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  1. When both monitors connected along with both set to DP1.2, I turn on the MST to "enable" on the main u3417w monitor......both reset themselves but only the u3415w comes back up as the main display while the u3417w goes black and cannot source the DP connection.....
  2. Question here folks. Daisy chaining monitors via displayport. I don't game at all as a precursor. I have a Dell u3415w & u3417w, another u3417w coming mid next week. Currently I'm just trying to daisy chain the main screen u3417w to the u3415w via displayport and without them being mirror'd. That's the goal. (they're currently connected as per below method and mirror'd). The video card is AMD R9 270. Main display (u3417w) connected via displayport (set to dp 1.2). Secondary display connected via u3417w via displayport out to minidp to u3415w displayport in. Currently both monitors are mirror mode. Other vid card connections. Asus PB278Q connected via HDMI from card to monitor. R9 270 also has hdmi out to Atmos/DTSX Marantz receiver to manage Atmos/DTSX/HD audio here in my home office. https://i.gyazo.com/826b82e7674fdb2ac62b407cff7eb3ca.jpg The setup is yet to be completed of courseso bare with the awkwardness of the setup, I have to remove the asus and wall mount (Baseball & Hockey monitor ) once the 3rd u3417w gets here and I have another 6 feet of desk going to the right side (already 12 feet that goes left not in the pic). Daisy chaining monitors is not working.......Once I set the u3417w to mst on it all went to shit..... Thanks for any direction fellas, I appreciate it. SRT10
  3. Great Video Linus. The interaction between you and great grandpa was more fun to watch than the tech part, Great job
  4. fuddinator, exactly what I did in my last home, I can build a house from concrete foundation above, however I just had to hire a trades to come in and wire the last house. I think I'm in that boat now unfortunately after the chatter in here and your clarity.
  5. I own and am in construction very well handy. I've hardwired both my previous 2 houses, however this one I purchased (as I built from scratch the previous 2) has the entire basement finished. I have in the past kept my servers in the basement running cat6 to each floor, now having the basement finished in this new home, I'm looking at significant material removal and repairs to access the 2 upper floors above the basement. I am tearing apart half the basement to put back in the Home Theatre but I'm still looking at a shit ton of work based on it's location vs where I need to fish cables I'm 2900sq ft plus basement so a lot of areas to mess with cable wise :pppp Razor512, the reason I got the R7000 instead of the repeater EX7000 was #1 full router support (and kickass router to begin with) and #2 I got the R7000 @ $169.00 which was $10 cheaper at the time a week or so ago than the EX7000. Didn't realize it couldn't work in AP mode wireless and then confirmed by Netgear it wouldn't work in repeater mode either with the R8000.
  6. I can't wire the 2 devices, main R8000 router to the second floor Device (R7000), I'd have to reconfig everything to the R8000(main router currently in workings easily working) if dd-wrt was available prior to getting the R7000 in tandem with it.
  7. So even after trying to setup the R7000 as a repeater to the R8000............I find out directly from Netgear the R8000 does not support repeater function while trying to connect to the R7000. The response was (and please understand the Tech from Netgear was really doing a great job) that the R8000 does not support repeater function, apparently both the router & repeater (in this case a second router) both had to support the repeater function which the R8000 does not (only supports AP mode) So he suggested I return the R7000 and get an extender. Defeated I feel lol.
  8. Ok, well mr Idiot here picked up an Netgear R7000 thinking I had this all down pat...........realized that in AP mode the R8000 & R7000 have to be connected via ethernet cable?......DOH!!!!! Please someone yell at me if that is not the case......I'm trying to setup the R7000 in repeater mode just to test 2.4Ghz signals upstairs regardless (R7000 being a pain in the ass by the way and isn't getting this right) but I'd be more curious if AP mode is handled via wireless between the 2 units or has to be hard wired. I have a message into Netgear asking this as well.
  9. Asus PCIE-AC68, although I don't game, I do move a ton of traffice to the media servers through out the house, I'm wireless on my main machine connected with the Asus PCIE-AC68 to my NGear R8000 hard wired to 2 main media servers (hardwired to R8000) sending files typically 135-155MB/sec. The card seems to be solid as a rock, I haven't had it disconnect once in over 7 months.
  10. Yes I've done that. OK I think I'm missing something here now. My ISP router/wifi/modem I keep in Passthru and don't access it nor have access unless I connect via ethernet directly. My R8000 connects to it via hardwire and all clients connect to the R8000. I add in the R7000....I had assumed I would just connect it as AP to my R8000 via wireless and just let it sit upstairs to do it's work. I'm questioning myself now as it almost setup like an Extender in this respect or I just don't understand clearly how and Extender's signal works vs a Router setup in AP mode.
