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  1. So I did check it on your website and I noticed a little thingy: The menu I pulled on the right shows the events related to that button/link you put there, an event is just a reaction to something for example a click, a double click, a mouse hover, etc... There is a click event that it taking over that link, meaning when you are clicking that "First element" there is something else trying to prevent that functionality and change it into something else, its source is a JavaScript script from Google static, that script is pretty much taking control of that link its
  2. Exactly! this is when you have both the element you wanna scroll into and the link you click on the same page. If they're on a different page, its same thing but on the href you add the url of that page + id for example. <a href="https://linkToOtherPage.com#firsthighlight">First element</a>
  3. If you own both websites and can edit them then its an easy fix, on the website you wanna have the scroll effect modify the element you wanna scroll it by adding an id to the tag, then on your other website where you have the link, add that id to the end of the link just like you did before!
  4. Oh my bad, seems like I miss-understood what you were trying to, what I showed you is how to scroll down to an element in your own page/website, but I guess what you are after is scrolling into an element on a different a website! The concept is the same, the only difference is that you need the id of the element from the website, so you'll have to look in that website's HTML and look for the id of that element you wanna scroll into. If that elements doesn't have an id you are kinda out of luck!
  5. The <a> is a link or anchor tag, you use it to point to websites (your own or third party) or even parts of your websites using the id just like I mentioned above. The <p> is a paragraph tag, I just used it here for demonstration you don't need to use it, the id can point to any element you want. Multiple places to scroll to means multiple <a> tags with multiple locations each with a unique id (you can't use the same id for multiple elements), here is another example: <a href="#firstElement">First Element</a> <a href="#secondE
  6. I am not sure if I understood you correctly, are you after a search bar with site-wide search feature? if so then it depends, if you wanna have a simple search just on the front end side, you can have a simple input field and submit button for example, and use javascript to listen to that button click event, use the value of that input, to search if that string exists withing the textContent of the element you are trying to search through. If you wanna use a back end search and let the server handle it then that's completely different and depends on what server/backend language you are us
  7. I would actually recommend you only get 16GB of RAM, you rarely need 32GB! You can also save some money if you go for a 144hz monitor instead, pushing constant +240fps will require quite the GPU for modern titles (at least with respectable graphics settings). For the GPU, just like @Mel0nMan recommended, a GTX980 or 980TI can be found for around 200-ish dollars and it'll do you wonders, if you can get a 1070/ti that'll be even better!
  8. I recommend you start with Resurrection Remix, AOSP Extended, HavocOS or Paranoid Project, these usually have tons and tons of customization options and they do work well with other kernels too! so there is a high chance you'll have the double-tap to wake. Again, it really depends on your exact device/model so XDA is where you wanna look!
  9. If you are willing to root your device you, if your kernel supports it (of if you flash one), you can enable the double tap to wake using any simple and free kernel manager. The key tho is to have root access and have the feature supported in the kernel you're using. Before I start writing a guide and all, you should know its gonna void your warranty (probably dead already), you will lose all data on the device as you gotta do a full wipe, prevents you from receiving OTA updates and there is a chance you can brick your device if you don't know what you're doing, lastly! it depends
  10. The motherboard you chose is quite cheap and basic, Id recommend you get something with at least some VRM cooling especially if you are willing to overclock. You can get an MSI B550 MAG or B550 Pro for 120-150$ if that fits your range. ASRock does have quality boards, its just the one you chose is very low end.
  11. Back with windows 7 I used a program called windows 7 boot updater, I am not sure if its gonna work with W10 (it should) but you can give it a shot, Its free.
  12. Sorry there for replying late. The main goal should be identifying the issue, being able to swap as many components as possible will help identify the fault part faster, another monitor, another can, another GPU, another complete different system. Since your brother got a system of his own with no issues, try your monitor and your cables with his system and try to put some load or play a game for few minutes, if all is perfect then your monitor and cable are fine, if some problem appears, try swapping the cable first to test if its a monitor issue, or use your cable with your brother
  13. Your GPU ran fine with furmark, you also mentioned Apex did well. I won't say your card is a 100% pure and works fine, I can't judge if I can't test myself but it seems to be running fine in my opinion. For the firestrike benchmark score difference, again if its a minor difference then you're okay cause even the slightest difference in hardware can lead to either a jump or a step, forward or backward in score, even a simple restart of the OS can effect the score. Also as its a benchmark, a 1000 score difference isn't as bad as 20FPS difference, its pure luck whether you can find someone w
  14. Sorry for replying late. If the RAM is working perfectly and a clean windows does nothing. Maybe check and reset your BIOS if you have some custom/overclock settings applied, or try booting a Linux distro from another drive. I mentioned Linux as its quite stable, another drive cause I said, a faulty storage can cause such issues as well. The only other obvious issue would be a incorrectly seated CPU, as the memory controller might not work as intended if not all the pins are in proper contact, that's a problem that I personally had before with a similar system actually (ROG 7 Ra
  15. I believe the 5700xt got more than one DP right? try switching from one to the other, or even try the HDMI since your monitor got that as well. Trying another monitor with both DP and HDMI will decide if its a port issue GPU/monitor or just the monitor itself. Im not sure if you'll get any display by using the HDMI within your motherboard that's supposed to be used with the APU but you can try that as well to see if its a GPU issue, or just try another GPU if you have any. It might also be an AMD driver issue, but Im not sure, there is a lot of problems recently with the Radeon dri