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    Fighting Ratmen
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    computers, comic books, electric guitars, acting, film, music, life, Selena Gomez, anime sometimes, memes, LMG, Green day, Sum 41, Papa Roach, CSGO and youtube :)
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    I think it's your own choice if you turn from an angry young man to a bitter, old bastard
    ~Billie Joe Armstrong
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  1. I dont know anything about your question but I would like to ask: TF are you trying to do with the double post and the long ass title?
  2. so im Guessing I shouldnt get the $20 board huh? lol. It would probably be pretty crappy.
  3. I want to buy a skateboard. I went to a skate shop near my house and the cheapest board they had was around $140. That is way out of my budget. I found a good looking board on ebay for around $20. The seller has 99% customer satisfaction. There have been 62 sold and 15 people watching. Should I go for it?
  4. I just started using spotify and im very impressed. So I put together a playlist of a bunch of songs I like. When I push shuffle a song starts to play, when it is done the next song will come up but it wont play. I tried pausing and unpausing, I tried closing the app. The only thing that fixes it is skipping the song and the next one plays. Then the one after that doesn't. Im very frustrated. I'm using the latest android version. Is there a bug? Am I doing something wrong?
  5. Nothing really out of the ordinary except for something called OpenAL but when I went to uninstall it it said other things relied on it. do you know what it is?
  6. The obtain automatically buttons were selected already. My school was having internet problems today aswell ... maybe the internet company is doing maintenance or something?
  7. What? I can't even open the link to see how to change dns settings.
  8. ok well now webpages aren't loading ... but the LTT forum and youtube works wtf
  9. Windows defender didn't find anything, How do I get to my DNS settings?
  10. Ive done nothing to anything. It was working yesterday
  11. Everything on chrome works fine so I know its not my internet. websites say steam and skype servers arn't down. So why cant they connect? I've tried turning my computer off and waiting a bit. I restarted each program a dozen times. Nothing works. Please help!
  12. I wanted to buy this phone case and was wondering if case gorilla was trusted and provided good products. http://www.casegorilla.com/pf_landing.asp?prod=a2ds6x101882&gclid=CjwKEAjw86e4BRCnzuWGlpjLoUcSJACaHG554OWlyse8FDBI_9xmmR-Ln2s1C9smOkPyrVkDiwyD8hoCaJHw_wcB
  13. Yeah I have amazing follower tweaks
  14. For a while I had Recorder, Serena, and a demon dog from dawnguard following me around. Now I don't want any followers but when I got to dismiss them they continue to follow me. Is there a command to dismiss all followers or something to make them stop following me?