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  1. That's one of the advantages of brick and mortar stores, you can see something in person that is otherwise difficult/impossible to convey. I mean more so something like Microcenter, where they have games setup on some five computers with mice and keyboards that you just come in and play on. I haven't been to Microcenter in a while, idk if they've updated the systems with VRR or HDR displays, it's just an example. Obviously still flawed since the room is lit differently than your home would be but it's better than nothing.
  2. Honestly I think his video is valid, yet to be seen how accurate his claims are, but you have to keep in mind that the image you see is not an accurate representation of what he's describing. In other words his point would have been made equally well even if he hadn't referenced the footage. Anytime somebody compares/describes/reviews something like VRR (G-Sync/FreeSync) or HDR the credibility of the review depends entirely on the reviewer's own credibility.
  3. If I understood it right what he claimed was that Nvidia 'calibrated' the brightness, contrast, and gamma on the SDR monitor in a non-optimal way that negatively exaggerated the differences between the two. These settings were different from the factory defaults so he assumes they did so to mislead attendees. Since he said he checked THEIR monitor settings I'd have to assume that he did so at the presentation, you can't really check somebody else's monitor settings on your own monitor.
  4. Yeah, it's a repost unless there was something new here that I missed.
  5. Yeah, I linked the same one in the OP (hyperlinked the KB#) but up to now the page was RIP. Just tried it again and it's up, although the download links redirected to the same error page the first few tries I ended up getting it on the 8th attempt. Thanks , time to patch my mom's pc.
  6. Supposedly there's a Windows XP patch, KB4012598, but the microsoft catalog page is RIP. How would I go about obtaining it?
  7. I think the 3D part of it will be really niche and mostly irrelevant, the motion tracking on the other hand is probably what will interest and actually be used by a majority of people to make memes, parodies, and other fun content (e.g. @TrumpDraws, pc vs consoles, pc vs peasants, pc vs 24fps, Dota 2 Moana, etc).
  8. Actually they do, if you click on the blue number in the chart it'll take you to a new page that shows all the power supplies tested from company X that met certification requirements Y. Here's the page you're taken to when you click on Certification ETA B x Corsair. Alternatively you can just click on the manufacturer name at the left side of the chart and it shows all of the power supplies that have been tested for that manufacturer on one page. Here's the page you're taken to when you click on Corsair. Here's the page it takes you to when you click on the Graphic Chart button, not sure how useful it is to view everything at once since wattage makes everything else disappear but since they have toggles I guess it's fine. Although I don't understand what the author of the press release meant by since not a single power supply, regardless of brand, has passed the highest level of certifications, ETA A+. Maybe they're referring to the LAMBDA A++ rating , which the 3 Seasonic PRIME 80+ Titanium units all achieve. It's important to note that when they say PRIME units they later clarify that they're referring to the flagship Titanium spec ones (SSR-xxxTD), not the 80+ gold PRIME units (SSR-xxxGD. EDIT: Looked through their other press releases and they specifically talked about having retested the PRIME units in their new anechoic chamber where they recorded even lower noise levels, so it seems highly likely they were talking about the LAMBDA noise rating and not the ETA efficiency rating. Since then they've tested two units with lower output noise, 15.25 dB(A) by an AeroCool unit which I can't find anywhere (ACP-650FP7) and 0.00 dB(A) by Silverstone's passive NightJar (NJ520). By the way, while looking for the Aerocool unit I found an easter egg. BOW BEFORE YOUR 90+ OVERLORDS! Really shady way of dressing up what would otherwise be an 80+ gold unit to make it look as if it's better than everything else currently on the market.
  9. IMO most of the people that are upset aren't upset over AMD bundling an ad with their driver, Nvidia has been putting inline promo images into their drivers for as long as I can remember; people are probably getting upset because they're associating this shortcut with all those bloatware wrapper web installers (e.g. Softonic, Brothersoft, CNET, etc) and what you see here are their knee-jerk reactions. Had AMD integrated an ad into the installer like Nvidia does, with a "Sign up now" hyperlink over a Quake promo image to the same exact page, rather than placing a shortcut on the desktop, nobody would have thought twice about it.
  10. Initially only had the 970m bit to add clarity as to how it compares in performance to similar deals (sub $1k laptops w/ GPU, SSD, & HDD), decided to tack on the 960 desktop part just to remind people that the performance jump between the lower end SKUs was significant enough to warrant buying current gen x50 over last gen x60. This hasn't always been the case.
  11. The MSI GL62M 7RD-058 is $769 currently, the promo code NAFCRPTF01 gives a $30 discount and expires in approx. an hour and a half as of publishing this post, no idea whether it'll go back up to the $800-$1000 price point it was at before or whether the drop to $799 was a permanent one. Usually at this price point you'll either get discrete graphics (940mx - 1060) and the option of either a 1TB HDD or 128-512GB SSD OR an iGPU with an SSD and HDD, AFAIK you typically won't get the trifecta of an SSD, HDD, and worthwhile discrete graphics until you go past the $1000 price bracket. Specs are as follows: 15.6" 1080p display GTX 1050 w/ 2GB VRAM (comparable to GTX 960 desktop or gtx 970m) i7 7300HQ (4c/8t) 128GB SSD 1TB HDD 8GB RAM
  12. Better images @GzeroD please delete my post.
  13. This is actually a sale, whether it lasts forever like their other "sales" is another story. I understand that you just meant that microcenter always has their some $50 discount + combo discounts, however, on the launch of Ryzen the newsletter microcenter sent out had the MSRP prices and they only now discounted the 1700X.
  14. What do those results, the Cinebench score for instance, mean? Cinebench is supposed to give you an idea of how well your hardware will perform in rendering workloads; what if Ryzen is (somehow) tuned to perform better in Cinebench than it would in a normal rendering workload though? @Sampsy already addressed this earlier in this thread. But I'm sure you'd ( @SamStrecker) argue that as anybody could achieve the same result with their VW that it's fine the emissions test results weren't representing the actual amount of exhaust being released into the environment. We don't know what these settings actually do, so this is a bit sensationalistic, but anyone saying that this doesn't matter is delusional.
  15. I could be wrong but he sounded sarcastic when he said that.
  16. Who thought that this was a good idea?
  17. link Almost definitely a pricing error and they probably won't honor it, no reason not to try though right? Regular price is $200.