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  1. Kepler starting performing worse than it was?
  2. Yeah, MSI needs to reconsider their marketing strategy.
  3. @ScootsMcgoots @Lord_Karango17 I've seen some people use an OEM psu for the pump to cycle the water while filling the loop, it's mostly done so that while filling the loop your system is powered down in case of a leak. But it's just for filling the loop, never seen anyone keep it in after that.
  4. AMD FX platform has no IGP and so no display outputs on the motherboard. @CommodoreAxis Might be that something on the case is shorting the motherboard, you could try taking everything out of the case and booting it up on a box or something.
  5. @CommodoreAxis Have you tried moving the graphics card to a different PCIE slot?
  6. It's perfectly fine, doesn't taste as good though.
  7. @Arty the title has pretty much nothing to do with the actual article. The article is about less taxing video playback at all resolutions, and your title is "youtube supports 4K60fps"......which it has for months now. http://www.theverge.com/2015/3/27/8299443/youtube-4k-60fps-videos-star-citizen-k-pop The source you linked is actual news that has yet to be posted, AFAIK, but your title and some of your post is old news
  8. @Misanthrope I never said anything about the app they used to watch her, I was talking generally about any kind of 24/7 surveillance. I also said that it wouldn't make sense to watch somebody 24/7 in any kind of normal setting, I specifically said that it only makes sense in a job where you do not clock out.
  9. Well they post every leak without discretion. I mean if you see 5 dates leaked as possible release dates for a card then any credible tech news publication would ignore it and wait for more solid information, WCCFT however would just post all of the dates.
  10. That's basically what I was thinking, jobs where you're constantly working and don't clock out or go off 'company time'. Like say the President of the U.S, he doesn't just tell the secret service to f*ck off when he's done working.......they follow him around more or less constantly to keep him safe. I mean for jobs where you do the job and go home this clearly wouldn't make sense, but for jobs where you're always working it's less crazy. @Misanthrope
  11. It seems really cool but a youtuber brought up something interesting, for once. I mean this is still a cool product since it's the first drone that's so simple anybody can use it, but the lack of obstacle detection makes it much less appealing especially at the $1000 price point.
  12. Are you just copy and pasting the url into it? Because it only lets do do that when there's no captcha. If there's a captcha you have to proceed through the site as if you were downloading via the browsers integrated download manager and when you click download it'll just use IDM. I only use it for the increased download speed and better download stability. It splits the file into several parts and uses multiple connections with the download server to give you higher speeds.
  13. IDM is the best one I've used to date, tried a lot of them a week or so ago and they don't seem to work as well.
  14. Wonder if this will bring 1080p Netflix to Windows 7.
  15. I agree with all but the last sentence. Fairly sure more than .001% of people don't have your best interest at heart.
  16. For a second I read that as "Reminds me of cases where women have falsely accused me of rape.And then they win because they're good actors."
  17. The i5's IGP is better than the GT720, he's better off staying with IGP if he goes intel.
  18. I'd leave them off, but I doubt it'd make the situation much worse if you put the back on.
  19. I doubt a GT720 can handle 4K video decoding, it probably supports it....but I doubt it'll do so at any decent frame-rate.
  20. Well then I'm sorry to say but I'd say leave it overnight.