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  1. football, running, electronics and sleeping are my main hobbies
  2. i personally don't like the A5's, same as the A2's. many people love them, and the rest think they sound far too muddy and dark
  3. iarejesus

    USB soundcards

    HRT music streamer II, if you have the money.
  4. I cried when my mum threw away my old 1GHZ t-bird because she thought i didn't want it anymore.
  5. Boston acoustic, Krk, cambridge audio, mission, wharfedale, swan, b&w, tannoy, behringer, acoustic energy, dali, monitor audio, q acoustics, kef, mordaunt and jbl to name a few.
  6. iarejesus

    New headphones

    The sr80i's are more comfy, they are definitely worth a look.
  7. I built a PC for my younger brother. Worst mistake, he thinks I owe him a lifetimes worth of customer support or something.
  8. You missed out loads of great brands.
  9. iarejesus

    New headphones

    If you like rock then you can't beat grado sr80's at that price range
  10. wrap it in tin foil and then ground it if you're feeling especially ghetto.
  11. buy a soundcard with dolby headphone and then buy the best stereo headphones that you can afford (which would depend on your preferences).