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  1. Hey all, as the topic goes, im wondering if i should upgrade my PC, or just wait another year? With the recent launches of the the AMD 5000X CPUs and Nvidia 3000 GPUs, im a little tempted to upgrade once again. My pc is mainly used for gaming and streaming. i feel this is probably just because i want something new and shiny but if i were to upgrade, do i get a new CPU/Mobo combo or GPU? 10700k?? 5800X? RTX3070/80?? Parts list in signature
  2. Hello, Over the past 2 years, I have been buying parts during sales so I can save a buck here and there. These are the parts I ended up with; Intel i7 - 8700 Asus TUF H370 Pro Galax RTX 2070 Super EX 8GB G.Skills Ripjaws DDR4 Ram 2x8GB sticks cx750 PSU After gaming on it for the past 4 months, i feel like the rig is under performing. maybe im just paranoid after watching too many tech vids on YT. would any one be able to tell me if i mismatched any of the parts?
  3. yes,it's a mechanical drive, but its just so he has a PC to work with. already ordered the new SSD which would take about a week to arrive. Thanks everyone who replied and gave great guidance! i really appreciate the help. Guess tmr when i plug in the old HD, i'll know if i have a working PC or not.
  4. Noted with thanks! cool, that'll save me a some money. on a separate note, Im wondering, for the time being, will I be able to pull out the old drive from his laptop and stick in in the build as a Boot drive till I find the time to get the new drive? I think there's some photos in there my dad wants to back up and save. Its already got Win10 installed and im hoping to save a few bucks on a new windows install key.
  5. i will probably install Win10 on it. thanks. its just something for now.. i will upgrade it next year or so. i was thinking a 250GB or 500GB Samsung SSD should do the job.
  6. thanks for the reply, the PSU is a Coolermaster GX 550w Bronze.
  7. Budget (including currency): SGD$500-700? Country: Singapore Games, programs or workloads that it will be used for: Very light gaming(i think like Bluestacks for his mobile games), mostly web surfing, netflix, random MS office document editing Other details : planning to throw in my old 1050ti OC( optional if they want to use it as a media PC later on hooked up to a 4k TV. so my dads laptop is starting to fail on him, I was thinking of setting up a PC for him so he can surf the web and play his games. I'm Wondering if I should build a brand new PC or use parts from
  8. So i just bought a m.2 ssd but none of the screw that came with my MOBO fit in the standoffs. currently running a Asus TUF h370-pro. looks like there are standoffs pre installed and i've went thru every screw that came with my MOBO. an idea where i can buy the screws?
  9. hi keeping it short and simple, looking for; 144hz 1080p +/-24inch >10ms Usage: mainly gaming, but sometimes Netflix and Movies. GPU: Asus GTX 1070 Turbo will probably be running dual screen with my old 60hz 1080p monitor.
  10. Streaming on OBS 720P 30FPS 2500mbps Only streaming diablo3 now.
  11. So i recently started streaming on twitch again and im getting this weird fps lag spikes about 1-2hrs into the stream. I dont know whats the issue. At first i thought my cpu was over heating so i pulled off my cooler cleaned off the old thermal paste and appiled fresh artic mx-4 paste. I noticed some black residue on the frame supporting the cpu but didnt think much of it. My cpu temps dropped by a good 15-20degrees and averages 50-60degrees when playing diablo 3 and streaming with obs. I wonder if its my gpu but im running a 4gb card and i have all my graphic setting either tur
  12. Good day forumers My dads laptop hhd is starting to crash and he doesnt want to buy a new one as he uses it to only surf the net and some work. I want to buy a new ssd for the lappy and fresh install win10. Right now its on a digital licence so i have no key to register it again. Is there hope? I have the win10 installer cd and i kinda know what im doin. But i would appreciate if someone could point me in the right direction. And guide me along. Thank you. Mods, if this post is in the wrong section do what u have to.
  13. Good day forum, i'm hoping to find some help on my problem. i recently got my hands on a pair of Roccat Kave 5.1 analog headsets. when they arrived, i found out my mobo didnt have the required jacks to get the whole 5.1 experience(at this point i was already regretting not spending thr extra $30 to get the hyperX cloud 2's) so i went out and got a Asus Xonar DG Sound card. all seemed well till i tested the mic.... So now here's the problem, the sound is great but the damn mic is so soft. i've spent the past couple of days on Google seaching for solutions. i've gone in