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  1. reptileexperts

    Post Your Battle Stations and Build Setups!

    New accessories came in today to clean up the build. In love with the k70 rapid switches.
  2. https://www.bestbuy.com/site/corsair-gaming-k70-rgb-mk-2-se-mechanical-wired-cherry-mx-speed-switch-keyboard-with-rgb-back-lighting-silver-anodized-brushed-aluminum/6229609.p?skuId=6229609 129.99 Great keyboard, free game, great price, rapid switches..
  3. Yep was all I needed to finally grab one
  4. https://www.bhphotovideo.com/c/product/1442130-REG/evga_geforce_rtx_2080_xc.html for new system builders it’s a pretty solid deal.
  5. reptileexperts

    [us] [bh photo] EVGA 2080 with motherboard, 1000 watt psu, and case 999

    the actual things added to cart specify a 1000 watt. Either way, I'd fight to get a 1000 in the end.
  6. reptileexperts

    2060 or 1070 SLI?

    There were not a lot of issues with 1070 SLI if youre familiar with it, and it is quite powerful. I went from 970 SLI to 1070SLI and now I'm with a 2080 debating on SLI . . . 1070 SLI scaled well for me in most things, but of course there were many instances where scaling was subpar. Your answer will be based on what games you play. 1070 SLI with good scaling will destroy a 2060. With perfect scaling its just behind a 2080 when all cards are overclocked. That being said, SLI support is not found as much in newer titles so you will have issues. This is keeping me from 2080 SLI since all the data tends to suggest that there is no support at current. If the support starts coming back, I'd SLI again.
  7. Use promo EMCTUUU22 https://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16824260555&utm_medium=Email&utm_source=IGNEFL011119&cm_mmc=EMC-IGNEFL011119-_-EMC-011119-Index-_-GamingMonitors-_-Blitz-24260555-S0&ignorebbr=1 This has been my daily driver since it released and I absolutely love it. I push it with an RTX 2080 underwater just fine for most games. Color reproduction is not the best, but good enough for most of my editing needs. The curve is just right IMO and the 3 year standard dell advanced replacement warranty is phenomenal. This ties for the lowest price I have seen on this monitor.
  8. reptileexperts

    [US] Newegg Alienware 34" 1440p 120hz. $750 Today

    poorer warranty, loads of negative reviews on IPS bleed. Look it up. Alienware trumps it.
  9. reptileexperts

    8600k High temps even at base speeds

    At this point man, I'd get a cheap air cooler and put it on there to see what happens (like a 30 dollar 212 evo) and if your temps line back out, RMA the AIO. if your temps are still bad, I'd have a friend mount your chip. Could be the chip isn't "flat" on the IHS so it can never make good contact. Could be that your motherboard is faulted, reading 1.1v but delivering much more. Time to stop looking for the obvious, and look for the worst case.
  10. reptileexperts

    8600k High temps even at base speeds

    with stress tests running, and case open, slightly push down on the AIO CPU cooler, if you notice temps dropping, you're not seated well. My first thought was stock voltages are doing it as mentioned above, but if 1.1 v does that, thats pretty much saying that your AIO is not functioning properly.
  11. reptileexperts

    AiO for CPU and GPU or custom loop?

    300 If you use the fluid gaming and have a GPU compatible with their block. . . For a basic copper loop, you'll be starting at the 500-600 price margin if youre doing soft tubing.
  12. reptileexperts

    $699 RTX 2080 ASUS blower

    669 price drop
  13. reptileexperts

    Msi rma 2080

    Your graphics score in firestrike is fine.... Even the best cards under the best cooling solutions cap at around 2150 on core for sustained boosts. 1.093v is the max allowable voltage by Nvidia.
  14. reptileexperts

