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  1. computer science vs software engineering

    Sorry for the late reply had some stuff going on is Business and IT related somehow to software engineering? INTI internation University apparently offers that but i really don't wanna get into Business.
  2. computer science vs software engineering

    Well I can learn anything I'm committed but if I did Computer Science would it be considered ideal for landing a good career? I mean what can I expect when I completed computer science or learn it
  3. Hi techies, I know this is an off related question front tech but I don't understand the difference between computer science and software engineering.I'm nearing university but I can't differentiate both and figure out their advantages.I am also worried that I might be bad at it however I'm a major computer geek.I learned python a few weeks back and I understood it's basics but im concerned what about in university.I hope there is some of you who are really experienced in this..I hope for a reply soon thanks
  4. 2 Monitors 1 Computer

    Hi everyone dont wanna sound like bumping but if i plugged my main monitor into the my gtx 960 and the old monitor to my motherboard can that work? I just wanna use the old monitor for browing the web while using any games or stuff like that.
  5. NAT issue with GTA Online

    What can i do for now? and what should i
  6. NAT issue with GTA Online

    What do you mean by static? When i look up GTA Online this isn't there just a public ip address and another one which is long. I don't understand what you mean by ISP blocking my ports though i mean i unblocked them at the router right? Also it would be a bad idea to contact my ISP they really have no clue about this i called them a few months back and they didn't understand anything i said lol. @levisallanon
  7. 2 Monitors 1 Computer

    Okay so lets assume if i bought monitor B as the new one and i set it as my main monitor right? What will i see in the second monitor? Monitor A (My old monitor)? Also are there any precautions i should take into consideration GPU overheating etc?
  8. 2 Monitors 1 Computer

    What if one monitor is hooked up on a DVI and the other monitor on a HDMI? Will it still work? If so how do i configure them and all so i can game on one monitor and the other for just web browsing
  9. 2 Monitors 1 Computer

    I'm getting a new monitor soon and i have this current which supports DVI and VGA i am using DVI so my question is can i use 2 monitors for 1 gpu? it has HDMI and DVI
  10. NAT issue with GTA Online

  11. NAT issue with GTA Online

  12. NAT issue with GTA Online

    i did everything you said except disabling DMZ but it still shows strict
  13. NAT issue with GTA Online

    Wait how? Because there are so many options could you tell me what to insert in each? And is virtual server the right place? sorry meant this picture
  14. NAT issue with GTA Online

    61458 is there. 1.My plan is currently 8mbps 800kb/s its maximum speed is 1000kbps/s or 10000 im not sure it displays 1.0mbps on Utorrent so thats fine. https://www.tm.com.my/Home/Broadband/Streamyx/Pages/Home.aspx 8mbps plan 2.Nope i just use it for my PC no PS4 or Xbox for me 3.To be honest i'm glad i met a network engineer i really need help addressing this issue.I am using a wire only no wireless just the wire from my router to motherboard. 4.This is where i am stuck i don't know what DMZ means or how i should set the ip address i'm just not experienced in any of this. i shown you the image of ipconfig /all can you tell me what i should suppose do? I really wanna fix this issue.