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  1. It's been stated that these exploits are only usable with root access. So if someone is using these your probably already in trouble. This, however, doesn't absolve AMD of their failure.
  2. I've got a 12inch sundown sa-12 4ohm and it's amazing. 650 watt Rockford amp on a stock corolla alternator flexs my windows about an inch when they are half rolled down. And the sound quality is great provided you get/make a good box. I made a 2.5qubic foot box that works great.
  3. mawv

    FCC Live Stream

    Yup. Just south of everett.
  4. mawv

    FCC Live Stream

    I get 250/50 for $50 through Comcast here in Washington. Probably won't get that for much longer.
  5. I fail to see how completly disregarding my anecdote makes chrome the issue in all cases. Maybe it's a bad install or some interfering program. Saying without any evidence that chrome can't perform on a high end system despite evidence to the contrary just makes you look foolish.
  6. most likely not chromed fault. I'm using a fx4350 and a gtx 780 and can watch multiple videos at once no problem.
  7. What's this whole pyo thing On topic, Apple does it again.
  8. Your right on with the fps guess. I can play overwatch low setting at 65-75 with some bad stuttering if I've got something in the background. My monitor is freesync so I was looking for an amd gpu but Vega flopped so the wait continues. Might spring for something higher end for the cpu as my friend is willing to sell me his gtx 1080 Seahawk for 400. You think something with a higher ipc and clock speed like something from Intel would be required to use it to it's full potential?
  9. I'll check that out when I get home, thanks fir the idea
  10. Have had the fx4350 forever and am looking to update the rig. I'm fairly sure that the 780 is being bottle necked but not quite sure. Also looking to get an r7 1700 and want to know what gpu would pair nicely with it. Thanks in advance
  11. What a great intellically engaging conversation about the topic. Thanks guys!
  12. I agree 100% but I don't think how they feel is what ESL has a problem with. Another poster brought up biological advantages. Do males have a biological advantage for competitive gaming? I don't know, and I don't think ESL knows either so they are going with the safe bet to try to maintain a fair competitive environment. I would be very surprised if this was a homophobic based decision from ESL.
  13. Mfw you compare prices between Sata ssd's with a quarter of the read performance to a really good budget pci-e ssd