    Newegg Logitech G29/920 and thrustmaster deals

    amazon price matching as of today
  15. reptileexperts

    RTX 2080TI artifacting

    Time to RMA. Another 2080ti bites the dust.
  16. The new leader board top result for a single RTX-2080 on superposition 1080p Extreme, 7784 GPU +2750 Memory, +180 Core, full slider voltage and power (124%) Max GPU temp 50 C Max CPU temp 54 C 8700k 5ghz 1.375 vCore
  17. Been wanting to do this for a while now, mainly because some of my friends have asked me about how I got to the PC I currently run, and how long it took to get here. Truth as we know is you can build any rig from scratch, just have to brace yourself for the initial sticker shock instead of parsing it one bit at a time. So here it is in a nutshell, my crazy build evolution. May 2015 - Alienware 17 R2 980m Laptop acquired, with graphics amplifier and a GTX970 inside (yes, I used that for docking, and it was a solid 20% ahead of my 980m at the time). June 2015 - Acquired LG 29" Ultrawide for my dock setup, and quickly realized that a custom build was in the future with my 970, so started searching ebay and found a used reference 970 for around 260 at the time which was a good price. - Went to microcenter and started a build with the following: i7 4790k, 16gb Corsair Vengeance Ram, Asus Hero VII motherboard, NZXT Phantom case (not sure why i wanted that case at the time) Corsair H55 AIO, couple HDD, and used my old alienware keyboard and mouse that I got for free with dell points. Feb 2016 - Moved to Swiftech H220x Prestige cooler April 2016 - Rebuilt inside the Phanteks Enthoo M Acrylic - welcome RGB phase Feb 2017 - New GTX 1070 Strix cards arrive for SLI, take my 970's and build a second system based on a 6600k for my brother in law for his first custom build. November 2017 - Alienware 34" released and ordered and arrives - previous monitors changed a lot from a triple screen to quad screen to dual screens to this - 8700k parts arrive for system rebuild - 8700k, strix 370e motherboard, 32gb Trident RGB 3000 mhz Ram, Deepcool elcaptain 360 white RGB cooler, Black and white replacement cables, Corsair 570x RGB White case September 2018 - RTX 2080 arrives, 1070's sold (hardwareswap reddit) to fund, 9900k was preordered October 2018 - 9900k orders are a let down. Amazon gives no ETA, other retailers have soft dates but no ones getting chips. Decide the money on that could be spent better on the rig, so it's time to custom loop and delid which is where we are today. So while my final rig value is quite expensive, it was done piece by piece over the course of the last 3 and as half years. Of course, I can say that I am not currently using any parts that were in the original build. Even the memory card ready died at this point. Though, I believe one of my HDD is from the original! We will see how long this rig stays the same, I plan to either add a vertical GPU mount or move to SLI again in the future, but for now the system is awesome and stable and quiet, so what's the rush? Final Superposition score on current system from last night: A brief ish look at the system over time . . . Cheers.
  18. reptileexperts

    Post Your Battle Stations and Build Setups!

    Thanks man! After years of evolution, I am super happy
  19. reptileexperts

    Water Cool RTX 2080 ROG Strix

    You'll end up overpaying for a card that will be harder to water cool and gain 0 benefit. Pickup an nvidia version founders card. They overclock extremely well, the stock cooler pretty much gets you as close to water cooled boosts as any of the other cards, and the fans are not noisy at all. Plus water blocks already exists in a plethora form for them.
  20. reptileexperts

    8700k Delid overclock

    Delid plus 360, 240 rads custom loop does the trick too
  21. reptileexperts

    8700k Delid overclock

    After my delid, it looks like I am able to get to 5.2ghz with 1.46V but it swings to 1.48 which I'm not comfortable outside of benching with (max temp 79). So I am going with 5.1 ghz with 1.43 V with my fans running at ~900 rpm-1100rpm and my cpu cruising around 65 during gaming loads after an hour after an hour of stability testing. Stability test in aida64 CPU, FPU, GPU and cache I saw temps hit 78 for a split second, but by in large stay around 72. Pretty sure I'm safe to run this 24/7, but has anyone read anything to contrast this voltage being bad for coffee lake? I was under the impression if its under 1.5v, and you're under 80, you're safe for 24/7. Thanks, End of stress test Reset for gaming load
  22. reptileexperts

    8700k Delid overclock

    Yeah it’s not a silicone lottery winner. 4.9 is stable at 1.3 5.0 is stable at 1.375 5.1 is usable at 1.41 but not stable during long term stressing. So 1.43 ended up being stable 100% 5.2 boots at 1.435, crashes in benches 1.45 will bench but crashes in stability 1.46 passes stability but swings to 1.48 volts during it. Temperatures are fine, so I can use it for performing random benches. Just trying to decide where I want to leave my system at 24/7. Before the delid I left it at 4.8 1.25 V
  23. Now that my custom loop is finished, delidding my 8700k tonight. I purchased the gasket maker silicon to reseal it, but have seen some controversal mentions of poorer temperatures when resealed and counter - issues when you dont reseal unless its going onto a flat top open air bench. . . So did you reseal if you delidded? What did you use? was there a negative effect? If you left it unsealed, did you have issues vertical mounting? Any shift in the LM treatment? Uneven core temps? Thanks
  24. reptileexperts

    8700k Delid, did you seal it back?

    So delid was completed / resealed last night using VERY little amount of the gasket maker, but I did it around the entire lid after cleaning the PCB and IHS best I could without risking damage. The residual on the PCB was flush and seemingly a stain. Gave it a rough edge to lock to though, so figured it would be OK. Initial delid ignore the excess paste, I smeared it a bit cleaning when I removed it. Cleaned and ready I did get a little more of the black off Felt like this was a perfect amount. Problem was the house was so cold when I went to do the IHS it would not get out of a ball form! I used a lighter to gently heat the IHS then apply and it seemed to work good. 5.1 ghz was achieved seemingly stable, but ran out of time to do any OC test proper. Temps maxed at 68 at 1.415 V for 5.1 Consequently, pre and post delid results! Same voltage, same stress in Aida64 with CPU FPU and Cache stressed. Rain AIDA64 for 1 hour, the second batch I had to restart mid after the delid, so the second half is shown on the timeline. Max temp pre-delid was 88 C, post delid dropped to 64 C, consequently, my GPU temps dropped from 59-61 down to 45-55 as a result of the CPU no longer heating the loop as much. All in all, took a little over 2 hours once I shut the PC down to get it back together and ready to stress after letting the seal cure. I'm a believer.