  11. I'm currently using the Asus PCIE-AC68. I've been using it for over 7 months now, has not dropped it's connection once and I have no issues transferring files to a my media server (wired to the router) at 155MB/sec. I'm about 15-17 feet away (through 1 floor & wall) from my R8000 connected via the 5Ghz band at anywhere between 1053-1300Mbps with a Signal bouncing around 38-44dbm. My experience with the unit I received has been nothing short of excellent. Moving into this house 7 months ago and not having the house hard wired (like I did to my previous 2 houses) was quite a shock to me but his device has worked out just great
  12. I know.....wireless....ugg...I've had to move all upstairs traffic to wireless in my new house unfortunately, no choice for now. I am running a Netgear R8000 on the main floor with everything upstairs connecting wireless including my main PC via Asus PCIE-AC68 (file transfers to my media server wired on the main floor over 155MB/sec nicely). I'm having 2.4Ghz issues with range and speeds to my Chromecasts via Plex, Shomi and Netflix to a lesser extent. Just for shits & giggles, I'm going to purchase a Netgear EX7000 Extender or a Netgear R7000 Router and toss that in AP mode, however I really don't udnerstand the implications of adding an extender or AP into the environment, outside of extending the signal from the main router. All my tablets & phones connect via the 5Ghz to the main level just fine and over 150Mbps, just the 2.4Ghz gets saturated pretty quickly if my wife and boys are watching shows via Chromecast or via the KDLinks HD700 also connected at only the 2.4Ghz. I'm looking for any information that can be provided that says adding the extender or AP into the mix will further mess things up or if it can solidfy at least the 2.4Ghz band upstairs and increase it's capability. Thanks in Advance SRT10
  13. Excellent choice, I negotiated Eaton UPS products for our data centres for years replacing APC's a very long time ago. Fantastic products, not 1 bad thing to say about them.
  14. Linus, Have you thought about heat dissipation within the closet itself ? Possibly cut in a return air vent as high as you can or have an electrician install a super quiet bathroom exhaust fan?
  15. LMAO, Linus you're so patient with Teran. SWIFTKEY WTF !!!
  16. I don't skimp on air movement. I've utilized everything from 220cfm Delta's, Panaflo's (during my silly OC'ing days prior water cooling) to Noctua, SilenX, few others from endpcnoise.com. Most are now Noctua's and I'm even moving my HT cabinet cooling from CabCool 2 120mm intakes and 2 120mm exhausts to Noctua's as well I'll gladly pay for quiet performance.
  17. figured as much, outside of my own quick look around the net, I was just hoping there was more of a silver lining I just happen to have a few 1TB SSHD's which really are just too small for the main media server/gaming rig even if I did have room but larger ones if advantageous I'd consider. Ebay they go I guess
  18. I'd be curious to know if SSHD's (Seagate has 4TB versions now) are worthy replacements for the mechanical's given that 4TB size available now and although more expensive vs their mechanical counterpart, not out of the realm of reasonable. Based on streaming requirements as device accessed for local streaming that is, while having fast write capabilities to write to when transferring files (which to me is important as I just want to download, transfer and play) is it really worth the minor cost premium.
  19. Someone seemed grumpy during the build. Xeon, no thanks, quite the anti climactic component list for the budget however I do understand the other peripheral component parts provided to make up the budget. Rylan must have been a young kid with no push back lol ***EDIT*** The further I got into this video the more I would expect you to apologize for the shitty attitude towards this build for this individual receiving the machine. I'd take the video down, it was embarassing to watch.
  20. Love to catch you 2 crazies live one day, but I can never manage it with 2 little guys at home, very entertaining and informative regardless Twitchchat? I'll investimagate that in the event I can log on live. Cheerz fellas.
  21. Well, I've made some fun progress and decisions. Updated the Media server with HyperX 480GB Savage SSD, new Noctua NH-C14, new R9 290x (for a steal of a deal), more storage & raid/sata expansion card as I also lost 2 HDD's that decided to make noises similar to the old playing card in bike spokes.....replacing those this week as well. My Decision (I won't ever admit my wife influenced this at all) is that I've purchased the original Wii with all the fixings for the kids and our fun stuff for now while addressing the minecraft, lego and few other PC games with 2 x PS4 DS4's and bluetooth dongle to ease them into any PC gaming they would like to try. All of which outside of the direct hardware upgrades to the media server will be tough to pack away until Christmas time I'm sure
  22. Very true Abyssal, Wii U was the standard wife "why not just get the Wii U, we had a great time at Christmas at (inlaws) bowling" so of course that just ticked me off Coincidentally, today I noticed my cpu fan on the media server about to kick the bucket timing is great yes ? All over the map here but I may just upgrade the board/cpu/ram/cooler/Large SSD and Video Card add peripherals and call it a day for gaming on that machine. I'm not sure where to start with components, off to research I go I guess
  23. I had that in mind, however the media server at any given time is streaming to other parts of the house and I do want quality gaming and would rather just leave the server if I can (with it's current equipment that is). The more I read my own post I'm leaning towards just building a small gaming rig.
  24. Too bad it's only in the US. Price was double when I went to checkout for Canada delivery