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    Xeon 1230v2
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    Asrock B75 Pro3-M
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    4x4Gb Crucial Ballistix 1600 cl9
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    Msi TF gtx 760
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    Fractal arc mini
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    Crucial M500
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    Cooler Master G550M (5 year warranty stronk)
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    Hyper 103(blue led and a very solid mount)
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  1. RX480 is the same price as a 970 now, that's dissapointing.

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    2. The Realist

      The Realist

      That dude was kinda right,where i live a GTX 970 is $550 and a RX 480 $340

    3. FloRolf


      So for you it's a good card, for me it's still shit. 

    4. minibois


      8GB RX 480 and GTX 970 are roughly the same price where I live too, so you're paying for more VRAM that at this point doesn't help out a whole lot. It's a real shame :/ 

      @The Realist Australia?

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