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  1. vote4turnip


    Turnip not good at gaming. So Turnip choose New Razer Blade Stealth. Be Like Turnip. Vote4Turnip :pppp
  2. vote4turnip

    Feenix Collection Giveaway

    I choose Feenix Aria Headset. because that is the only one I can benefit from and the design is not bad. I have to admit the mouse is really better than the headset but if you are the one bad at gaming (slower reaction), that 1ms really doesn't make any different I hope the headset come with mic...
  3. vote4turnip

    Another itunes code giveaway thing

    not sure if i'm too late for this...
  4. vote4turnip

    Fuck SQL.

    In oracle db I can easily issue rollback command. not sure about mssql or other database.
  5. vote4turnip

    Quick Survey

    done, should allow multiple choice
  6. vote4turnip

    Crappiest giveaway ever! [Steam Key]

    Write something here.
  7. vote4turnip

    Explain Your Username

    I wanted to signup long time ago but not sure what userid to use. I saw a lot of people mention turnip but i had no idea about it. Until today I saw Luke setup OnHub wifi AP as "turnip wifi" so i decided to research about turnip. Now, i got my userid!!! I got to thanks to Luke!!!