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    AMD A8-7600 OC'd to 3.7Ghz
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    Klevv Fit 4GBx2 DDR3 1600Mhz memory kit
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    I enjoying doing various things like gaming, programming, and graphic design. I'm also an enthusiast when it comes to building computers. However my financial situation prevents me from building them more often.
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  1. Looking to get into 3D Printing

    Hey guys, So I'm looking to get into 3D printing, with a modest budget of around $250. I'm honestly not looking for something really fancy as I'm just a novice, having only printed using my school's 3D printer a couple years ago. Being really into DIY, it's not unlikely that I might even go about building my own 3D printer at some point. So, if anyone has any recommendations for a printer this cheap, I'd like to hear them. I also live in a building old enough to not have central heat, and most areas of the house are cold during the winter, if you kept an area clean enough you could literally store food out on the counter and it wouldn't spoil. I don't know how these cold temperatures would affect 3D printing, so in the event that I can't find an area warm enough or on a breaker that has some wiggle room for plugging stuff in (Because of space heaters), what would you guys recommend I keep in mind when printing?
  2. for some reason this code:

    // Run our game.
    while (true)
        world.drawPoly(45, 100, 200, 45);

    relying on this function:

    // Render the polygon to the screen at the defined position and angle.
    grapler.prototype.drawPoly = function (angle, x, y, rotation)
        var cache = this.polygons[angle].image;
        cache = cache.rotate(rotation);
        cache.blit(x, y);
        system.pushEvent("grapler3D", "Drawing poly at X: " + x + " Y: " + y + " rotated to " + rotation + " degrees.");

    Does this (I apologize for the poor gif quality):


    1. Ramamataz


      Would make a good loading screen

    2. UnbrokenMotion


      I agree. I'll probably use this bug to as the basis for creating a loading screen.


      Still though, I'm not sure why it's doing this, I need to look into this further.

  3. Well... This is unfortunate.


    I forgot to bring the charger for my laptop with me, it has a shot battery ;-;

  4. Found Far Cry 1 at Goodwill, installing it while I wait to revive in SpiralKnights

  5. Constructors not working?

    Here you go. if I remember correctly, this should world on it's own. var screen = function() { this.type = "screen"; this.size = {}; this.size.width = GetScreenWidth(); this.size.height = GetScreenHeight(); this.mouseData = []; this.mouseCache = undefined; this.object = []; this.data = {}; this.index = []; this.windowOrder = []; }; screen.prototype = {}; // Adds an object to the screen. screen.prototype.addObject = function(id, object) { this.object[id] = object; this.data[id] = []; this.index.push(id); if (object.type == "window") { this.windowOrder.push(this.index.length + 1); }; system.console.pushEvent(system.verbose.screen, "Created " + this.object[id].type + " object \"" + id + "\" at index " + (this.index.length - 1) + "."); };
  6. Constructors not working?

    Yes, here it is running in Sphere 1.5 (Not MiniSphere, which I am trying to use. Running Sphere under wine is taxing on my system): And here is the real code, I apologize for any messes I've left, this code isn't the best demonstration of good coding practices. // Grapling JS RequireScript("lib/grapling/colorPalette.js"); var screen = function() { // grapling.js relies on numerous external scripts for objects, fonts, and cursor handling. // So we need to import these now, otherwise outside code can access these. // NOTE: Write code to handle data accessability from outside of the screen's scope. RequireScript("lib/grapling/cursor.js"); RequireScript("lib/grapling/testObject.js"); RequireScript("lib/grapling/fonts.js"); RequireScript("lib/grapling/window.js"); // Element Objects RequireScript("lib/grapling/textBox.js"); RequireScript("lib/grapling/canvas.js"); RequireScript("lib/grapling/button.js"); RequireScript("lib/grapling/slider.js"); RequireScript("lib/grapling/textField.js"); RequireScript("lib/grapling/scrollerBox.js"); this.type = "screen"; this.size = {}; this.size.width = GetScreenWidth(); this.size.height = GetScreenHeight(); this.mouseData = []; this.mouseCache = undefined; this.object = []; this.data = {}; this.index = []; this.windowOrder = []; }; screen.prototype = {}; // Adds an object to the screen. screen.prototype.addObject = function(id, object) { this.object[id] = object; this.data[id] = []; this.index.push(id); if (object.type == "window") { this.windowOrder.push(this.index.length + 1); }; system.console.pushEvent(system.verbose.screen, "Created " + this.object[id].type + " object \"" + id + "\" at index " + (this.index.length - 1) + "."); }; screen.prototype.render = function() { var item = 0; // Retrieve our current information from the cursor. this.mouseData = this.object["Mouse"].grab(); // For each object within the objects array, perform the rendering process. while (item < this.index.length) { // Retrieve the ID for the current object. place = this.index[item]; // Announce that we have selected the object if objects verbosity is enabled in system.js. system.console.pushEvent(system.verbose.objects, "selected object \"" + place + "\" from index " + item); // call the object's current rendering method. if (this.object[place].type == "window") { this.object[place].render(this.object["Mouse"].grab()); } else { this.object[place].render(); }; // If there is boundary data, check if the mouse is witin the area specified by that data. if (this.object[place].bounds != undefined && this.object[place].bounds["left"] < this.mouseData["posX"] && this.object[place].bounds["right"] > this.mouseData["posX"]) { if (this.object[place].bounds["top"] < this.mouseData["posY"] && this.object[place].bounds["bottom"] > this.mouseData["posY"]) { if (this.mouseData["clicked"] == true) { // If verbosity is enabled for mouse clicks, announce what the mouse is currently clicking on. system.console.pushEvent(system.verbose.clicks, "Mouse down on " + place + "."); // If the mouseCache is empty, populate it with data // otherwise perform the task associated with clicking the curent object. if (this.mouseCache == undefined) { this.mouseCache = [this.object[place].pos.x, this.object[place].pos.y]; } else { this.object[place].forcePosition((-1 * this.mouseData["selWidth"]) + this.mouseCache[0], (-1 * this.mouseData["selHeight"]) + this.mouseCache[1]); system.console.pushEvent(true, "Moving window " + place + " by X: " + this.mouseData["selWidth"] + " Y: " + this.mouseData["selHeight"]); }; } else { // If the mouse isn't clicking anything and the mouseCache is populated, empty it. if (this.mouseData["clicked"] == false && this.mouseCache != undefined) { this.mouseCache = undefined; }; }; }; }; // Announce that the object has ben drawn if object verbosity is enabled under system.js. system.console.pushEvent(system.verbose.objects, "Drawn " + this.object[place].type + " object on screen"); if (this.object[place].type != "mouse" && this.object[place].bounds != undefined) { system.console.pushEvent(system.verbose.bounds, " bounds | L: " + this.object[place].bounds["left"] + " R: " + this.object[place].bounds["right"] + " T: " + this.object[place].bounds["top"] + " B: " + this.object[place].bounds["bottom"]); }; // Shift to the next object. item++ }; }; screen.prototype.rearrangeWindows = function(id, place) { cache = this.windowOrder }; I you need the full source, I can upload it someplace for you to look at.
  7. Constructors not working?

