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    building computers


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    AMD Ryzen 5 5600x
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    Asus Crosshair Hero VIII
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    32gb Corsair vengence pro rgb
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    asus strix gtx 1070ti
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    Nzxt H700i
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    500GB Samsung 860 EVO, 250GB Samsung 850 EVO, 1TB WD SN750, 2TB seagate fire cuda
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    750w evga p2
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    Asus pg27q, Acer XG270HU
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    Custom Loop
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    corsair strafe mk2 RGB
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    logitech g502
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    logitech speakers
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    windows 10

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  1. i had it connected directly into my switch but I have since been able to get the cloud key and everything else to work mostly. The only issue that i am having now is that my internet decides to go down randomly and one of my access points dosent always stay connected to the others.
  2. modem to gateway, gateway to switch, switch to one AP. Cloud key somewhere havent gotten that to work yet. Another network switch on top floor connected to the other AP
  3. So I just upgraded my self to a ubiquity system. It consists of a security gateway, cloud key gen 1 and 2 ac nano ap's. I got the wifi aspect of it working but for some reason, the security gateway just keeps disconnecting and not allowing me to access it thru the gui. I have removed it from my account, restarted the device and updated firmware to the current version. I am running out of ideas and I am not a internet expert by any means necessary. Anyone got any ideas on how to fix this?
  4. thats the standoff. the m.2 screw goes into that.
  5. so with the custom loop that i had, i was using a strix 1070ti overclocked and a r5 2600x also overclocked with a 240mm and a 280mm rad. Cpu temps never went above 50c and gpu never went above 45c. Now i do know that we are talking about different components here. I would possibly switch out the fans. I know you want RGB so i would probaly go with the ml pro rgb. They are better at cooling and better for rads as well. Fans do make a difference in temps. Otherwise you should be fine to add a gpu into your loop.
  6. ok so i just put some new components in my pc and im having some lighting issues. So im currently running 3 corsair ml pros RGB, 5 corsair LL RGB with a corsair h150 elite capellix cooler. The fans and pump are connected to a commander pro, commander core and a rgb hub which i think is just for my lighting strips but i could be wrong. I am also using a corsair keyboard and corsair RGB ram. So i downloaded some custom color profiles for iCUE but for some reason I am unable to get them to apply. If i apply them, only certant things do it and others just turn off or dont change. How should
  7. so im selling my current h700 to my friend so im in need of a new case. My only requirements are that its white, fits a atx mobo and a 360 rad. ive been looking at the 011 dynamic, corsair 4000d airflow, lian li lancool 2 and fractal design s2. which of these options would be the best and if you have any ideas of another case, please make the suggestion. Budget is about $200 USD but the cheaper the better obvisley. Also should probably mention GPU is a msi ventus 3x 3070 but may be switched out for ftw3 or strix 3070 just in case you need the gpu size.
  8. yea cables are kinda specific to the particual power supply. as for your cpu, that cpu does not have any intergrated graphics so it wont show a image if you plug it into your motherboard.
  9. i had to deal with them when it came to my monitor. It was a hassle and they didnt even fix the issue. They told me that there was no signs of dead pixels even when i literally had sent them pictures of it. Lets just say that it was not a nice conversation when i got the display back from them. This was around 2 years ago so maybe they got better but if not, good luck.
  10. depending on the cpu that would address the issue with no image on the screen with the motherboard. but i am confused here, how did you mix up the cables? Did you plug in the cpu cable into the gpu or what exacty?
  11. So I managed to get my hands on a MSI ventus 3x rtx 3070. I currently have a 750w EVGA P2 power supply that's around 3 or 4 years old. The rest of my PC specs are in the thing below. Do you think I need a new PSU or should I be good with what I currently have?
  12. you need a pcie cable. generally the cable itself will have the word pcie on it or maybe even gpu. It is going to probably be a 6 pin
  13. Strix 1070ti and EVGA 750p2 went from a older ryzen CPU to what I currently have
  14. So i just put in a new motherboard and cpu into my system and randomly, the computer will just restart for no reason. It's not temp related. I dont wana be in the middle of a game and have the pc just restart on me, I am going to be doing a complete reinstall of windows this weekend for other reasons but any ideas of what may be causing this issue? The cpu isnt overclocked and only thing i did in bios was put my ram to 3000mhz which is what they are rated at (i ran them at 3200mhz on my old board) and set my pump to pwm. cpu is 5600x and motherboard is crosshair hero 8
  15. the 3700x turbos up to 4.4ghz when needed. It doesn't run at that all the time. If you overclock it, you could set it to run at 4.4ghz all the time or possibly push it further but with the stock cooler, i really would push the overclocks too much as you will begin to thermal throttle.