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  1. Well I think I figured out the problem...Avast was blowing up while I was updating wildstar. So I just turned Avast web screening thing off and now my comp is happier. Guess I'll invest in some new cooling soon too.
  2. Well like I said I haven't really done any troubleshooting other than noticing my temp reached 67 Celsius (possibly higher). It was late and I needed my beauty sleep =D All my fans are working. It is a little hotter in the house now, but the temps on my cpu when idle are about 20 something, so ambient temp shouldn't affect it too much. I'll probably give my comp a good cleaning and see where that takes me.
  3. Well comp just started to over heat today. I haven't done any trouble shooting other than seeing that my cpu is really hot. So question is right now, could my comp really be dirty enough to overheat? There is a light layer of dust and I think the last time I cleaned it was in November.
  4. cxz

    Bandwidth Question

    I unfortunately work at Best Buy and am trying to make sure I understand the differences in the different routers. I can build computers all day, but I suck at networking...lol So basically anyone that doesn't want to "future proof" their network and doesn't have any type of home network a n600 router is better, unless they have a lot of devices then a n900?
  5. cxz

    Bandwidth Question

    So you're saying that there really isn't a difference and the main factor is your internet connection? Also is the range on ac routers further than n? Or is the 5GHz band still degraded as n when it goes through objects and the distance on n and ac is the same? Thanks
  6. Yeah I know, but doesn't hurt to see what everyone else did or just get a bit of info. I do some freelance work for friends, family, and random ppl with problems...I assume businesses want "professional" work which I have none. Guess I better start teaching myself more.
  7. Ok cool I'll see what I can find...sweet looks like the Charlotte lug is inactive =( Thanks again for the help.
  8. Alright so I seem to have never learned this, found this information, or too dumb to understand. Anyway I want to know, does a n900 router allow more devices to connect to it than n600? If it does, does that also mean that if a n600 could only support 1 device to stream and the n900 would allow 2 devices to stream simultaneously? I've always been under the impression that you only benefit if you had a homeserver or something equivilant. Thanks
  9. Well it was kind of what I was thinking. So with Linux I would find a LUG and Linux Fest would be good places to check out?
  10. Yeah I'm gonna try to look into that and see what happens. As in user groups you are refering to if linustechtips had a meet up or something? Yeah I like tinkering with computers, so figured it would be a great job, but after talking to my professor about the field and looking around this profession is pretty bloated =( I never thought or knew that I could email and speak to head IT people. Also what makes someone stand out on a resume? My grades def won't make a difference, slacked off a lot in the begining. Yeah my friend helped me get an interview once, but I made a stu
  11. Yes of course. I have also done freelance work for other people, but do not have "professional experience." Yeah I would even be happy with an internship, but I don't have a bachelors yet. Guess I could try volunteer work. Yeah I've done some programming and it makes me want to kill myself lol.
  12. Alright so I am about to get a degree in computer information technology next month, but I have yet to find any computer, IT, or just anything that I can get for experience. So was just wondering from any of you IT gurus or anyone that has recently started, what got your foot in the door? Thanks and hopefully no one minds seeing another one of these posts =D
  13. cxz

    Cable modem

    Yeah I know, but is what I said pretty much true?
  14. cxz

    Cable modem

    Ok searched this but didn't find anything. Anyway obviously my question is about the modem (I guess I was sleeping in class). A modem is a modem and cheapest brand name will get the job done? I'm moving in a month and will have to buy my own. Thanks
  15. Man I wish I knew what it felt like with a 30Mbps connection. lol