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  1. HarryNyquist

    User comments can now get your YouTube videos demonetized.

    Demonetizing videos benefits YouTube. The less money they have to pay out to a creator the better. I think youtube takes like 30% of ad revenue on monetized vids. By removing monetization entirely YouTube now doesn't have to pay the creator 70% of the revenue, and only takes 30% as a loss.
  2. HarryNyquist

    YouTube changes it's Community Guidelines strike system

    Good LORD that's harsh. That's way worse than it was. Small Youtubers without an MCN are gonna get fucked by this.
  3. HarryNyquist

    Your 8 char random password now means nothing

    To make an accurate dictionary for that particular stack, you'd have to know the pepper value, then you'd have to replicate the random salt that bcrypt uses to hash each password. That doesn't sound like it'd be particularly vulnerable to a dictionary attack to me, especially since the bcrypt salt+hash string is hashed with that unknown pepper value.
  4. So it ends up being the Scunthorpe problem again? Gee, maybe they should actually be looking at the channels/videos they're removing instead of trusting a dumb bot to do it.
  5. HarryNyquist

    Petition to stop 5G trials in the Southwest UK

    Yes. In fact, let's make them perfect parabolas so any errant microwaves get shoved directly into their heads.
  6. How does something like this even occur.
  7. HarryNyquist

    Trakt.tv data breach from 2014

    "But it's encrypted! No one can possibly get at the plain text!" -- "Security Analyst" with an Associate's degree in Game Programming
  8. That's how mafia works. No seriously. They need legal and physical protection. They're on lists now.
  9. HarryNyquist

    Facebook secretly pays users for complete access to their data

    Number of people who should be shocked by this: 0
  10. https://css-tricks.com/dark-modes-with-css/ Depends, does the software support custom CSS?
  11. HarryNyquist

    Is this safe?

    Sure, I exaggerated a bit. It's still stupid to grey market the OS. Cut costs on the fancy RGB everything instead of the relatively low cost of the operating system. It's like buying a $3500 tempur-pedic mattress, but then not buying any sheets for it because the sheets are $130 for that particular bed (with Professional sheets for $200) You already spent $3500 on the bed. It's silly. If you couldn't afford the nice sheets then why did you buy a $3500 bed. You could have bought the $2500 edition that would work just as well but maybe be slightly less flashy and then have been able to afford the nice sheets.
  12. HarryNyquist

    Good deal?

    For other countries: 600 GBP = 784.37 USD 1048.15 CAD 688.65 EUR Seems maybe a bit much for 8GB of ram and a GTX 960. But not that bad, considering.
  13. HarryNyquist

    Is this safe?

    I still don't understand why anyone would grey-market their operating system. Like sure, it's expensive, but if it stops working you can't use the fucking computer anymore*. (*unless you're willing to deal with Linux + Wine/Proton and all the stuff that goes with that, that is. Even with that, there is some software that will only run 100% properly on Windows)
  14. HarryNyquist

    Chrome may soon break Ad-Blockers

    Yea. I used it for a while but switched when Firefox Quantum dropped. I was shocked at how much RAM Firefox DOESN'T use compared to Chrome. The WebExtensions crap is a different story, but at least it still allows uBlock to work...
  15. Only the first bug number returns anything related to SCP. The other 3 don't return anything. Am I missing something? https://cve.mitre.org/cgi-bin/cvename.cgi?name=CVE-2018-20685 And this one looks to be fixed: https://github.com/openssh/openssh-portable/commit/6010c0303a422a9c5fa8860c061bf7105eb7f8b2 So I'm a bit confused.
  16. HarryNyquist

    Best way to give out passwords?

    LastPass offers a paid team/enterprise option. You should use that if you're already using LastPass. Giving out the password to a personal LastPass account is almost certainly 1) a violation of their TOS and 2) reducing the security of the LastPass vault as a whole. https://www.lastpass.com/business-password-manager
  17. HarryNyquist

    Windows 7 enters its last year of support

    It's not just that. I've seen and heard plenty of projects and applications for linux attempt to make Linux more accessible to people scared of bash-4.2$ and every time I see people vehemently criticize those applications. They say things like "you can't use linux without using the command line," or, "just read the man page" when the man page is written by someone with a depth of technical knowledge and not a common user, or, "if you can't use the command line then fuck off back to windows," or etc etc. The list could go on for ages. Linux is absolutely ready for widespread desktop usage. It has been for years. But the current users don't want "their" OS corrupted by the heathens that used Windows and want common-user-level support.
  18. HarryNyquist

    Windows 7 enters its last year of support

    I've been hearing this since Windows 8 and macOS Sierra. It hasn't happened yet. Too much elitism around Linux to attract a casual user base.
  19. HarryNyquist

    Wondering if this looks good?

    Hey all, I've tasked myself with interfacing with something very legacy at work, and I'm wondering if this code looks good or if this can be done a better way. The gist: Legacy application returns a pipe-delimited '|' string with two lists: a list of database column names and a list or lists of the data in those columns. Right now I'm concentrating on tables with a single record, so this code may not work with multiple sets of data. I will fix that once I figure out how the legacy application deals with multiple rows of data. The lists run parallel with each other; retrieving data by index in the data list/s using a column index will retrieve data corresponding to that column. E.g., if I have 4 columns, then each data list will have a length of 4, and data[0] corresponds to column[0]. I wanted to make this generic because of the large & varied amount/type of information this legacy app can send back. And no, before anyone asks, modifying the legacy app to make it return something nicer than pipe-delimited strings is 100% impossible. public static T MapToObject<T>(string[] columnArray, string[] dataArray) { var newObject = Activator.CreateInstance<T>(); var properties = newObject.GetType().GetProperties(); foreach (var prop in properties) { var indexOfData = Array.IndexOf(columnArray, prop.Name.ToUpper()); prop.SetValue(newObject, dataArray[indexOfData]); } return newObject; } I'm wondering if this is the best way to do this or if I'm missing something that may make this a bit cleaner. Thanks!
  20. Hard pass on that one. HAAARD pass.
  21. HarryNyquist

    Walmart patent to listen to every sound

    Not like intel agencies or the original creators would be able to sue; that would definitively reveal the existence of the technology. Even if snowden leaked it, they have to give the "can't confirm/can't deny" answer unless it's been officially declassified.
  22. Agreed. Much like Valve's VAC, telling people that you know of vulnerability X and criteria Y will only make people eliminate X and Y. Keeping it secret except to those who need-to-know makes security much more effective.
  23. HarryNyquist

    Password managers

    I personally use Dashlane. There's also LastPass. Both of those are subscription based. You could use KeePass or Enpass as well, which are free (the Enpass mobile app isn't free).
  24. HarryNyquist

    Stop Spam Calling

    I think this got covered a while back, but there's no current way to block these kinds of calls because there's no identity verification on phone numbers. Scammers will just spoof the number the call came from to a "valid" number and boom, it's now a call from somewhere else. I think the FCC is planning to implement some kind of identity verification, but until then you just have to ignore the calls.