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    I am interested on retro gaming, music,movies, PC gaming, console gaming, PC building, photo shooting and photo editing.


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    Intel Haswell Core i3-4370
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    AsRockin H81M-HDS R2.0
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    Kingston Hyper X 8gb DDR3
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    Asus Nvidia Geforce GTX 950 2gb Strix
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    Cooler Master Elite 34
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    CORSAIR Builder CX350
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    Tesoro Tixonia
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    MSI DS2000
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    Windows 10

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  1. Hmm got a fever start to build new miITX size gaming rig. :):P

  2. Yeah that too... So maybe have to watch those then. And then i wanted to ask also, that. If get more money more money. That is the Iphone SE too old to buy on next year?
  3. damn it that's what i was afraid of. So maybe saving to autumn and then buy something like Galaxy S8?
  4. So woke up this morning, like 5.00 am or something. And feeling was something between insulin shock and hangover.. And scariest part of it. I didn't even have been drinking on 2 month's. :o

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    2. Rifian1


      I do speak only for my own way... Because when i was drink, i only drink hard booze. So yeah that's why. :) But it was awful feeling, and i know that our family is to known to be weak for diabetes. :(

    3. TheRandomness


      And in mine I'm the only one with diabetes.. No other member of my family has had a known case of type 1 :c

    4. Rifian1


      O'h that's bummer. Our's family only for my father side of relatives has that. But on mother side we have eye and leg problem's. I got glasses when i was 7.

  5. So i am turning 30 next year in spring. And i am thinking that maybe new phone, would be perfect bigger gift for me from my parents and relatives. So is there coming something significant on prize range 250 - 300?
  6. It doesn't work... So i frustrated and re install whole PC. At least i got clean Windows now.
  7. Hi! So latest Chrome update did something to my browser... So i can't install any apps or extension's from the google webstore. I mean even adblock or facebook ad blocker. Those were earlier to my browser but then they aren't any more. And i am very sure that, i haven't removed those my self. So what is the problem? I am little bit lost... Because Chrome is only browser now day's that. I like to use and love'd those extensions. So can you help me please? The whole message is. Happen'd error. Download Interrupted.
  8. Because i can quarantine that. I'm not the only one, who hasn't some time's searched. Something about like active bracelet or else. I mean it would be handy, because here more and more ppl. Who do sport's and maybe good place to find correct user friendly advice for their problems. Like now i am searching a all around music player. That i don't need to take my phone with me.
  9. I don't have the money to buy anything bigger than that. And then i have to upgrade my GPU. But the 27" would done just right. And you could put of them a side. But now i have 23" because, i don't have enough space for the 27" screen.
  10. Do you ever think, what the alternative reality you is doing?

  11. Facebook is fucking with me, straight to ma face...

  12. So my mom Lumia phone is doing some odd shit lately. It's keep blinking odd sound, on when she is calling any where. And it's coming only when she is calling. Or some one is calling to her. I don't know what to do? I have try all most common thing. And it hasn't help. Maybe you guys and girls can help?
  13. Can some one do benchmark with GtX 950?