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  1. hi keeping it short and simple, looking for; 144hz 1080p +/-24inch >10ms Usage: mainly gaming, but sometimes Netflix and Movies. GPU: Asus GTX 1070 Turbo will probably be running dual screen with my old 60hz 1080p monitor.
  2. Streaming on OBS 720P 30FPS 2500mbps Only streaming diablo3 now.
  3. So i recently started streaming on twitch again and im getting this weird fps lag spikes about 1-2hrs into the stream. I dont know whats the issue. At first i thought my cpu was over heating so i pulled off my cooler cleaned off the old thermal paste and appiled fresh artic mx-4 paste. I noticed some black residue on the frame supporting the cpu but didnt think much of it. My cpu temps dropped by a good 15-20degrees and averages 50-60degrees when playing diablo 3 and streaming with obs. I wonder if its my gpu but im running a 4gb card and i have all my graphic setting either turned off or down to low except texture detail which is set to high. v-Sync is turned on. Then again, streaming is more cpu intensive rather then gpu intensive right? Would be nice if someone could maybe suggest some reasons to the spikes. Intel i5 3470 Msi B75ms-p45 Zotac gtx 1050 ti oc 4gb 2x 8 gb Ripjaws ddr3 ram
  4. Good day forumers My dads laptop hhd is starting to crash and he doesnt want to buy a new one as he uses it to only surf the net and some work. I want to buy a new ssd for the lappy and fresh install win10. Right now its on a digital licence so i have no key to register it again. Is there hope? I have the win10 installer cd and i kinda know what im doin. But i would appreciate if someone could point me in the right direction. And guide me along. Thank you. Mods, if this post is in the wrong section do what u have to.
  5. Good day forum, i'm hoping to find some help on my problem. i recently got my hands on a pair of Roccat Kave 5.1 analog headsets. when they arrived, i found out my mobo didnt have the required jacks to get the whole 5.1 experience(at this point i was already regretting not spending thr extra $30 to get the hyperX cloud 2's) so i went out and got a Asus Xonar DG Sound card. all seemed well till i tested the mic.... So now here's the problem, the sound is great but the damn mic is so soft. i've spent the past couple of days on Google seaching for solutions. i've gone into the xonar dg software and set the mic to microphone and not front mic, i've maxed out the lvls on the adjusters, i've swaped between the xonar dg mic jack and my mobo's on board jack, and uped the boost by +30db and altho its a little louder, its full of static and has alot of background noise. i'm already starting to regret buying the headsets because of all the trouble i've gone thru to use use it. i would really appreciate if someone out there has gone thru the same problem and found a fix, be able to guide me thru the solution. its my first real gaming headset. thank you for reading this.
  6. Good Day everyone, i've got a 3 year old pc that works fine with games like Diablo 3 and WoW(mid settings) but i feel the need to upgrade my PC to play the newer games that just launched this year. i honestly dont know if i can run games like Fallout 4 and Witcher 3. i get about 30-75 FPS on D3 and Wow and would like to improve that. dont get me wrong, the performance im getting is great and i have no issues with it. i just want to play the new games that are out and dont wanna risk buying it, then realizing that i have to play on extremely low settings and not enjoy it as much as i could. also i normally have 2 screens hooked up as i like to be able to look up stuff on a separate screen when im gaming. my GPU runs around 45 Celsius when gaming and 28 idle. PC Specs: PSU - 550W(dont remember the brand and model) Processor - Intel i5-3450 MB - MSI B75MA-P45 GPU - MSI GeForce GTX 650PE Ram - 2 x G.Skills 8GB FYI im a total noob when it comes to PC parts as i had a friend recommend these parts for me when my old MB died. we went out and bought everything on my budget then. i cant say i have a huge budget for the upgrade or build but would like recommendations for parts to buy so i can source out the prices. im from singapore and parts are easy to get. just the price point will be an issue for me. Another thing i would like to ask is should i upgrade my PC? i'm using a Thermaltake Armor(handdown case from my friend) which is starting to be a pain just trying cable manage because it doesnt have the space or the holes to run the cables. after watching so many case reviews by you guys i really like the Corsair Obsidian 450d. i understand that its a mid tower case? which other cases would you guys recommend?? compared to a full tower, i know that a small case would provide better cooling since i do not intend to have that many parts in it. is that true? i do not see the need to go water cooling for my CPU as i have the air-con on and set to about 25 degrees celsius most of the time when im gaming. thank you for spending the time to read my long post. i appreciate any advise or criticisms.