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  1. Hey there. I am not sure if there would be anyone here on the forums who could help me out with this predicament I am having. The thing is, I want to be able to live-stream and capture gameplay from my Nintendo 64 via S-Video (as I am aware that S-Video quality stands out much better than Composite (yellow) video). I know that my Elgato Game Capture HD is compatible with signals from S-Video and Composite, though I have not been having much luck getting it to work properly, as I am not sure if it is the TV and/or monitor I use, the console, the S-Video cable (as the composite one still has problems for whatever reason) or the capture card (as it still worked perfectly with component and HDMI signals). If anyone here has done something like this before, I would appreciate feedback of what I am to do please. I want to give this forum a chance before I contact Elgato themselves. Thank you for your time.
  2. Well I've just remembered and realized something. The 3D animation software that I wanted to use (which is only Source Filmmaker (funnily enough, and pretty much all Adobe software (including Sony Vegas Pro))), can work very well with Gaming GPUs. And here I am thinking that a workstation GPU will make any difference on the performance to the list of software I've mentioned. So I think double-precision floating point is useless to me, because I do not intend to get any Autodesk software (and I'm certain all Adobe software will work just fine with a high-end gaming GPU anyways (unless I am proven wrong)). The most highest end Gaming GPU is what I would need then. The 1080 seems to be great, though I am curious to see if a Titan card based on Pascal will be announced soon (or just get 1x 1080 (or SLI two 1080s) to call it a day. Only time will tell what will happen between now and a couple of months when I am ready to build my first rig.
  3. I'm not going to use it only for gaming though. I mentioned that I want it to be good (or great) for video workstation tasks as well.
  4. The thing is, I plan to build my PC in a couple of months (because I'm saving up and I do not want to get a loan), so I'm still in the planning stage and things change a lot. I am also concerned how much of an impact DP-FP (Double-Precision Floating Point) has on everything compared to a gaming GPU that only has Single-Precision Floating points.
  5. I was wondering if you guys happen to know if it is even possible to have a workstation GPU and a gaming GPU in the same PC build? The reason why I ask is because I want my first ever build to be great at gaming, video editing, VFX (Adobe After Effects, mocha, etc.), audio editing (DAW) and 2D and 3D animation. I also want to be future-proof (Even though it may not seem very possible, because I would not want to spend money every single year on a new GPU, but rather in a 2-3 year cycle). I appreciate you time to answer my question. Thank you.
  6. Here is my take on a Budget Headphone Audiophile Setup. Enjoy. :)
  7. JonnySel007


    I'd recommend giving this a watch if you are under a budget.
  8. They are not normally meant for gaming. But hey, if you want precision (with the expense of arthritis, wrist cramps, etc.), then more power to you.
  9. JonnySel007

    Gaming/Editing CPU choice

    Some workplace PCs (even servers) run two CPUs.
  10. Between $500 to $2000 depending on my future budget. Heck, I'd like to see results from wide range of price points.
  11. Do any of you guys know of any good projectors that are very suitable (or even perfect) for gaming purposes (and occasionally movies as well)? Cuz projectors are perfect for social gatherings at a friend's house or public event (or even in my own house (as soon as I live my own tho)). So TVs/monitors would make it weird for local multiplayer gaming for consoles and PCs (if it's a LAN Party however, projectors (or at least one) may not be needed) (and yes, I play both PC and console games. I like them both). Plus, who doesn't like playing console/pc games on a huge-ass projector screen (especially for racing simulators)? Hit me with your best results.
  12. The Xbox 360 Controller is known to be the absolutely perfect controller to use for PC games. However, I am looking into the Xbox One controller (the revised one with the built-in 3.5mm audio jack, and the refined bumpers). But unfortunately, the revised version doesn't have it's own iteration for PC users with it's own adapter and such. At least from what I know of.
  13. JonnySel007

    Gaming/Editing CPU choice

    I'll be keeping both of the threads that I already made open because of the changes that do happen pretty frequently. For now I was only curious to see your thoughts at this moment.
  14. JonnySel007

    Gaming/Editing CPU choice

    Guys, I'm planning in ahead for a rig I'll be making next year after I graduate from college (my first DIY rig as well). Just so you know.
  15. JonnySel007

    Gaming/Editing CPU choice

    With which CPU series tho (speaking about Intel): Core i7? Or a powerful Xeon?