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    where google maps can't find me


  • CPU
    i7 4770K
  • Motherboard
    Asus VII Ranger
  • RAM
    Corsair Vengence 16GB 2400Mhz 2x8GB
  • GPU
    GTX 980 G1 Gaming
  • Case
    CM Storm Scout 2
  • Storage
    2xWD Blue 1TB 1xWD Black2TB 2xSamsung 840PRO 256Gb
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    ASUS VX239H
  • Cooling
    CM Hyper 412s
  • Keyboard
    Logitech G105 Gamnig
  • Mouse
    Razer Deathadder
  • Sound
    Logitech G930 7.1
  • Operating System
    Windows 8.1 Pro x64

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  1. Salazar

    Screen turns off

    I sent you a DM with it.
  2. Salazar

    Screen turns off

    A 750ti is old enough to run on Windows 7 without major issues especially since Nvidia discontinued supplying any new features for it in the new drivers (I call em dummy drivers), especially if its a fresh install. I can't say for sure its not the hard drive but its less likely to be since you got a "no input" notification on your monitor, and HDD issues usually cause losing data randomly or blue screens due to crashes rather then loosing display signal. RAM tho, can cause such issue yet again its less likely to. I used to have different issue with GTX980 where the monitor would randomly flicker or turn on and off even without hitting a high load, the issue was power as I had the washing machine plugged in to the same outlet as my PC, weird AF but it was a power limit nonetheless.
  3. Salazar

    Screen turns off

    You can start by checking your temps, and monitor your hardware while you're playing with RTSS and Msi afterburner or something, check if you're hitting any limits, cause what I understand you face this issue after playing for 20mins which is enough time for the hardware to heat up or reach some limits.
  4. Salazar

    Problems with new monitor in dual monitor setup

    That'll help him alt tab faster but it usually reduces the FPS in most games, if I remember correctly its something that has to do with the windows display driver module. What Id like to confirm is if that happens with all games or just some specific ones, also another question I have, is your desktop refresh rate set to the same refresh rate you're running in your games? I had a similar issue before running almost same configuration, a 120hz main monitor and a 60hz side one, whenever I alt tab it takes quite the time and its sluggish as hell, running in window mode decreases the performance even more so I stopped tabing completely, my desktop was running a 60hz while the games at 120hz when I synced these two together the issue just stopped but it might be my case only and my GPU can't tell but its something you can check (Had a GTX980 on the main monitor and the iGPU HD4600 on the side one).
  5. Salazar


    If its some permission issue you can try the bootable version of minitools partition software, another trick you can try is plugging the SSD as an external device if you have a sata to usb adapter, trying it on another computer is also an option. I don't believe SSDs or HDDs have a slider for read only mode.
  6. Salazar

    Looking for compatibility help

    They're compatible yes, but why don't you wait for the new Ryzen to launch? you'll only wait for a bit and you don't have to go AMD you just won't regret choosing the wrong platform later, especially considering the price difference while not loosing much performance, if any!
  7. Salazar

    monitor throught iGPU unresponsive

    That certainly sucks, I remember with the old Kaveri we were able to even crossfire the iGPU with the dedicated one, the support was bad and all but the option existed, meeh.
  8. Salazar

    Windows 7 in 2019

    Totally true, Win 10 is in no way inferior! it performs better, it got more support, it got more features, the only reason you might use Win 7 is for compatibility issues for older software or something, and most of the time the tiny features that Win 7 has and were removed in Win 10 can be replaced or brought back by third party tools as well. If you just want something lighter on the resources Linux is always an option, a better one!
  9. Salazar

    Anybody know the answer

    If you're "Premade " NAS doesn't use some sort of RAID configuration, and a normal NTFS file system, YES. If it does use RAID its kinda complicated depending on which RAID it uses, be careful with this one as you might end up loosing the data. If its running linux for example or uses ext3/4 or another as a file system your windows PC might not be able to read the data directly. Check which Nas you have first that's what I recommend.
  10. Salazar

    Pc starting but not really?

    So does it power on and off repeatedly or doesn't turn on at all? Before you dismount stuff you can try resetting the BIOS, if there is a faulty configuration this might help. If it doesn't help, remove all unnecessary components and use one stick of memory in the first slot, and plug your display to the integrated graphics on the motherboard, if nothing yet try the 2nd stick of memory instead. If you're motherboard has a debugger LED that can help you a lot to identify the issue!
  11. I believe its fine actually, even when Idle its gonna be doing something somehow (windows..), and whenever it ramps up the frequency the temps will go up a bit and then down again. Quick example my 4770k, got a good cooler, 30/32c when doing nothing, opening up Chrome it goes up to like 40c then comes back down to 30c, when monitoring cpu activity, frequency and temps together, the moment I open something the CPU usage goes up for a moment so is the frequency and the temps as well. And besides that, 34-47c is quite normal and nothing to worry about. If you'd like to make sure all is good you can try a stresstest and monitor your max temps, if they're averaging a good number then you're probably more than fine.
  12. The guide is correct by the way, A1+B1/A3 and A2+B2/A4 is the correct configuration for dual channel, some motherboards won't work at all if you try a different config. But it seems you have a problem somehow and you only have to test. So you don't waste lots of time testing, start with the small changes, check the slots, reset the BIOS, if nothing works dismount the cooler and remove the CPU, check the pins and CPU, consider cleaning as well as dust might do a thing idk, and hopefully you'll get somewhere.
  13. So if I understand correctly your PC won't boot if you put your RAM in dual channel mode! correct me if Im wrong! I had a similar issue before (also Asus motherboard, Rog 7 Ranger) but before, can you check and try only one stick of memory in each slot one by one and see if it boots? so you can check if one of the slots is faulty. If it boots and you get a display in all four slots with one stick, then hopefully your slots are fine. A1 and A2 is what you used to run them in right? and when you use either A1+A3 or A2+A4 which is dual channel it doesn't work right!? When I had this issue before I contacted Asus support and somehow they didn't help with a thing but I found a thread in their forums that instructed me to insert only one stick into the first slot A1, boot the PC and reset the bios to its default, shut down, insert the second stick in the third slot A3/B1 and that did it for me. For a while at least, after a month or so the same issue appeared even tho I didn't change the configuration and the same trick didn't work, after more hassling what fixed it for me was removing the cooler and the CPU and remounting it, according to another forum a badly seated CPU or bad contact for some pins might lead to some weird behaviors in the memory controller, I didn't understand how it helped as Im quite careful when I clean my PC but it helped nonetheless. Thought Id explain my case. So what you'd want to try first is resetting the BIOS, you can try booting with one stick and resetting it from the menus if it doesn't help then you might need to jump/remove the cmos battery. If it doesn't help you can try re seating the CPU.
  14. Salazar

    Connecting external HDD to Android phone

    If OTG isn't locked then the next issue you'll need to check is how much power you phone can supply (example when you charge another device through OTG) and for this one you'll have to test it I guess. For ROOT, Android by default doesn't support NTFS file system, probably the one on your hard drive, so depending on if there is a way to access NTFS storage without Root access, you might need to root the device. Give this a try " https://techpp.com/2015/06/25/how-to-enable-ntfs-support-on-android-with-without-root/ " I just found it so I can't confirm if it works or not as I always root my phones.
  15. Salazar

    Connecting external HDD to Android phone

    You'll be looking at 2.5inch drives, and yes it will be plug and play just like a normal computer but the main issue will be your phone! It has to supply enough power, you gotta patch it to support NTFS file system and that requires ROOT access (not sure if a non-root method exists), and just as a little note! some brands disable OTG completely on their phones so even a usb pen drive might not work.