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  1. Anyone wanna help me with some differential calculus Im desperate


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    2. vanished


      Great app ^

      I would also recommend "Maple", as well as "Wolfram Alpha"

      Make sure you're using it as a check and as education rather than just as a means to skip truly understanding the questions.


      Also long time no see :P

    3. Clanscorpia


      @Ryan_Vickers Im really strugglin here, thats why I came back here at 2:25am lol. The method of solving isn't in the wonderful textbook known as calculus and vectors 12 for ontario students but the question is

    4. vanished


      I can't promise I can give an explanation but try posting it and I guess I'll see what I can do :P

  2. Once the BFR/Starship is constructed it wont be
  3. The picture is just the actual ship, not the booster. Heres a comparison of the size with the booster.
  4. Floatplane is videos a week early and extra exclusive content. Everyone who pays knows that. And every other buisness sector does it, fandom is the only way to pull someone to something. Noone goes to a convention because they think "oh look theres a convention on the block, maybe Ill go". Theyre basically fandoms getting together. I dont think you understand why some things are exclusive. Youre acting like as an LTT subscriber youre entitled to everything they do, which absolutely is not true. And musicians are a great example, they just do it more often, which makes sense considering instead
  5. Because they dont want to? Its an exclusive event. It reduces the incentives to go to the event if they broadcast it.
  6. Youre thinking very selfishly here. Musicians making their concerts exclusive, is the exact same as a YouTube channel making a convention exclusive.
  7. Musicians are about music, and they dont release their concert music, or have everyone attend their concerts.
  8. If you dont want to go, thats your choice and you cant complain about not seeing footage from it. Im not going to complain that I cant attend a concert or hear its live recordings. Based on your logic Im entitled to video footage and music from the concert because theyre "all about music". Concerts ALWAYS leave out the vast majority of listeners but people dont use that argument.
  9. Just because you cant afford to visit something doesnt mean youre entitled to watch footage of it.
  10. He has a bad rep in the tech community for being pretty douchie. His content is also fairly bland.
  11. Dont get an iPhone X whatever if you want good pictures on Snapchat. Stupid app developers still havent fixed their mess

  12. Id throw in the extra card just to be safe. Your motherboard should have at least 2 PCIe x16 lanes. Personally I think PCs always look better with more stuff in the PCIe slots so Id just throw it in.
  13. Youre just good at math ? People ask me the same question and I just have to say idk man, some people just recognize patterns in numbers and how they work better than others. What kind of math are you talking about?
  14. I can type without looking and I can do it pretty fast, but I cant do it properly like with the home keys and such. I kinda just go for it
  15. Theyve been doing that for years, and its a known fact. Theyre not using this consumer score for this, theyre using math to determine how profitable you are.
  16. Healthcare cant really use it, as the price you pay is basically what your insurance wont cover and what hospital you go to, and insurance plans are generally risk-based, which has little to do with your consumer habits. If you go to the hospital a lot that will definitely impact your insurance though.
  17. You have to negotiate, you cant just expect them to hand them out. Thats what the video talks about. You need to go after the deals, you cant expect them to give them to you.
  18. Thats not how phone companies work. Basically all phone companies will offer you loyalty prices if you've been around long enough. For example here in Canada my parents have been with Clearnet (now Telus) since 1995. The company sees that and will give you discounts for being with the company for so long. You just have to negotiate for it. Companies care a lot about loyalty and will bend the rules for you. Heres a marketplace video on it - At our family butcher shop, there is definitely different treatment for people who come a lot, and also for people who are assholes at work.
  19. My guess is after the Christmas season.
  20. then why would you want to work for a small buisness? Whats the point if you know you'll get paid less. Of course 7.25 is too low, but 21? Thats ridiculous. Increasing ours by 30% had a big impact on growth in Ontario. I couldnt imagine a 200% increase.
  21. No, just... no. Living wage is 18.21 Canadian in Toronto. If you cant afford to live in a big city dont live there. 21 dollars an hour is absolutely abhorrent. My grandpas butcher shop almost closed down when our minimum wage was hiked to 14 dollars, I couldnt imagine what would happen to small business if it was hiked to 27. It's like people want corporatism
  22. https://www.theverge.com/2018/4/16/17243026/amazon-warehouse-jobs-worker-conditions-bathroom-breaks