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  1. Hi! So i'm heading to University soon and i was watching a video where Linus was talking about the Lenovo Thinkpad and i did a small study and found it useful for everyday use and light gaming. So is the thinkpad a good laptop for students? I'm heavy on programming , editing videos and light work(Typing word/presentation etc)
  2. svhost.exe

    Wait wat lol i disabled windows update and everything with it
  3. svhost.exe

    Wait so can i do anything about it? Is this a good or bad thing?
  4. svhost.exe

    Hi I apparently found out in task manager i have a ton of svhost.exe programs running can i find a way to fix or reduce them?
  5. Longest boot time

    uhm bump? I really need help
  6. Longest boot time

    Hi techies., so the other day i found out my hdd is dieing since over at crystaldiskinfo is said cautious so i migrated windows to ssd only games / steam apps are at the hdd right now.However my computer takes ages to load right now like it shows Asrock but when it comes to showing the windows logo it takes forever.Usually its so quick idk whats the issue now.
  7. Lagging Computer

    Yeah I took your advise moved windows to the ssd it worked better however now I'm updating with Windows Upgrade Assistant and for some reason it constantly goes extremely slow at the 80-100% point it never completed or install successfully nor do I see any changes made.My net is fine but the update takes ages.
  8. Lagging Computer

    My bad wasn't paying attention. I hope it did it right this time. It says caution am I suppose to be aware of anything?
  9. Lagging Computer

    so what about this one I ran? is it okay?
  10. Lagging Computer

    How to do I know if its running fine? @finnskii I formatted the HDD's before installing so I'm sure its clean. Is this good bad?
  11. Lagging Computer

    Hi, So yesterday noon my pc wasn't detecting the scanner.(It usually works ).So I decide to reinstall windows anyway since I have to much garbage. Now the first time I tried to install windows 10 from the usb I had it too like 5 hrs to install and it got stuck on the "Just a moment" and the computer felt laggy already on the entering name screen.Something was already wrong. So I did it again turned the pc off reinstalled like 4x.Then I downloaded a fresh new windows 10 pro on flashed on my usb.I installed it and it took quite a long time too but I got through after 2x.Now the computer is on windows 10 but its lagging and perfoming so slow.Even turning on the pc gets jammed.I literally banged the pc case due to frustration. Now as I type its even lagging and delaying me.I have never got this problem ever before trust me I reinstalled many times but this time something wasn't right.Everything wasn't responding I clicked windows icon and it doesn't respond I clicked edge it wouldn't respond hell even task manager wouldn't pop up when I did ctrl+alt+del.I have no clue whats the issue here.Even my windows upgrade assistant was retarded and took me 5hrs to install the shit and it notified me saying setup couldn't install.Restart computer blah blah blah.this pc is still new since I constantly take care of it with updates/defragment and disk cleanups.I desperately need a way to fix this.Also I have my windows on the HDD not SSD since I'm saving the SSD for gta v I3 4160 8GB RAM GTX 960 1TB 120GB Kingston ssd
  12. NAT issue with GTA Online

    Err @Levisallanon and @Lurick i did everything as mentioned still pops the message NAT type is strict..My isp said that they offered "those types of packages" to only business customers .. Any other way what about VPN?
  13. computer science vs software engineering

    Sorry for the late reply had some stuff going on is Business and IT related somehow to software engineering? INTI internation University apparently offers that but i really don't wanna get into Business.
  14. computer science vs software engineering

    Well I can learn anything I'm committed but if I did Computer Science would it be considered ideal for landing a good career? I mean what can I expect when I completed computer science or learn it
  15. Hi techies, I know this is an off related question front tech but I don't understand the difference between computer science and software engineering.I'm nearing university but I can't differentiate both and figure out their advantages.I am also worried that I might be bad at it however I'm a major computer geek.I learned python a few weeks back and I understood it's basics but im concerned what about in university.I hope there is some of you who are really experienced in this..I hope for a reply soon thanks