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  1. Actually, the cutout for a USB-micro looks too similar to USB type-C to call at that angle... I noticed that in a few devices now, especially in phones.
  2. UUUggh! - don't even go there. Some extremely stupid people actually thought that they could get the disease off their pets and have been dumping them, at places like pet stores/shelters etc, and worse asking vets to euthanise them... the stupidity of humans seems to get worse every day. At least there's also a surge in people rescuing animals too. I can't even comprehend how anyone could dump their pets, I would let Dinky eat me if it'd save her life... but hell if it was that dire, I'd probably just kill some of the stupid people to feed to her instead
  3. Love it If my memory were better I'd probably be able to quote some spinal tap, but alas my memory only goes up to 4
  4. paddy-stone

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    Do you have a fan in the CPU fan header? if not that's probably why... either place a fan in the cpu fan header, or go into bios (if you can) and disable the option for it to check that fan header (if you can, as some motherboards don't have this option).
  5. Just switched out electric onto a plan that closely follows wholesale price, or a LOT more than most energy suppliers do anyway.


    This is from the other day




    They even pay YOU, to use electric at certain times, usually when demand is very low. You can see by the chart above that it goes to negative pricing, so that's when they are paying you per KWh to use it... this doesn't happen very often, maybe 12+ times per year. But for me, it's the rest of the chart that is the good part.. we were on a plan that is 15p/KWh no matter what time, so switching over to this is a very easy decision to make. It's likely to rise again after the covid-19 crisis goes away (hopefully), but even so, the prices for much of the day would still only be around 8-12p per unit, rising to approx 22p+ between 4-7pm when usage is high.

    The other thing about this company, Octopus Energy, is that you can change plans whenever you like with no penalties etc, you can ring them, or email and change plans within a day or so. This is also true for switching to another supplier too, with no penalties, so it's a win-win situation IMO.


    For comparison, this is today's plan



  6. Oh no, sorry for your loss My rat, Denzel, only lasted a few years when I had him too... it's hard when they have to leave us. I was distraught when Henry moved on last year... I would have been much worse without getting Dinky, those 8 weeks without a dog were very bad for me. I know it's too soon for some people, but for me it felt like a life-line. I'm glad Olivia and Leonard have each other too.
  7. Thank you, yes she seems to be getting better, she's a lot livelier now, back to playing all the time Yeah, I'm hoping that the cranberry juice does the job, has a lot of vitamin C etc. I also have some 100% pumpkin coming, that's supposed to help with UTIs and some other stuff too, mostly digestive issues. I'm also gonna start giving her a small amount of apple cider vinegar every day, I am gonna try it too. I might swap out the cranberry juice for cranberry extract pills.. the same ones a lot of vegans use. It's actually supposed to help with the immune system too, so I'm gonna be on them too, they;'re pretty cheap too (though that wasn't a factor in choosing them), at only £10 approx for 120 tablets... if I was just giving them to Dink, these would last about 8 months plus depending on how much I gave her. Someone mentioned a good rule of thumb on one of the sites I visited, to use 1mg per Kg of weight for dogs, so closest I would use for Dink would be 25mg... but I have my mortar and pestle ready if I decide to go for the actual weight instead of closest match Oh, yeah BTW, Dink has now ripped most of her toys to shreds - and have had to throw most of them away. Her birthday toys only lasted a few days for the "tough bear toy", and the Crunchy Sheep only lasted about 3 weeks... so won't be buying those again... but to be fair, most dogs play with toys better than that - we've now had to give her her supervillain name "Dinky the Destroyer"
  8. Nice, will have to see if it's worth upgrading any of my 3x zen builds when 2021 brings the Zen 4
  9. Dinky has a UTI, ATM treating with pure cranberry juice, and seems to be working as her symptoms have lessened a lot since we started treatment. If it looks like it's not going away fast enough, then will get her some antibiotics from the vets... obviously trying to avoid vets because they are only treating urgent cases right now amid covid-19.
  10. Ah OK, thanks anyway.. will have to maybe start from scratch again, and maybe try a new HDD if it does it again as that is old AF and could be on it's last legs. It started today without problem, didn't need to del the passwd etc files this time. So will have to keep testing.
  11. Unraid is behaving strangely. I don't have a ton of experience with it, but bear with me I'll try to explain. Ok, so using a trial right now on my test server:- R7 1700, stock settings, OC was reset to stock for testing. 16GB 3000Mhz, but operating at JEDEC stock freq USB drive for unraid 16GB 2TB WD green that was shucked from case years ago. 60GB Samsung 830 just for VMs right now. Ok, so this is what I did. Set up unraid. disks assigned with no cache/parity drive... this is just for testing with spare hardware I have RN. Users /admin/me/bro/other permissions /all/all/media/media using docker for ovpn AS/plexmediaserver everything working fine, testing OK, can access home network from outside, port forwarding to server and plex media server tested fine. then yesterday, it stopped working, wouldn't let me log in to the server or anything... googled it, and deleted passwd and 2 other files from USB stick, to reset passwords... re-inserted stick, back up and running, re-added users/pass. Today, got some more stuff on plex sorted out, was copying over files from main server, and it stopped copying over... went to UI to see what's happened and again no access. So for today have given up RN as I have other stuff to deal with. Just wondering if anyone had ideas about the cause? I can try another mem stick HDD/SSD etc no problems, just would be great if someone could possibly save me some time googling again. Thanks
  12. Yeah, we don't really find ticks on our dogs where I live, maybe very occasionally... not sure if it's related to being by the coast or not, the place we would get them from if anywhere is on some "commons" which are basically similar to nature preserves, like scrubland... but even then we only had a few on Henry his entire life, and they were easy to get off with tick removers. Yeah, I don't like the idea of using poisons on Dink, which is why I tried the herbal/natural ones first.. but she was almost always scratching, and whimpering as if being bitten, even with the treatments. So the lesser of 2 evils is best with the Bravecto IMO... we gave it a few months between treatments last time, just to see, but towards the end of the 2 months without Bravecto she started the same behaviours. So we decided to use it again, and fingers crossed, she has been much better... we also changed her diet to a kibble with anti-oxidants, and other stuff for sensitive dogs like lipped-mussels/beetroot pulp?/omega3 etc... she has been much livelier and less itching, and so on. We can really see the change in her coat, and no flaky skin like dandruff present after a month of using it... but also some of that could be down to the evening primrose oil capsules too. And she has also stopped her "phantom pregnancy" type behaviour, so we are very happy with how she is now I walk her in the evenings as far as I can... with my limitations with the pain and stiffness etc I have. But I'd go through lots of pain for her if I had to... luckily my brother also lives with me, and walks her in the mornings too. And we are always playing with her, tugging ropes, playing ball/fetch, hiding toys for her to find etc... she's a pretty active dog and amuses herself if we are busy/tired etc, so I think she's pretty happy. I hope so.
  13. I've lately been using the Bravecto flea and tick tablets for Dink, she only has to have one every 3 months, and they kill the fleas/ticks/mites when bitten... apparently this stuff resides in the skin, so no nastiness in their blood IIRC. I've been buying from an online pet meds store to keep costs down a little as our vets want £38 or more for 1 tablet, I kid you not. The pet meds place are almost 50% cheaper, so get a prescription from your vet (ours costs £11), that lasts say 6 months, but can be longer depending on vets.. so even with £11 going to the vets, the meds themselves cost £18 per tablet, and then next day delivery for around £6, still works out to just 11+36+6=£53 for 6 months treatment, compared to £76 from the vets. I don't feel bad about the vets getting less money, they charge enough for everything else to easily cover that... plus they're getting £11 for a piece of paper with their stamp on it (or digital paper in my case). Would work out cheaper if they did a years cover too of 2 tablets and refill. We tried spot on treatments, but she doesn't like them, are difficult at best to apply without the stuff getting everywhere else and in some case don't bloody work either... and they work out more expensive than the tablets if used each month as supposed to. Also tried some "natural" remedies... that seem OK, but have the same problems as spot on... Dink is much happier with a chewable, tasty tablet
  14. Don't get me started on people and their kids.... we'd be here all day
  15. Yes, it was not clear that you HAD read the manuals etc. I apologise then, it was a simple mistake in your case... The comments weren't entirely aimed at you though, so I'm sorry if you thought that, you see so many people asking the dumbest/simplest questions on here and other forums, that CAN be found in the manuals. It was more of a general moan about people, not yourself One thing I will say, if in the future build you find yourself not able to identify the ports, use some labels or sticky tape (that you can write on), to help you. Anyway, enjoy your PC, you did an awesome job.
  16. Just found out one of my neighbours has died from Covid-19. Stay safe out there people.

