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    i7 4770K
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    Asus VII Ranger
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    Corsair Vengence 16GB 2400Mhz 2x8GB
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    GTX1070ti Twin Frozr, GTX 980 G1 Gaming
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    CM Storm Scout 2
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    2xWD Blue 1TB 1xWD Black2TB 2xSamsung 840PRO 256Gb
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    ASUS VX239H
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    CM Hyper 412s
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    Logitech G105 Gamnig
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    Razer Deathadder
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    Logitech G930 7.1
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    Windows 10 LTSC 1809 x64

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  1. Back with windows 7 I used a program called windows 7 boot updater, I am not sure if its gonna work with W10 (it should) but you can give it a shot, Its free.
  2. Sorry there for replying late. The main goal should be identifying the issue, being able to swap as many components as possible will help identify the fault part faster, another monitor, another can, another GPU, another complete different system. Since your brother got a system of his own with no issues, try your monitor and your cables with his system and try to put some load or play a game for few minutes, if all is perfect then your monitor and cable are fine, if some problem appears, try swapping the cable first to test if its a monitor issue, or use your cable with your brother's monitor. If that didn't help identify the issue, swap GPUs or test yours in his system. It might be a memory issue as well as faulty RAM can cause display issues but again, you'll have to test and see. For the driver part, as I said Radeon drivers are in a bit messy situation lately but I have an Nvidia card I can't really talk about my experience.
  3. Your GPU ran fine with furmark, you also mentioned Apex did well. I won't say your card is a 100% pure and works fine, I can't judge if I can't test myself but it seems to be running fine in my opinion. For the firestrike benchmark score difference, again if its a minor difference then you're okay cause even the slightest difference in hardware can lead to either a jump or a step, forward or backward in score, even a simple restart of the OS can effect the score. Also as its a benchmark, a 1000 score difference isn't as bad as 20FPS difference, its pure luck whether you can find someone with exactly same build to compare to but if the hardware is performing as advertised in most cases then in my opinion, its actually fine. Windows can go nuts when it wants to, drivers can crash, a random background process whether its a user program or a windows hidden one can make a difference in some cases, its really hard to get an exact or accurate value cause there is so many variables, so you just have to average it! try some games, some software, if you're averaging acceptable results for the hardware you have then all good.
  4. Sorry for replying late. If the RAM is working perfectly and a clean windows does nothing. Maybe check and reset your BIOS if you have some custom/overclock settings applied, or try booting a Linux distro from another drive. I mentioned Linux as its quite stable, another drive cause I said, a faulty storage can cause such issues as well. The only other obvious issue would be a incorrectly seated CPU, as the memory controller might not work as intended if not all the pins are in proper contact, that's a problem that I personally had before with a similar system actually (ROG 7 Ranger and 4770K). Cleaning the components and re-plugging them one by one and testing at each phase helps identify the faulty component if there is any. A faulty GPU can also cause display problems, since the 4790K got a iGPU you can unplug your GTX970 and try running the system using the HD4600, see if that does anything. I would've said it might also be a compatibility issue but if the issue didn't start from day one its pretty hard to confirm.
  5. I believe the 5700xt got more than one DP right? try switching from one to the other, or even try the HDMI since your monitor got that as well. Trying another monitor with both DP and HDMI will decide if its a port issue GPU/monitor or just the monitor itself. Im not sure if you'll get any display by using the HDMI within your motherboard that's supposed to be used with the APU but you can try that as well to see if its a GPU issue, or just try another GPU if you have any. It might also be an AMD driver issue, but Im not sure, there is a lot of problems recently with the Radeon drivers.
  6. As I said, refrain from using the gigabyte app msi afterburner is the better solution even for non msi cards. Since the GPU usage can go up to +97% on furmark then its probably fine, and since your CPU usage is fine as well then there is probably no bottleneck, as I said the 4770 is still a solid option, Im personally using a 4770K which is probably the same thing just overclockable. For AC I can assure you its a game issue, I played it back when it was released, and like a year ago after all the updates for both the drivers and the game itself. It ran better than when back it was just released but it still sucked, and yes the GPU usage fluctuated quite a bunch, and this is quite known for many AC titles. Adding insults to injuries, the buggy windows being windows, drivers, support for the new architecture as I highly doubt ubisoft will fix anything in an old game to run better for newer hardware. If you have other games, that are known to be quite stable and perform well, you can try running them (in exclusive full screen) and compare your FPS to someone with similar hardware online, if there is no more than lets say 8/10 fps difference then you're probably fine, if there is a severe difference then, and just then I might start blaming the hardware.
