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  1. Man, all Samsung's ads criticizing Apple for their anti-consumer moves are looking REAL ironic about now...
  2. Facebook Employees Criticize Campaign Against Apple in Leaked Comments - MacRumors Not even Facebook believes Facebook, lmao
  3. Don't give them an inch. Buying a tesla is easily 50,000+ USD. If that's not enough to cover their R&D for this feature, then the cars are priced too low. It's very John Deere-y. The mile they take will be disabling your car if you put an non-OEM oil filter and non-OEM oil in your car at a non-OEM shop or on your own.
  4. Yeah "just" having a felony on record. I too would like to never have a paying job again or be able to vote or have freedom of movement because I accidentally heard 5 seconds of a Pink Floyd song in an ad on YouTube. Felonies are absolutely not a joke or something to "just" have.
  5. The EFF's brief, if anyone is interested. It's the most professional "eat shit and go to hell" I think I've ever read. https://github.com/github/dmca/blob/master/2020/11/2020-11-16-RIAA-reversal-effletter.pdf
  6. Maybe they can fix the utterly shit performance the game has. Also, lol get rekt Ubisoft. I have no sympathy for that company.
  7. its github being taken down is meaningless. Git is a distributed version control system. Everyone that's ever cloned it has a full copy of the history of the project (including presumably the developers themselves) Literally all they have to do is create a new repository somewhere else and re-point their local repositories to the new remote and push.
  8. Lame. Also, isn't this a RTG like they use on spacecraft? If this ISN'T vaporware then this could be a very very good thing. Especially if it's using "waste" material. Double also, from the techcrunch source: That might be a problem for smartphones and other expected-splashproof/waterproof electronics.
  9. Epic played stupid games, and have won stupid prizes. The fact that all these companies have come out "against" Apple at once makes me super suspicious about how well-organized this is. They had the suit ready in hours, an ad campaign ready in hours, multiple big-name companies with them in days, and throughout all of this, everyone has forgotten it was also nuked from the Google Play Store for the exact same reason it was nuked from the Apple App Store.
  10. Not to mention that Epic had a lawsuit and ad campaign up within hours of them doing this change. This was premeditated. They fully intended to get nuked, and now they're hoping that they can dunk on Apple despite the fact that 1) precedent is against them and 2) this was so clearly an arranged conflict that it can do nothing but hurt Epic's case more.
  11. ITT: People forget that Google also removed it from their store too for violating the same rule. In fact, everyone should know that Apple's rules and Google's rules on what can and can't be in the app store are basically identical. The sole difference is that on Android you're free to sideload. Google even takes the same huge cut. Epic violated the rules of both stores, but y'all are only calling Apple names.
  12. $1400 USD Doesn't include the pen but supports it No NFC(???) No wireless charging(??????) No 5G Relatively tiny camera compared to other offerings in that price range "Great effort" this isn't IMO. I fail to see how hard it would be to include an NFC coil or Qi coil in that bulk of a device. Also no 5G will be a severe limiting factor on the lifespan of the device (if the hinge isn't a big enough one already...) I'm glad it's not a """flexible""" screen but still... that's a lot for not at all that much.
  13. Ah wonderful. Can't wait for my parents to blow through their cap. Also can't wait to blow through my cap reinstalling a game or reinstalling windows. Fuck everything dude. What the fuck.
  14. Does this affect the functionality of VPNs over there? I'm not sure on how those work.
  15. Man, Microsoft, every day you really push me more into trying to install Ubuntu as my daily driver. Fuck that shit.
  16. @rcmaehl here's something for Google: https://arstechnica.com/gadgets/2020/07/google-wants-samsung-to-kill-bixby-galaxy-app-store/
  17. Just because you're not paranoid doesn't mean they're not out to get you
  18. It's a real pain in the butt to do that, though, especially for an application that sounds rather simple like this. Technically WinForms can do data binding and MVVM too, just as technically WPF can behave like this. Try adding "AcceptsTab" to your Textbox. https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/dotnet/api/system.windows.controls.primitives.textboxbase.acceptstab?redirectedfrom=MSDN&view=netcore-3.1#System_Windows_Controls_Primitives_TextBoxBase_AcceptsTab