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  1. Oh boy. I know I shouldn't read youtube comments but I delved in it anyway. Dramas ahoy.
  2. Accurate, fair and informative video in a serious tone with no obnoxious like begging at the start. Great video! The way I see it, the way for SteamOS or Linux gaming in general to really take off, is to start with "running games better than windows." I would gladly switch to or dual boot a Linux if it meant my favorite games get an extra 5~10FPS, even if it meant a lot of behind-the-scene tinkering and struggle. As for the premade "Steam Machines".... they are just really overpriced prebuilts with SteamOS preinstalled. I find them pointless when they announced it, and I still do.
  3. Akiyo

    iPhone 6S

    Wow. The comments so far looks like they came straight out of 10 year olds on their phone. Where's the discussion at? Is this Linus's target demographic now? On Topic: All and all, looks like the phone will be pretty awesome for those who already buy and use product. Seems to deal with a lot of older iphone gripes. I'll be sitting out for the next Nexus.
  4. That wouldn't generate as much discussion from two polarized category of viewers and the title won't be as baity. Less views, less likes.
  5. On that note, I've had success with rubber band, shiny side of potato chip bags / candy wrappers, and a stick with rounded end. It works better than the rubber dome ones too since it doesn't have a lot of friction, lol.
  6. Thanks for reminding that! I hope OP have a spare disc to move his 300GB worth of steam game off, else that would be a lot of tinkering and moving things back and forth and shrinking partitions.
  7. So one guy, after watching a gaming critic's push for more open disclosure and less shady deals, decide to spread it out, and ended up bring it up towards LTT. He managed it poorly, because most people didnt see him as "I just want to push proper disclosure, I have nothing against LMG". Some LTT members, who have been a fan of the channel for a long time, and know that Linus will not to make paid/biased reveal that intentionally mislead the viewbase see this as an attack, a random guy questioning LMG's integrity that went as far to report it to Canadian government agency for advertisements, and wanted to defend Linus and LMG. Is it fair to say that both party had good intention but somehow it devolved into a shit flinging fest and personal attacks? Relax and chill. For the former guy, Linus mentions who provided what in his scripts in every videos - its just well written so you don't notice it unless you specifically look for it. Its impossible for them to just slap thousands of notice on who given what during the video editing process. Its NOT a game review, multiples product appear in a single video. For OP, just slow down for a lil. Its a fine line between "voicing my opinion as a mature adult to defend what is correct" and "Rage fanboy whiteknighting while keyboard warrioring down a specific individual.". Labeling someone a hater that simple want to see honest business burn and personal attacks goes into the later category.
  8. @Pcinacan Sometimes its better to give the answer the asker needs instead of insisting an alternative. Yes, clean install is the best, but when it isn't an option, there are other choices. Unfortunately in this case, the alternative is a little techy and will be uncomfortable to those that haven't mess with this sort of stuff often enough. Its not difficult, but it will require some research and following instructions. Reinstalling and booting into SSD then manually handle the original HDD would be far easier. Your best bet is a combination of disk cloning and sysprep. The former can be done through most disk backup and management software - you can use window's native backup, or use some comercial software. I personally used Macrium Reflect Free Edition to did my migration once, its very reliable. http://www.sevenforums.com/tutorials/286053-system-preparation-tool-use-customize-windows.html Sysprep is System Preparation Tools, its natively installed on most Windows machines ( I can only confirm its there on 7 onwards ). Basically, you can set your installation to out of box experience and let it redetect and reinstall all drivers needed. This will cause the most minimal potential driver conflicts when switching a disk with windows installer across any hardware. --- 90% of the time, you can just clone your HDD data to SSD data and plug in and let Windows get the drivers needed set up. But this have some edge cases like not having AHCI on your spanking new SSD enabled. Depending on whether you have something like Macrium Recovery Disk, the general process flow would be: 1. Plug SSD into your current setup 2. Clone your active windows installation HDD image to your SSD 3. Boot into your SSD (Remove/Disable your HDD), run sysprep into OOBE (follow the guide in the link, works on 7, 8, 8.1, 10), reboot. or 1. Setup a Recovery USB stick based on your Imaging software of choice, 2. Plug SSD into your current setup 3. Run sysprep on your current windows installation, reboot into Recovery USB stick 4. Clone your active windows installation HDD image to your SSD in the recovery environment. 5. Remove HDD, boot into SSD. After all is said and done, plug your HDD back, use disk management in Windows to format it (and unmark it as active if needed.). Enjoy. Always backup important data before attempting.
  9. On topic: To get any off-brand controller to work properly, there is 2 solution: A. (Highly recommended) Use xbox360ce, its a proxy to emulate any controller into a xbox controller (that have native support in most games) - it has an interface that can remap your buttons. B. For games that allows custom mapping, you can disable the gamepad from the game entirely and use something like joy2key to map your gamepad to keyboard buttons and play with those instead. Off topic: I own a DS3 and DS4 and I use them through SCPServer. Its a much more elegant wrapper that can setup to run as a background service. Motioninjoy have some nasty habits and in-app ads, plus its just really screams troublesome in all corners - there are 2 alternative wrapper for that too, but in general its driver is just wonky. SCPServer handles wire/bluetooth and driver installation a lot better. (Automatic pair to bluetooth when you have both the controller and bluetooth dongle plugged in.) Controller is always a preference thing, and everyone's hands are slightly different, if you like it, that's awesome, no need to crucify or ridicule someone else for not liking the same thing. I had bad experience with xbox360 controllers, and the Logitech F310 while very durable, I just don't feel comfortable holding it over 30-40minutes, while I can happily hold my DS3 for 4-5 hours Monster Hunter sessions.
  10. Just FYI - according to the spec sheets, your laptop uses a capacitive touch screen, so stylus that will work with the screen are limited to those capacitive stylus only, which really more mimics the tip of your finger than a pen,and more often that not its tip is a fat rubbery tip about the size of your pinky finger tip, you wont be getting the precision of a proper pen that have a special digitizer layer on the screen itself (Wacom, Samsung's S Pen). But if you are just looking for something that will work, "Capacitive Stylus" is the type you are looking for, $3~$15 or so at most stores with digital product/online shop/amazon. (It is incredibly pointless though.)
  11. Very, very nice video! Taran is an amazing presenter, the video is very informative and gives me exactly what I need to know to consider the purchase. Hope to see more videos presented by Taran when possible! While the axle not holding itself well is a huge, huge minus in my book, the brain unit feels so much more better than what mindstorm current provide, hm... Tough choices. Sidenote: Maybe its Taran or maybe its the way he does it, but it doesn't feel annoying at all during the typical "likes begging" at the start of the video. A++
  12. I feel like I just watched a 5 minutes advertisement for the stick rather than a proper LTT video. Where are the benchmark and demos? Stock photos and "I think it'll work"?