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  1. Where comparing a FX 8320 which is a hungry motherfucker vs a i7 4790K + if you plan on overclocking a FX 8320 it would cause you to create a bakery
  2. Umm can i correct you http://pcpartpicker.com/list/zmR7hq heres his build and check the "Total Wattage"
  3. Its not FUCKING ENOUGH , 600w is the total system draw with the OC + its a CX Series PSU which is nowhere near to the word "Overclocking"
  4. Hmmmmmmm...maybe the cable is dead somehow?
  5. Check in the bios if everything is checked on "boot devices",see if the cable might not have fall out of its place
  6. Why the fuck dont you think first? just the CPU with the card draws 400W not mention the rest of the build which is arround 470-500-ish watts the 8320 and r9 390 would use somewhat around 600-ish watts he just asked me to say if the PSU would hold up i said it wont,i left the other part for the rest of the community
  7. No it would not be enough,if you plan on getting this build just leave it and ask the community to build you a pc for your budget...
  8. Legend has it if you look at there profile you could find out there specs
  9. for $25 getting a z170 board is not bad even if you dont plan overclocking
  10. Like i said i would go for my build,since the 1070 would be a MUCH better upgrade from a 970,the i7 would be more future proof + when it starts aging you just overclock it and its back in the game,your overpaying for the mobo for $110 cheaper you can get the same...you dont need 750W thats WAY too much,and its the CX series which sucks bad compared to the G2
  11. 1.The part price does not matter the full price of the build and the performance matters...the i7 would be more future proof 2.Why are you getting those drives? you are WAY overpaying the 840 evo the 850 evo is $30 cheaper and offers better performance and why pay $110 dollars for 2 1tb drivers thats not worth it 3.Why do you need a 750W supply? you dont need that much lmao and + its a CX which sucks balls
  12. Read the hole fucking thread as far as the build i would go for this http://pcpartpicker.com/list/8gPZ8K