with temps at all and I run the ole bird HARD. 5.2GHz allcore with no AVX offset and temps during my premier renders are in the high 50s low 60s. I'd say she's doing fine. I do appreciate the advice and warnings though. But I did my research well in advance of this project as it was my first build. To be fair
  2. Soft tube single loop kit from EKWB on a GTX 1080ti 2.090GHz stable, and an 8700k with a custom all copper IHS hand lapped and applied with liquid metal underneath and Kryonaut on top holding 5.2GHz stable. No AVX offset (Forget the voltage atm)What a fun build! MOBO is an Asus ROG MAXIMUS X Hero RAM is 4x8GB of Corsair vengeance LPX 3200 DDR4 running at 3600MHz (I don't know how to do RAM timings yet...) PSU is a Corsair RM850x Case is a Corsair Crystal 460x
  3. What about cloning from an nvme drive to an nvme drive that is in a SATA adapter? Any potential issues here? Getting a bigger NVME M.2 as my 500gb is getting tiny.
  4. Odd I seem to do OK other than the occasional YouTube image studdering when trying to watch on an "out of focus" window. This is with 4 different monitors with different refreshes and different resolutions on a single 1080ti.
  5. Thanks for those links. I was hoping to be able to bury the media in a box as a time capsule for my kids in several decades so it seems I may have to reevaluate my plans as digging it up to rewrite isn't really going to work. I'll look into those optical archive discs also.
  6. What are some good systems for long term data storage? Something that can hold for a few years. Tape is too expensive and my data size is relatively low at less than 10TB. I would prefer to have some form of EM protection also. I hear SSDs can have faults if powered down too long and HDDs just seem to fragile. Any ideas?
  7. Any recommendations as to some good benchmark tests would also be appreciated. Thanks! Currently have an identical render file for Premiere, and Cinebench for the basics.
  8. So my buddie and I just picked up two dell precision t3600 towers from and engineering firm that is upgrading their PCs. I do not yet have it as he is shipping it to me. From what I can tell there is a Xeon E-5 1620, a quadro k4000 and 16GB of DDR3 (not sure what speeds yet) Google reveals that they are 4X4GB matched sticks at 1866Mbs, and are in fact ECC. My question to you revolves around our little competition. We are going to see who gets the biggest boost in performance from the start point of these dirty old birds to whatever we can scrape out of them without installing any new parts. Do you think the Bios on these prebuilt towers will allow me any adjustment to the base clock? Would a small ram drive help squeeze any benefit out of the benchmarks? Would lapping the IHS be a worthwhile endeavor? What other tricks can I use to wring any performance this rig? (Besides just cleaning it) The only upgrade we can make is adding new thermal paste to the heatsink.
  9. Not quite sure the exact part number just picked the case and power supply up last night. It's EVGA semi modular, and 80+ GOLD i belive. What about overclocking headroom?
  10. So I am making my first dive into PC gaming/video editing. I decided building my own system would be the best/cheapest way to get exactly what i want. so with reguards to the components below, i was looking for recommendations and advice on my build. Any help/tips would be greatly appriciated! I have these parts now: Digital Storm VANQUISH 7 case (from a friend) ASUS ROG STRIX Z370-H MOBO I7 8700k Corsair H115i GTX 1080ti (on the way) 16gb DDR4 Corsair Vengence LPX 3200 (2x8) 500gb Samsung 960 EVO PCIE M.2 (OS) 3TB seagate HDD (mass storage, lightly used) Power supply (here is the big question) I have a 650W EVGA semi-modular power supply also from the case my friend gave me. (do i need more power?) I am sure i will be OC'ing in the future and i hear the 8700k can really suck down the watts at higher clocks. Edit: Main purpose of the build is to game (VR?) And to host my ps4 streams with OBS as well as edit videos for my youtube channel (Tired of sharefactory...)
  11. As someone who is primarily a console gamer and looking to get into pc gaming this would be a perfect first step into that area. I have limited space and budget available so adding the necessary components and os rather than a full build would be more simple and affordable. Plus it just looks cool! Thanks Zotac and heres hoping!
  12. The M.2 will use x4 PCIe as far as I can tell with the SM951 on RVE.
  13. So I am about to do my first build and I was wondering about the benefits to cost of the 5930k vs the 5820k I plan to have a 980ti, m.2 boot drive, and pci capture card on an Asus rampage v extreme mobo. Will I be taxing the 5820k for pcie lanes? Will I be limiting my ability to eventually run sli with 2 980s? Any help appriciated thanks! http://pcpartpicker.com/p/WD6sTW The build will mostly be for streaming ps4 and editing video though I will be gaming on it also.