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  • CPU
    Dual E5-2680 v3 @ 2.5 GHZ (24 cores, 48 threads)
  • Motherboard
    Supermicro X10DAi
  • RAM
    128GB Corsair
  • GPU
    EVGA GTX 980 Ti
  • Case
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    EVO 850 500 GB SSD
  • PSU
    EVGA Supernova 1300 G2
  • Display(s)
    HP ZR30w
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    matlas Quiet Pro Keyboard
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    Basic Microsoft Optical Mouse
  • Operating System
    Windows 10 Professional

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  1. I just received this notice from PayPal. Is this intentional? If there is a more appropriate place for this, please let me know. Edit: Disregard. It wasn't flagged as 'important' so I missed the message titled: "Floatplane is migrating!" Edit2: Message contents below for forum posterity: Hello there! As you may have heard, we are moving from the LTT forums to our official site, floatplane.com, and that means that your payments will be moving too! Here’s what we need you to do to move over with us! We’ve cancelled all recurring payments that had been set up on the LTT forum, and your next step will be to manually setup payments on floatplane.com. If you had a monthly subscription on the LTT forum, you will have access on floatplane.com until the end of the paid for subscription. Once your access stops, just re-subscribe on floatplane.com, and everything will resume as normal! If you had a yearly subscription, please email support@floatplane.com with your forum account name and your floatplane.com account name, and we’ll help you directly from there in order to make sure that you receive all the remaining months that you’ve paid for! Thanks for being awesome, Joe Floatplane Media support@floatplane.com
  2. That's called G-Code. I used to be a CNC machinist from 2007-2009. Fun job. Though they had me doing a CNC Programmer's job, but oh well.
  3. I just realized: I might be scoring 10.7 vs 11 due to running two 2560x1600 displays off of this thing.
  4. Indeed, it appears largely GPU bound. I just found it interesting that it reports it incorrectly.
  5. I think this program is incapable of going beyond 32 cores. I have 48 logical cores (24 physical cores with hyper-threading.) I'm upset that it had a hiccup near the end, oh well. Edit: Rig Name: Workstation CPU: Dual Xeon E5-2680v3 GPU: Evga Gtx 980 Ti Ram: 128GB Score: 10.7
  6. In February I started my first programming job. I'm an autodidact and there's no jobs locally within 130 miles so I had to get very lucky to get a remote gig. My major languages are C#, javascript, SQL, and my own language OILexer (used to write languages.) I write Server-side services using the WCF, web applications using MVC 5 and C# (the Razor engine rocks) and I assist in building the client application which is the ISV I work for's major bread winner. I frequently write tools to get things done using WPF due to its flexibility. My preference is towards code automation.
  7. Here's hoping I don't have to upgrade later to 256GB... or hoping I do?
  8. You're welcome to not like it, but your "Extreme Gamer cutting edge 10 points Xbox Live points for CoD" doesn't make a lick of sense. This must be an esoteric anonymous gathering...
  9. Honestly I liked the case. Though the second downside of a small outfit that builds workstations: there were ... like three case options. This was the only one with a side window.
  10. More of a business decision than a fun factor decision. It was replacing the system I use for my day job, so it had to be, above all else, stable, I don't overclock and my temps in my old build were atrocious. I just don't have the time to invest in getting it 'perfect' on cable management or air flow. The company used did a fantastic job, CPU in load hasn't breached the 50c mark. The GPU fan almost never turns on. It's super quiet (well, comparatively quiet), and my requirement towards stability was the real deciding factor.
  11. I used to run on a Core i7 980x from a build back in 2010 and decided that 12GB of ram just wasn't enough given my new job means I work at home. I needed something that scaled really well, and could run server class software (SQL Server Developer Edition, IIS, Asp.NET, et cetera), and when I needed to flex I didn't have to worry about the cpu power being there. I thought at first of getting an octocore 5960x, but after reviewing my options, I decided I'd go a step further: workstation hardware. What I ended up with was as follows: Dual Xeon E5-2680 v3 Dodeca-core processors @ 2.5 GHz (24 physical cores with hyperthreading for 48 logical cores) 128GB Corsair Memory in 8x16 GB Memory Modules Samsung EVO 850-500GB SSD 1xEVGA GTX 980 Ti Haf-X Case EVGA Supernova 1300 G2 PSU Supermicro X10DAi The hardest part was making the decision to offload the build onto a custom system builder out of New York (I built the i7 980x myself). In spending that much on a system, I just didn't want to take the chance of botching the hardware, and the company used did over a week of burn-in testing with two days alone on the RAM (I... didn't really test mine when I built it, I thought: it boots! Didn't have an issue in five years.) A majority of this is for the processing power. I'm a programmer by trade, but I also like to code on my own time in a domain that lends well to manycore processing. My goal was to go from processing times of two+ hours to 30 minutes. In testing it fluctuates between 20-87% CPU usage (it's fast enough the 'sections' that utilize the cores don't last long!) I also found that concurrency issues that would've occurred rarely with 12 cores (the original build) frequently to nearly always occur with 48 cores. The RAM choice was due to frequently having Explorer say that I needed to close things or risk losing data, even in my day to day operations. In my personal project, right after I ordered it, I implemented memoisation and the ram use dropped by an exponential factor (10GB-> Less than a few hundred MB, this also sped things up, the two hour runtime was 10 hour run times, also funny how I shaved more time off by optimizing than upgrading!) I'm also happy with a Cinebench R15 score of roughtly 3200 (+/- a few based on background tasks.) I've attached a few pictures for reference, the company was JNCS. I admit they do better at cable management than I do. The only real loose cable is the one on the side panel fan, which you can't do a whole lot with. I would show a side view inside but the ... 288mm ( ? ) fan has a bad habit of disconnecting when removing the side.