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    AMD A8-7600 OC'd to 3.7Ghz
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    Klevv Fit 4GBx2 DDR3 1600Mhz memory kit
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    I enjoying doing various things like gaming, programming, and graphic design. I'm also an enthusiast when it comes to building computers. However my financial situation prevents me from building them more often.
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  1. Tried out Godot as an alternative to Sphere for the engine I'm writing my game in, Unity just wasn't doing it for me but this has proven easy to dive into. I'm hoping to find a way to generate terrain using Zylann's terrain plugin



  2. He has, not not like this though.
  3. I should not have mentioned the games day wednesday to my mom, she's now calling to see about if I can have a place to work on English assignments. .-.

  4. Anime Club - Heaven Society

    So I decided to pick Dragon Ball Super back up after a long break from the series, I just finished episode 76. The new opening kinda gives me a 90's anime vibe.
  5. 10x10 table and store X/Y of cell selected?

    This is a bit convoluted but you could try creating an array consisting of 10 smaller arrays using JavaScript. To use this you would call var webTable = new table() and then you can write and retrieve values using webTable.setValue(); and webTable.getValue(); I'm not familiar with browser APIs so I'm not much help beyond this point.
  6. Looking for 3.5mm plug replacement suggestion

    So, for the past year I've been using a vintage pair of Channel Master headphones, with modification that replaced the ancient 50mm drivers with newer high-end drivers from salvaged headphones and complete replacement of all of the wiring. I found a nice 90-degree angled plug but it has since broken due to flaws in it's design. Right now I've jerry-rigged a cheap bluetooth adapter to my headphones but the audio quality is terrible as one might expect; what do you guys recommend to purchase as a replacement plug? I'm looking for something that isn't going to break three months down the line.
  7. Using SO-DIMM to DIMM adapters

    I'm not trying to plug desktop RAM into a laptop, I want to do it the other way around.
  8. So yesterday I broke a 4GB stick of RAM trying to learn how to swap coolers attatched with adhesive, not my smartest move given the current ram prices. I'm now hurting given that I'm down to 4GB of memory that I can use. Anyway, I have plenty DDR3 SO-DIMM memory lying around and I know SO-DIMM to DIMM adapters are a thing so I was wondering, would it be wise to utilize an adapter to use laptop RAM with a desktop motherboard, or am I better off just buying a new kit of memory?
  9. Lesson learned boys (and girls) don't date crazy

    Screwed up laws are still a thing though, in my state schools have the power to have children thrown in jail for missing school rather than giving a more appropriate punishment; for a state to make it legal to destroy anything within a house that you live in even if it's not yours doesn't surprise me in the least.
  10. So to start things off, a lot of classes in my school borrow ideas from colleges for educating students, such as RLH assignments for History. Now, mind you I do not mind this as most teachers are really reasonable about it. However in English we have these assignments called essentials, they're mandatory assignments that, even if worth 5 points, can fail you for the year, these would not be a problem if it weren't for how we're expected to turn these in which is via a website called TurnItIn.com. Here is where my problem lies, TurnItIn for some reason doesn't actually submit your assignment after clicking Submit. I'm sure you're asking yourself, "but then how do you get your assignments in then?" well, once on the page saying you've turned in your document, you then have to click the "Return to page" button for it to actually be turned in, and this almost always trips me up. I cannot count how many times I've had assignments not go through and then having to scramble weeks later to turn it in before the end of the school day. It's extremely frustrating and I'm so close to just shutting down in that class at the moment. Anyway, with that off of my chest, It's time I suck it up and pray to the file recovery gods that my current essential will be recovered from my laptop given my backup drive died. I have until tomorrow to make the absolute deadline for this assignment and redoing it isn't an option at this point.
  11. Pretty Stressed, I just found out that assignment I turned in WEEKS ago never submitted and the original copy and backup copy of my assignment are both lost.


    I'm now hoping that Photorec might be able to save the day for me, I don't know who thought it was a good idea to have Turnitin.com not submit a paper until you hit the RETURN button to go to your assignments page, like I already submitted it and I can see it right here in the preview window! Why the hell do I have to go back to the main page for the teacher to recieve it?!

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    2. UnbrokenMotion


      Nah, it's just things going to shit this year with us getting a new principal and all. A lot of change is going on, some of which I welcome, and some which I'm not fond of in the slightest. 

    3. Cinnabar Sonar

      Cinnabar Sonar

      Well, i'm not sure about the legalities of it, but I personally believe that spying on your students is morally unacceptable.

      It doesn't look like anyone is going to be reasonable with you, but take a screenshot.  Who knows, it may help.

    4. UnbrokenMotion


      Most of  the teachers are reasonable and perfectly okay with me using my own computer. It's just that one teacher who doesn't like it. Regardless I get what you mean, and I'll be sure to take screenshots.

  12. Trying to rotate points within 3 dimensional space.

    I don't know how I managed to miss that, thanks!
  13. Trying to rotate points within 3 dimensional space.

    If you look at my original post I'm doing this same math for all three axis of rotation. the problem is that I'm getting a weird result when I rotate around the X and Y axis simultaneously.
  14. So, for the purpose of learning, I've been writing a 3D renderer, and I've been running into some issues involving what I can only guess is my math. The issue I'm having is with a function I've written called rotate3d, I can rotate on two axis at the same time, however for some reason whenever I rotate along both X and Y simultaneously, I run into a weird issue where the polygon or object being rotated will stretch or distort. I'm not sure what it is I'm doing wrong here, and I've been trying for days to figure out what is wrong with my math. Here is a screenshot of a wireframe cube rotated by 45 degrees on both the X and Y axis (Yes, I know the FOV of 600 is ridiculous but it actually produces a result comparable to an FOV of 70 on a standard game): And here is the function: function rotate3d(x, y, z, rx, ry, rz) { // Calculate the ratio for degrees to radians var ratio = (3.1415 / 180); var rxa = rx * ratio; var rya = ry * ratio; var rza = rz * ratio; // Rotate around the Y axis. var x1 = (Math.cos(rya) * x) - (Math.sin(rya) * z); var y1 = y; var z1 = (Math.sin(rya) * x) + (Math.cos(rya) * z); // Rotate around the X axis. var x2 = x1; var y2 = (Math.cos(rxa) * y) - (Math.sin(rxa) * z); var z2 = (Math.sin(rxa) * y) + (Math.cos(rxa) * z); // Rotate around the Z axis. var x3 = (Math.cos(rza) * x1) - (Math.sin(rza) * y2); var y3 = (Math.sin(rza) * x1) + (Math.cos(rza) * y2); var z3 = z2; //system.pushEvent("grapler3d", "Rotated X: " + x + " Y: " + y + " Z: " + z + " to X: " + x3 + " Y: " + y3 + " Z: " + z3); return([x3, y3, z3]); }; If anyone knows what it is I'm doing wrong here, any help would be greatly apreciated.
  15. School gives me iss for being late?

    Well, it could be worse, some schools where I am can and will throw kids into jail for being late; which is too extreme of a punishment if you ask me.