  7. Yeaaa, but I would never pair a 3900x with a b350, not sure if it'll even work to be honest. Also, at least for the 1st gen Ryzen 2933Mhz vs 3200Mhz won't yield that much of a difference anyway, so if its stable at that frequency then it should be enough. If you're going to upgrade the CPU to a 3900x, if you need that much power in the first place and can afford it, you might just wanna upgrade the whole thing and insure compatibility and best performance out of it.
  8. I am not sure exactly as I never had an AMD system before, especially not Ryzen (willing to). Reset your BIOS and enable DOCP profile, but don't set the frequency manually, save restart and check.
  9. Even tho I don't like running it a lot but you can try Furmark, its pretty much prime95 for the GPU. Run it for couple of minutes and check the usuage, if its hits 97-99% then your gpu is good, the boost clock is more related to power and temperature instead of usage. From the AC screenshot, I can see the CPU isn't hitting a 100% but again that's the overall usage, check individual cores usage as not every game can make use of the whole CPU, if one or two cores are always 100% while the rest are like 20% or something, then it might, just might be a cpu bottleneck, again! I would recommend you to use valley or heaven to test instead of game (especially AC, I really mean it, you never test with this). One more thing to mention, the gaming mode vs oc mode vs rgb mode vs idk whatever (I really hate those terms) cycle between them and check which one is supposed to provide a higher frequency (its supposed to be OC mode but idk, every OEM is different), I would also recommend using msi after burner even if its a gigabyte card, its just a better software for the job.
  10. Don't use the game to check for bottlenecks, at least not AC.
  11. I doubt its a CPU bottleneck, the i7 4770 is still solid and probably enough for the 1660. Forget Assassin's creed for a bit, and run a benchmark like heaven or valley and check the numbers, you can't rely on games to tell the numbers as there are many variables; game optimization, drivers, windows being windows, some hardware issue, etc... . You can't know which one is which using a game, especially not AC, they're not known for the best optimization, I even had issues with it when I played it with my 980 and 1070ti.
  12. I am not sure exactly what you're saying, is the RAM set to 3200mhz and want to push it even further, or is at base 2400mhz and wanna enable the high performance profile (XMP/DOCP). If its the first then you can't just overclock any RAM stick, sometimes you'll need to tune the timing, the voltage and other settings to get it stable, so its no surprise is crashing. If its the second one, look for the DOCP/XMP or whatever the name for the high speed profile, you can enable it within the BIOS and it will automatically adjust the frequency and the voltage according to the manufacture's specification .
  13. Just to mention, BSOD doesn't really have to be from your memory or CPU, even if the BSOD error code says so, windows is just crap, also increasing or decreasing the page file does nothing. If you believe its the RAM you can try memtest86 or the built in windows memory diagnose tool, set it to full scan or whatever they call that option and let it run, although I prefer memtest86. Removing the memory sticks and trying them one by one can help identify the faulty stick if there is any. If you suspect its just windows being windows you can try booting a linux distro from a USB stick, and try browsing, and doing regular stuff and see if it crashes or not. It can also be a faulty driver, or windows messing with drivers or something, if the linux distro goes all well, a fresh install of windows might do the trick. I do recommend you try the memory test and linux distro first before attempting to play with the hardware, if the issue still persists, try resetting your bios, unplug everything maybe clean the components, check if the CPU is seated well as it can lead to some memory issues, and try again. Another thing that might cause a BSOD is a faulty hard drive, as some windows components might be broken or missing. My apologies I can't view the dump you provided Im not on my personal computer, but you can check what I mentioned above.
  14. Besides using a little extra power, nothing really. Back with windows 7 It would disable windows aero if you disable the igpu even if the dgpu is active, but that's about it.