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  1. I somehow won a random steam key. Hopefully I get a fun game. EDIT: I got "Ancient Planet Tower Defense". Thanks to everyone else who joined in! At least our heating bills will be somewhat lower
  2. Mental health has nothing to do with "imaginary entities". Either I'm missing a joke, or you need to look up the definition for mental health. Your theory otherwise makes sense to me.
  3. I personally would go with the CTRL, as it is a keyboard made for enthusiasts. I own one, and it is one of my favorite tenkeyless boards I own. You, on the other hand, need to look at the features of both and decide which one does what you need it to do. They're very different keyboards after all.
  4. I've been reading a lot of the same opinion, the whole "Get rid of 4chan/8chan, and the issue is solved!". Getting rid of the site that hosts the content/nasty people will only make the next site(s) they flock to even harder to penetrate/get rid of. The platform isn't the issue here, its the people that use the platform. To that end, what needs a serious look is mental health. We need to isolate the root causes of why these people end up doing these horrific acts. I personally think that these people feel they have nothing to live for, so they're much easier to goad into being a martyr for "the cause", whatever that ends up being. A lack of relationships(not just romantic), an oppressive feeling that everything is against them, and the ease of access to weapons certainly also contribute to the eventual decline in these people's mental state. On the topic of Cloudflare deciding to remove its services from 8chan, I imagine that this is a public image move. "Recent mass shooter used 8chan, and Cloudflare protects their website!!!" isn't a good look. While politics likely did have a factor in this, I don't think they were the major factor that caused this action.
  5. First glance had me thinking that you posted a render. Very nice work keeping it clean.
  6. I'm directing all of my artist friends to this thread so they can ponify Linus and Luke.
  7. It does if malicious software is created to utilize these exploits. Even if it takes several years for these exploits to be utilized in an attack, if people don't install these patches, they're vulnerable. I always keep my software and drivers up to date for exactly this reason. Who knows what exploits have been discovered but remain unreported.
  8. If they remain a relevant place to buy niche items at better/equivalent prices, I'll still use them. I'll also still refer to them as MassDrop, as that's the name people will recognize in conversation.
  9. Her name is Chrysalis. She's the queen of the changelings. She first appears in season 2, episode 25 & 26.
  10. Generation 5 is already being developed, and they're making a lot of changes that I'd argue are for the better. quality banner
  11. I've never liked ultrawides for competitive gaming, which is where I get the most out of 120+ hertz. I need my HUD elements to be close to the center of the screen, and the games I play don't let me adjust their positioning at all. Personal preference, but I'll always prefer 16:9. Now, for work, ultrawides are great, so if someone had limited desk space, I can see the benefit of having a singular display for gaming/editing. EDIT: didn't look to see how old this post was, just saw it near the top of the news section. My bad.
  12. Have y'all see the season 9 trailer? Nearly got a tear out of me, not gonna lie. Its been interesting to hear people's opinions on what was shown in the trailer.
  13. Your i5 will not bottleneck a 580. Have fun with the upgrade!
  14. I wish I had seen this thread back when it started. Oh well, no time like the present to join in. I've been actively consuming pony content since November 25th, 2010. I found the show via some of the early 4chan threads that used MLPFiM for image macros. I gave the show a shot, because I had nothing better to do at the time. I loved it, and here I am years later, still loving it. Fun fact, Tantabus isn't actually a Latin word(nor is Tantibus). The old latin word for nightmare is actually incubo, which is where Incubus comes from.
  15. Have Taran review more macro keyboards. "X-keys Programmable Keypads and Keyboards" can be found on Amazon in 24, 60, 80, and 128 key variants. "Infinitton Smart Programmable Keypad" can be found on Amazon, seems to a be a product similar to the Elgato Streamdeck. Those two seem to be the most interesting that I could find.