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  1. Outdated Python...

    gonna finish up html5 then python hopefully i get somewhere thanks for heads up everyone!
  2. How did Linus become Linus?

    I just finished high school like 1 week ago and now im pursuing a career in IT but i have a hard decision to make since i'm keen into filmmaking as well but i plan on doing that as a side project and mainly focus on IT.Thing is there a tons of fields in IT and i dont know which particular one suits me. Also i wont instantly follow Linus's footsteps i just look at him as a role model as someone who has open the doors for me into gaining a broader knowledge about computers and i am still learning as i do like programming , functions of computer components etc.
  3. How did Linus become Linus?

    Yeah i watched it i'm just uneased that how well he grew the company and made into something one of a kind i mean i dont think something like that could be even possible over in my country due to lack of resources. All i want to do now is probably just keep creating and if i get the chance get into IT and really produce something rare but useful.Btw he mentions 19 members in LTT is that true? It seems quite a lot compared back in the day.
  4. How did Linus become Linus?

    Honestly at first when i first found out about Linus i literally thought someone spelled his name by mistake for Linus instead of Linux i then i had realised it after a few times. Im gonna watch the videos you guys showed me and to be honest frankly honest i have passion for IT but going deep into the tiny bits like him seems really tough nevertheless he inspires me and motivates me as a influencer. So wherever you are Linus thank you for teaching me computers and giving me great advice.
  5. How did Linus become Linus?

    Wow i'd like to try that path lol...(No joke) he seems like he knows what his doing and i respect that
  6. How did Linus become Linus?

    Hi everyone, As the title says what field did linus do when he was in college/university ? The reason why im asking is because he seems so experienced in almost anything thats related to computers like literally look at him elaborating and yapping on about the processers , video card and rams clock speed , specification its like he knows the detailed informations of all computer components. Which leads me to another subject he opened Linus Media/Linus Groups/LTT(Im struggling to find out how he formed this huge company). In all other words Linus is sort of like a role model and father figure to me (IT father figure) i basically learnt about everything regarding computers from him as far as i can remember because he elaborates everything in a way you definitely would understand even if you were a noob.(So did Luke and Techquickie) My questions seems a lot and jumping off a lot im sorry lol..But seriously i wanna learn from him and how he started this company and how he got into computers.Im struggling to figure a career path myself but im for sure saken into the IT industry.
  7. Outdated Python...

    Waaat im on python 2 the basic ones i learnt half way so much i cant just literally stop everything now.... Also i started learning html5 since i felt like its a bit easier is it a good move lol?
  8. Outdated Python...

    So whats the fuss about it being outdated? Cause in worried if i might be learning old stuff instead of catching up with the latest trend
  9. Outdated Python...

    Hello everyone, Here's the thing the other day i started watching TheNewBoston which was suggested by one of the members here about Python i'm at lesson 7-8 right now at sequences and lists(Haven't got to that yet) Im done with expressions , inputs , strings but i feel shaky with it cause i have some issue with memorizing the commands (Why i suck at math).The weird thing i found out was some of bucky's videos were outdated according to the comments in his videos like raw_input doesnt exist anymore in python 3.x.x. so i'm lost right now should i continue learning or find an alternative method? I also kinda still confused with the idea with what you can do with coding cause there's so much i wanna know like Java,HTML, kotlin and more.Any professional programmer could give me a helping here? thanks..
  10. Csgo noob

    This is what happens when you're a noob at csgo lol
  11. Animatics,Visual Fx, Special fx

    Wow the guy who founded Oats is the director or Elysium how on earth have I not known this I gotta find a way to talk to this guy..I'm freak about sci fi movies! thanks btw
  12. Hi,I'm sorry if this is in the wrong section.I was hoping to know if it was possible to learn CGI,VFX,SFX and animatics.I found interest when I watched Transformers and found a tremendous amount of CGI , VFX etc and I wanna know how its done like how they create a Transformer and how it moves in a movie and all.Im planning to study for 3D animatics so I could at least chase my dream as a filmmaker but from where I come from (Malaysia) I just feel like its going to become a limitation unlike in America or Canada where you have big festivals and universities.I would like some feedback and any kind of information regarding it.I really hope for a reply as well.!!Tqqq
  13. Headphones cbf heard

    Uhm sorry if my title is abit rough but I've been suffering from this annoying audio issue for the past year.It all happened when I got my PC built from a specialist (PC Gaming Rig builders shop) then I had a buzzing g sound I always heard in my speakers and headphones.I fixed that with a motherboard change from them.Now the buzzing is gone for good. However,about 2 months back the front audio jack didn't work like when I plugged both Mic and headphones in the icon just shows the microphone with a red X which means no headphones are plugged in. I tried with the back ones but the sounds just come from one side.I sent it back to the shop then the guys said he updated the bios. Earlier today I tried updating the driver it updated but the shitty issue is still there I'm bloody annoyed.I tried with the playback settings but nothing works. I need help like serious help or I'm gonna kill myself the shop is like 100Km from where I live I can't go there everytime
  14. Basic knowledge ob programming

    If i may ask what is the difference between the documentation? or what is it
  15. Basic knowledge ob programming

    Uhm hey listen i installed Python and i wanna start off with the basics then from the work on? I hope that sounds good and an effective way on learning programming.If not anyone let me know.My conflict now is i dont know where to learn it from my first plan was to search of Youtube but there's tons of channels i want something you guys would highly recommend.Tq