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  1. Points taken. Will ask around a bit more before buying. My reasoning for being confident in this move is that even if it doesn't go up and I sell it back with the same price, I won't lose money, it will have to go down more than it is for me to lose money. I'm just holding back a bit because I have no real experience in reselling online and don't know how fast I'll be able to find buyers .
  2. Maybe not a shortage, but I'm pretty sure we won't see prices this low in a while. Let's assume it won't be a 50% increase in price, but even with a 25% increase (that's the price going back to normal) that's still a good profit margin.
  3. From what I've seen, the earliest we'll see DDR5 on the market will be 2022 and even then will be a slow shift.
  4. I mean, I obviously only need 1 kit, I think this is a great investment opportunity, that's why I'm asking if this is an all time low and it's all going up from here (price wise). Saw Linus say this is due to Covid and sellers stacking up on too much memory so there is a surplus on the market.
  5. Saw that memory prices are currently at an all time low. Is it wise to invest ~1k $ to buy 10 kits of G.Skill Ripjaws V, DDR4, 32 GB, 3200 MHz, CL16 ? 1 kit is currently 123$ in my country. I want to keep one and resell the other 9 at a later date (maybe 1 year from now). I am almost sure it will go up but have no experience with reselling on the internet. Suggestions?
  6. thank you for the replies, I think I am going buy a HDMI 1.4 cable and try it out, and if it can't do 144, I'll return it
  7. well, that's the thing, I have no idea what HDMI version my laptop has, as is not listed anywhere on the site or the product box itself. Same for the display. Unfortunately there is no DP logo near the type-C port. Does that mean that I can't use a DP adapter for 1080p 144hz content?
  8. So i bought a Lenovo Legion Y520(i5 with 1050ti version) and I have this 144Hz display. I want to know if I can drive the display(that is, 1080p-144Hz) using the ports that I have on my laptop. These are the ports specified on the site that I bought the laptop from: 2 x USB 3.0 1 x USB 2.0 1 x HDMI 1 x RJ-45 1 x USB type C My only hope is the type-c port and use it with a DP adapter but I don't know if the 10Gb/s of the 3.1(which I think is my type-c) can handle 1080p-144Hz. P.S. If i m
  9. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=p5U4NgVGAwg
  10. Every program ever written is a set of algorithms(or algorithm) applied on input data to generate output data.
  11. I would guess they used something like a Titan V for training but after the network was trained, I don't think they need that much processing power for actually processing the frames
  12. I am not extremely familiar with the more advanced types of AI, but I am pretty sure that they used a trained neural network to do image processing. There are no algorithms to do image interpolation as convincing as this example
  13. agree, it won't replace a high speed camera but I see it exactly like the AI used in Pixel phones, to enhance lower end hardware and get more out of it through software. Totally fine by me
  14. ofc it's not, because we don't have true AI yet, but no one calls narrow AI "narrow AI", it's clear that we are talking about narrow AI