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    Birmingham Alabama
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    Gaming,& work!!!
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    If you would like to know anything about me your going to have to ask!
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    Aviation Flight Data Analyst HUMS Inspector for ERA Helicopters


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    Intel i7 3770k
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    Asus P877-I Delxue
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    16gb G.Skill
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    EVGA GTX 550 Ti(Fermi)2GB
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    darkFlash Phantom
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    128 gb SanDisk Solidstate , 2tb Seagate Barricuda, 4 TB Seagate
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    Cosair Gaming Series GS700W
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    LG IPS 27 Monitor's (x2)
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    GeminII M4
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    Logitech G710+
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    Logitech M570
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    Logitech Z-5500
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    Win 10

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  1. so i just transplanted my ITX beast into a new case the darkFlash Phantom my cpu temps are 43 F degress cpu at idle is this normal im not seeing much as reviews on this case im using .. anyone have a idea? 

    1. TVwazhere




      Your case has almost no airflow. Seriously almost NONE whatsoever. Try taking the front panel off, you should see an immediate difference if the front fans are on. 


      If you're going to ask what should I do to keep the temps down, my recommendation is leave the front panel off. You could try making spacers like Kyle did with the Walmart Gaming PC. 


    2. CrzyChinook


      awesome ..not exactly my case but close enough!! and ill give it a shot!

  2. guess who back ... back again.. yeah im back.. tell a friend...bwhwhqahahahaha

    1. LukeSavenije


      when i told him he had no idea who you are

  3. ive tweeted linus and jon and asked during the live show.. i heard what he said also in the ijustine video..still no response?
  4. wow thanks that is way more info than I was finding. Lot of contradictory information ..biggest reason was the price why I got it.. but that's nice to know!
  5. Just bought a New 65" Samsung Curved 4k smart TV..got a heck of a deal on it because someone had opened the box to look inside..soo I counldnt pass it up..$3100 tv marked down to $700...all in the timing but after a lot of reading and research on line. And maybe im not looking at the right areas.. what does the curve actuality do? I really cant seem to get a straight answer,, I sit about 10' from it and it looks beautiful ..but I really don't see what the curve is for? any one have a clue?
  6. UPDATE replaced the boot drive with a SSD and put in a GTX 960 (4gb) and upgraded to win 10... still running STRONG!!!
  7. Just this morning i had my computer start to sound awfully loud.. took off the case and found out my PSU fan thinks its a helicopter and wants to take off..any one with this PSU have this happen? its constant.. ive submitted a RMA since ive only had it for 1 1/2 yrs..
  8. I couldn't figure it out to save my life till I swap hard drive to a wd650.. it was a complete build from scratch..Idk..but it works now with no issue Sent from my KickAss HTC One
  9. I finally got it to install..I think it had to do with my hard drive..Seagate solid state hybrid..750 gb Sent from my KickAss HTC One
  10. sorry you feel like that but it was something we all voted on in our community .. if your a vet of any sort.. 18 but if not then 21.. boot camp has a way of changing you and its a common bond we have and share..
  11. LMAO..i thought you meant the boldness of posting this.... not the Font Boldness......bwhahahahaha How that ..... better??
  12. no we have civilians in the community from all over the globe.. just as long as your 21 or older.. no children.. 18 or older if your a Veteran of any armed service i am a active member of LTT and saw this thread and USMG is my other home... want to put out a lending hand for all my tech brothers and sisters that would like to be on line and game with adults and not raging children that seem to flood the on line gaming arenas
  13. The US Military Gamers US Military Gamers is a non-competitive gaming community comprised of active duty, reserve, guard and prior service military and civilian gamers from all branches of the military and all around the globe. Since September of 2009, US Military Gamers was founded on the premise that gamers shouldn't have to deal with bad attitudes and people that ruin their gaming experience. We are all here for the same reason - to play games and have a good time doing it with people that feel the same way. Read more about this in our Charter. The Mission of US Military Gamers Our mission is to provide a fun, competitive, and positive environment to military gamers while promoting respect for all gamers. If you're interested in applying to US Military Gamers, please register using the registration system located in our community, then head to our forum to fill out an application! We're glad to have you, and we'll do our best to help make sure we provide a fun and hassle free environment for you to game in. We are looking into expanding our enterprise into some of the achievement world. We enjoy the big name games like everyone else such as Defiance, Call of Duty, Battlefield, EVE, but USMG is much more than that! We want to start being the go to place for everyone who wants a great environment. We are all competing in the Extra Life Marathon this year and are ALWAYS looking for more members. Civilians are welcome to join as well, just need to be at least +21 years of age. Just use myself as a referral. We are on all 5 platforms... Xbox360, XboxOne, PS3, PS4, and PC/Steam!. NOTE - YOU MUST APPLY AT OUR WEBSITE TO BE CONSIDERED FOR MEMBERSHIP. http://www.usmilitarygamers.com/
  14. Well i reinstalled windows 8 from scratch.. then add the Media Center.. then after just a few drivers.. went to..Update win 8.1... it would download to 50 percent and then fail... tried all the tricks and tips to get it to load.. after a few hours.. it did it by itself.. finished installing.. everything looks great.. tilll.... i rebooted next morn.. and BLAMO... back to it booting up and seeing the window logo.. and thennnnnn nothing but black...WTF.. guess im redoing and sticking with windows 8 for a while longer .. its something with the video out put that is the issue but i have the latest and greatest drivers ...i just dont know what to do from here...any body have suggestions?