    I'm using 4.8.x which isn't usng Chakadra yet. And yes this is VERY simplified code. The real code is capable of storing instances of constructors/objects and then running their .run() methods. It's purpose is to allow me to easily construct GUIs using very little code. I can post the source later today or tomorrow.
  8. Constructors not working?

    Hey guys, So I've been developing a game using the Sphere RPG Engine and after installing it's successor, MiniSphere, I've run into some problems with my code. The Engine uses Core Javasript with it's own API instead of the browser APIs you would be used to using with Chrome of Firefox. So lets say I want to create a hat constructor and wish to create an instance of a green hat using said constructor I had written: var hat = function(color) { this.color = color; }; hat.prototype = {}; hat.prototype.getInfo = function() { return this.color; }; aHat = new hat("Green"); what I get as an error is the following: TypeError: [Object object] is not constructable. Now, this code worked perfectly fine before and did it's job well, however with Minisphere I just can't seem to figure out for the life of me how to get it working. I've done a bit of googling around however whatever I try just doesn't seem to work, or I end up with more constructor related errors.
  9. GPU Artifacting across multiple systems

    I'll see if I can borrow one tomorrow and test to see if my artifact issues go away, I'll report back if there are any issues.
  10. GPU Artifacting across multiple systems

    I'd hope not as this GPU is barely 3 months old and I don't have the money to buy yet another graphics card... I did install Linux on the first system mentioned which seems to have fixed it's issues entirely however this system was crashing until I reinstalled the drivers earlier today which reduced problems to artifacting. I'll try again using DDU and then reinstalling the Nividia Drivers. Is it possible that there are issues with power in the building I live in causing problems? The place was built sometime in the late 1910's I've been having problems with computers ever since moving into this building.
  11. Hello, So recently after the latest Windows 10 updates I've noticed that I'm experiencing recurring GPU artifacting across two different systems. One being a laptop with an AMD A8 Mobile processor on R7 integrated graphics and my desktop here with an AMD A8-7600 and Nvidia GTX 1050. My 1050 is completely stock however my desktop is using a riser cable for the GPU as my Air cooler interferes with my only PCIE slot. Does anyone know what might be going on and how I can fix it? I'd prefer not to reinstall windows again if it is possible as I just did so about a month ago and have sluggish internet for trying to recover an entire steam library.
  12. Hey, So yesterday I installed KDE Neon on my laptop which surprisingly worked after like the 6th try however it's been awhile since I've actively used linux for anything other than running the occasional server. So I was wondering, what IDE would you guys recommend using? I'm looking for something that I can easily compile C/C++ code in, that has a dark look so it's easy on my eyes, it would also need to be able to allow me to build code from inside the IDE rather than having to manually build my code in a terminal. Optionally it would be nice if the IDE also supported Python and Core JavaScript or allowed me to define new syntax highlighting definitions.
  13. I'm probably gonna use this to screw around with my C++ teacher.




    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. UnbrokenMotion


      Who says I'm installing it on a school PC?

    3. revsilverspine


      if you really want to screw around with the teach you gotta do it proper. Find a win 95 compatible laptop from the 90s and show up with that to class and a long ass extension cord

    4. UnbrokenMotion


      Luckily I have such a laptop.

  14. Super Simple Scratch Question

    Yeah, unless you've been programming for a long time and have learned to navigate through a metaphorical flowchart for the code in your head (Which took me a several years to develop the ability to do), flowcharts can be very helpful when working out code. Loops can count as iteration but only if the loop does something like increase the value of a variable by 1 each time it recurses. This is an iterating loop: And this is not:
  15. Programmers Lounge

    That's what I was doing at the time of writing this, the code in question was just a sample taken from an function I had written. I'm actually rewriting an improved version of the original script that allows me to integrate it into the GUI framework I'm writing. The reason is because I ran into a weird issue where the cursor was having problems with detecting multiple windows and such.