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  1. Violating the Geneva Convention would also mean extreme post war retaliation, likely far worse than the Treaty of Versailles to Germany. Because they are international law, they'd be extremely strict about it, and likely strip all of Chinas advantages in the UN such as being a permanent member of the UN security council.
  2. Dudeeee how far were you digging lmao
  3. Well, I officially worked full time hours for the first time ever

    1. Lolucoca


      Right; being a butcher is like pretty physically intense, isn't it? 

    2. Clanscorpia


      @Lolucoca Im mostly working in a kitchen now but its definitely as hard, I have to carry lots of stuff, especially plates and chairs. When Im working at the shop its usually caterings so I just stand there mostly for that

  4. Clanscorpia

    Facebook online quiz maker exposes personal data

    Thats not the reason why, Instagram and Snapchat do the exact same thing, Facebook just generally has a rep for being for old people and family. If anything, older people are more concerned about data collection, and basically noone in Gen Z cares.
  5. Why have I dropped 700 dollars on ski equipment in the middle of the summer?

    1. Clanscorpia


      @Chaos_Sorcerer Honestly, probably none. My RESP is already maxed out every year, and I have a plan to make it through university, so Im not really worried about it. I honestly just need to figure out what I want to do. I can either cruise through high school easily and go to a really good university here, or put a ton of effort in and hard work and try to get into a good school into the states, but Im not sure if the benefits outweigh how much work and effort Id need to put in to go to a school there. Like is it really worth the hours more of work and effort Id need to get into MIT than UfT? Im just going into grade 10 now though so Im not super concerned.

    2. Chaos_Sorcerer


      @Clanscorpia Yeah, same. My parents have said that they'd pay for my education here, and I can just work during the summers if I need extra money. I've always wanted to go to school in South Canada, but I'm now planning on just relaxing during high school and hopefully doing well in uni to get into a nice graduate program in the US.


      What do you wanna be when you grow up, btw

    3. Clanscorpia


      @Chaos_Sorcerer Honestly, Im still not sure. I know for sure its going to be in Science and Engineering, but everything is just so cool and interesting I cant find a single thing I want to focus on. Right now its Aerospace Engineering, but even with that stuck in my head, things like molecular biology are forcing themselves into my brain. I just cant figure out what interests me most. It must have math though, I love math and Im great at it so anything that doesnt have it would kill me. Im probably just going to wait until grade 11 when I can take all the science courses and Calculus and vectors to decide what programs I should apply for.

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  6. Clanscorpia

    What Music Service do you use?

    Spotify is the best 10 dollars a month I spend, definitely worth much more than my $50 that goes into my RRSP, who needs retirement savings when you can have good music
  7. Clanscorpia

    Favorite kind of Cheese

    Definitely smoked Gouda, it works so well with a good burger.
  8. Clanscorpia

    Two iPhone X Models Confirmed

    Ill probably be getting the lower end model one when it comes out or a RED 8, Ive never actually used 3DTouch on my 6s so a loss on that isnt that bad. As long as the front camera stays as good as it was on my 6s then Ill be sure to like it.
  9. Clanscorpia

    Soon you'll be able to charge your electric BMW wirelessly

    Hahahahahahahahaha.... hahahahaha I can name 5 people off the top of my head that would gladly raise taxes just for something like that
  10. Is it bad that I havent commented on anything in months but I stalk the forums almost every day?


    1. Clanscorpia


      @captain_to_fire I hate the picture, I look so bad

    2. Ryan_Vickers


      Not at all.  Quality over quantity :P I feel like I could do better at that sometimes...

    3. LienusLateTips


      I'm taking a brief shitposting break but still stalk the forum to help people with power supplies

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  11. Clanscorpia

    Is it creepy to add someone?

    Not having IG is just plain weird for a teenager
  12. Clanscorpia

    Is it creepy to add someone?

    Because its Facebook, its a very personal thing
  13. Clanscorpia

    Is it creepy to add someone?

    Ask her for her snap then
  14. Clanscorpia

    Is it creepy to add someone?

    Add her on Instagram or Snapchat, not Facebook thats just weird
  15. Clanscorpia

    Siri glitch causes Siri to define "Mother" inappropriately

    I just checked it and it didnt happen for me
  16. @TheRandomness @leadeater This should be in news
  17. Clanscorpia

    Intel Core i7 8086K

    Id get one just for that sticker
  18. PAX 2018 was amazing




    1. captain_to_fire
    2. Lolucoca


      Jesus christ you look a hell of a lot older than on last year's picture! 

    3. Clanscorpia


      @Lolucoca Yeah ikr last years was baaaad though

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  19. Should I get this hoodie when Im in Boston?


    1. Clanscorpia


      @dizmo Lots of people get them for the schools theyre aspiring to go to, which for me are MIT, UofT, Mcgill, and Waterloo 

    2. dizmo


      That doesn't change my views on the issue whatsoever. If you don't go there, there's no point in having said sweater.

      I had an ex, both of her parents are MIT professors. Even she wouldn't wear an MIT sweater, because she went to UBC.

    3. Lolucoca


      That depends. Hoodies like this usually are prohibitively expensive and there's no real reason to get one if you're not an MIT student. Also, to me those sweaters seem kinda laughable. It's like bragging you go to that uni except you don't. 

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  20. What PC component should I get signed at PAX this year?

    1. Clanscorpia


      @LolucocaThats a good idea

      @dizmoI dont own one

    2. dizmo


      I wasn't being serious I find the whole act of getting something signed like that stupid :P

    3. DocSwag


      Your new gpu 

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  21. Clanscorpia

    Website not working in Internet Explorer

    Well you guys all responded after the assignment was due but thats okay lmao. It ended up being because of an Internet Explorer security error that wouldnt let it go to the links for some reason. Thanks for the help though
  22. Hi everyone, Ive made a website for one of my buisness assignments but I have a major issue. None of the buttons are working in Internet Explorer. This is really odd because it works perfectly fine in everything else. If you guys can spot anything that would make it incompatible with IE that would be awesome. //Function for accessing Index page function visitI(){ window.location='index.htm'; }
  23. Clanscorpia

    Canada's Finest invade the UK...Timmaaaays!!!

    Theres lots of Timmies in the northern states buts its the same prices as our stuff but in USD so its not really worth it and nothing was really true to taste. What you need to try is the muffins. Theyre amazing, you can like take the top off and its delicious and then the inside is super soft and moist theyre like gods muffins.
  24. Clanscorpia

    Fortnite mobile beginning to hurt the school system

    With the amount phones are used for class activities its not a very efficient system, and I know lots of times where having my phone on me has been very helpful.