  17. Nice job I will say however that if you follow the quick start guide even, let alone the full manual... or even read the motherboard print, it does tell you that JFP1 is the front panel connectors (Hence the FP, in front panel). I see this all too often where people have gone wrong. I've been working with and building computers for a long time now, and even I sometimes need to read the instructions that come with them. But as you said... lesson learned. Anyway, enjoy your hard work now it's done
  18. I took a good shot of dink again... forgive the mess, she was bouncing on and off the sofas etc as we were playing indoor fetch (too bloody cold outside right now).
  19. From what I have seen, Ryzen 4000 series is only in laptops at the moment, the desktop ones haven't got a release date yet. They are supposed to be AM4 socket, like the b350 board, BUT it depends on whether the vendor decides to release a BIOS update for it.
  20. Their personalities are so varied and distinct in most cases... you'll sometimes get dogs that are raised together have very similar behaviours, but I think that's more to do with who is training them, and learning from each other as well, than their personalities as such. They often play to their audience as well, they don't act the same around different people all the time... they know what they can get away with, and who likes to play a certain way etc. It's like they read our personalities too
  21. Ahh, sorry guy, I posted the wrong one... much better is https://www.abelssoft.de/en/windows/helpers/mykeyfinder You do have to register, but picks up many more serials and keys of products.
  22. Shouldn't do, it's usually tied to the motherboard these days, but depends on what hardware you have. You can DL a prog to get your product key though, if you don't know it. https://www.belarc.com/products_belarc_advisor it'll also grab all your other license keys if you need.
  23. She is such a cutie!! I love the looks dogs give us... I can't catch it on camera unfortunately, but if I say "poops?" to Dink in a normal tone of voice, when she looks like she's trying to lead me into the kitchen, she'll come over to me and stand with her face right next to mine, and sometimes pokes me with her nose, or gives me a little kiss" and that means "yes, I do want to go out!!". If however I say "POOPS!!" to her, she pounces on me, and it's on!! - she loves to wrestle, and she makes these really funny moaning noises, telling me to "shut up, you're annoying me!!" - I can't help but laugh at her